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Started by Gamora, October 23, 2022, 04:08:22 PM

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Gamora's One on One Request Thread

Hello fellow rpers!

Finally getting around to making my own request thread. This list of plots/ideas is not exclusive, so please reach out with any ideas you may have. No plots are fully fleshed out either, but wanted to offer some general ideas of what I'd be interested in.

ABOUT ME - pulled from my ons & offs

Story vs Smut: Jumping on this first as smut is generally a high area of interest for most folks here. For me, I love writing smut, but need a story to be included. I'm a whore for slowburn and a proper fleshed out story, so if you're just looking for someone to write a smut-based plot with, I'm not the right partner for you. Don't get me wrong, smut is super fun to write, but I need some sustenance in between scenes and some proper relationship building.

Word count: Generally speaking I'm a fairly literate writer, but do prefer quality over quantity. However, I can match to my partner's desire. I usually write anywhere between 350-1000 words per post, but can go higher if need be. For full transparency, my smut posts are usually shorter than other scenes, just because of the frequent back and forth, I find it easier to stay engaged.

Experience: I've been writing more literate roleplays since 2014, so I've been around awhile, just newer to this site. I had a bit of a hiatus from writing for about or year or two during the pandemic, but I'm back to it now and am eager as ever to get back to one of my favorite hobbies.

Quality of writing: With my experience, I try to write as grammatically accurate as possible, but expect some spelling errors because sometimes I'm far too eager to get a post out and may forget to proof read lol. That being said, I'm not the grammar and spelling police so I don't mind errors, I just prefer partners who can write mature and proper english. I also only write in third person.

Activity: I can be a very active partner depending on what goes on IRL week by week, but generally speaking I can commit to several posts a week depending on the length required by my partner.

Communication: This is probably one of the more important aspects of roleplay writing for me. I am incredibly communicative and love making friends with my writing partners. I love love love plotting and planning and usually chat with my partners through discord for easier communication. If at any point I won't be posting frequently, I am quick to let me partner know. I hope for the same from my partner. I don't mind waiting for a post, I just like to know what's going on.

Genres & Pairings: I'm pretty much an open book when it comes to genres. I love just about anything, just depends on the plot. I'm not a huge fan of general slice of life type roleplays simply because I find them boring, but cool dynamic stories are fine. Fantasy, action, dark themes, fandoms, etc. are all cool with me too! For pairings, I usually write FxF, but can do MxF or MxM as well.

Characters: My characters vary in personality, but for the most part they are usually the more submissive one when it comes to smut scenes. Though they are usually big brats lol.  [/justify]

Ons/Offs: I’m not very taboo compared to most on here, but am open to experimenting on the more kinkier side of smut, should it fit the roleplay. If there is anything not listed here you are curious about, just ask. That being said, I am comfortable with the following consensual elements:

Dominance and submission
Control (or lack thereof) in the bedroom
Rough sex
Oral sex

Any form of non-con/dub-con
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Skyrim - OCs
Warrior x Healer/Priest, Dark brotherhood based plot, etc.

Marvel - Canon, OCs
Spiderman x OC
Gamora x Peter Quill
Bucky x OC
Valkyrie x OC

Shadowhunters - Canon, OCs
Jace x Clary
Izzy x OC
Shadowhunter x newly discovered shadowhunter

Wentworth - Canon, OCs
Franky x OC

Now You See Me
Daniel Atlas x OC

How to Train Your Dragon
Dragon trapper x dragon rider
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Original Plots

Zombies/undead, cyborg vibes, really anything you can think of. I just love the idea of people trying to survive in a different world.

Werewolves: rival pack member x rival pack member, werewolf x human, werewolf x new werewolf. Think twilight werewolf vibes.
Vampire x human

Princess/Prince x Servant/Maid
Gladiator/Warrior x Healer/Servant/Maid
Teacher x Student/TA (college)
Gang member x unsuspecting girlfriend - basically the girlfriend has had no idea their partner was part of a gang/doing crime work until shit hits the fan
I can now be found on scripturient