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Best Freind

Started by Duchess, April 13, 2009, 07:29:05 PM

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You called yourself my friend,
Yet you deceive me.
Left there alone and abandoned.
In addition, you knew very well.
The darkness surrounded me,
A shining star at the end of the road.
All was fake,
All was a lie,
You knew what was going to happen,
Still you left me there.
He used me because of you,
And you don’t even care.

You call yourself my friend,
I trusted you,
Same as you could trust me.
I would never have done that to you,
Feeding you to the lion.
Like an innocent lamp ready,.
To be slaughter
Made me walk in the cave,
With a bear ready to devour me.
Tease me and play with me,
Before slowly killing me.
A mere toy for his pleasure.

You called yourself my friend,
Used me,
Abused me,
But your friend I am no more.