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Started by Kelindel, October 06, 2022, 07:45:50 PM

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Hello all, I am looking for a partner (or partners) for stories that are interested in developing stories that are fun, a bit on the kinky side, but still with strong plot/story development. if I had to think of a ratio I would put it somewhere in the vicinity of 50/50 as smut without plot/story gets boring real fast. Before looking please check out my O/O's here

My O/O's cover a lot of ground for me, though by no means are an exhaustive list. Here are some starting scenario's for some settings/themes I would in particular like to pursue. I'd like to flesh out the starting scenario's with whoever my partners end up being so it's collaborative and to both our tastes. Really what I am looking for most though is someone who can/will be communicative, post more than one liners, though I'm not going to be miffed on specific sizes of posts other than that.

Fantasy/Medieval Scenarios

  • Newly crowned king faces the tide of war coming on and also must face the fact that he has no heir. How will he address it? Will it be your character? Is she someone the counsel arranged for a political alliance? Is she someone from the nearby village he sees while riding past and falls for? Is she the enemy general/leader and it becomes an enemies to lovers tale?
  • Travelers and Adventurers on the path to seek our fortune, our characters are the only two left after the rest of our party perished/disbanded. Now we travel together just ourselves. I'm playing a paladin, likely half-elf, elf or aasimar. Though I could see myself doing something more exotic as well. An attraction builds between our characters, but mine tries to keep to keep chaste, but ultimately fails.
  • Any sort of pairing between a humanoid man and elf/dryad/selkie/nymph in which the humanoid was part of a group that was going to endanger the area where the elf/dryad/selkie/nymph lived, but is soon persuaded into helping to defend her lands.
  • Family members forced onto the run after their village is raided, they must learn to hide and survive together and a romance blossoms.

Sci-fi Scenarios

  • Star Wars with OC's. I'm happy to play out a variety of Star Wars related, OC characters, from padawans, to bounty hunters to jedi and sith and all between encountering each other!
  • The Space authority is starting a hunt for those who are believed to be born with psychic powers. Are you one such person and seek the aid of a freighter captain to hide, do you run afoul of a military man and hope to get him to hide you?
  • Are you the alien, some exotic alien woman who has come to explorer earth and see what it is like there? Or perhaps you are the human and I am playing the newly arrived alien. A game of tour guide around the world that could lead to the stars.
  • He is running a small crew and they are all working to get by, earn some credits and just survive. Something more develops between mc and yours.

Horror Scenarios

  • Vampires, rivals, allies, enemies or longtime frenemies or lovers embroiled in the world of vampire politics. Could be World of Darkness based, but doesn't have to be.
  • A vampire and his human assistant. Could this lead to something more, to her becoming undead like him?
  • The new werewolf in the area is making a wave as he tries to get situated in the areas customs and morays. (Again could be WoD but doesn't have to be) Your character offers to help show him the ropes. He puts them to good use.
  • Werewolves fighting for territory/land/survival and potentially a heat thrown into the mix.

Post-Apocalyptic Scenarios

  • The Early Days: Whatever the apocalyptic scenario, MC and YC are two survivors who have been bound together by fate, looking to help each other survive through the initial fall out of The Event. Perhaps they were neighbors, family members, co-workers or are complete strangers, but now the stress of life surviving is getting to them as they navigate this new world and seek to find some joy in it in each other.
  • The Warlord: MC is a warlord who has just laid claim to a new bride, YC. A bit on the darker side, this story would involve either her being offered up as tribute or being claimed in a raid on a nearby settlement and involve him making her into the wife he wishes.

Modern Scenarios

  • Neighborhood Fun: Are you the girl next door, the Milf across the street, the tomboy who always beats my character at basketball, a bit of a slice of life in a neighborhood, whose older, or if they are the same age, relationship all up for interpretation!
  • Cheating: The affair had started off as a simple office thing, no one was supposed to know, it started with flirting and then blew up. I would love to play the build up of this one and the development of the illicit affair.
  • Vacation Romance: Perhaps it's biking through europe or a beach somewhere or even just a drive across America and our characters run into each other and hit it off, will something more come of this vacation romance?
  • The College: Similar to Neighborhood Fun in that there are lots of scenarios or potential twists and curves that could be thrown in with different character pairings, the sky is the limit.

Story Elements/Add-Ons

  • Breeding/impregnation
  • Incest/twincest/wincest
  • Romance
  • Redheads. Give me a redhead and my heart will met. (Girls with blue hair are a close second).
  • D/s relationships
  • Nearhuman, but not human entities.
  • Fandoms! (list of some of my fav's on my o/o's.
  • Mix and match and match and don't hesitate to ask.

This are by no means exhaustive lists and I'm open to your ideas, just check out my O/O's first! And feel free to take some of these starting scenario ideas and mix and match them here and there, take themes from one, story from another and we can make it work. I'm flexible and am just looking to tell an interesting, fun story with some kink to it.


After a while gone due to moving and health I return for a limited number of stories. If we had an extant story you want to pick up and I haven't heard from you yet/or you heard from me I am giving those first priority. Feel free to message me either way.

Oh and changed some things around and added some things.


Bumping this as I'm tentatively looking for 1-2 more scenes after a break due to my health. Pm me with any interest.

Added a section on post apocalyptic scenarios.

Craving: Breeding kink atm.

To my previous partners who wish to continue writing please let me know if you are wanting to, please PM me  and we can work on rebuilding old stuff.


Just giving this, like my Off Forum one a small bump. I do prefer Discord atm, but can do something on the boards for a good story. Looking for 1, maybe 2 stories to dip my feet back in. Need someone understanding about health issues that can make posting a little bit slow at times. I'll keep you updated to the best of my ability if things slow down.

Biggest Cravings ATM: Cheating, Breeding/Impreg and Taboo/Incest related rps (not necessarily all together). I am up for most things for the right story. PM me if interested.