[F 4 M] The Lost Heiress - Long-term, Detailed, Downfall Themed Roleplay

Started by Oksana4RP, September 04, 2022, 05:19:17 PM

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Hi everyone!

I'm new to the site and the community, but I've been roleplaying off and on for a couple years mostly on Fetlife, which is where I heard about Elliquiy. I love writing and roleplaying because it lets me live out fantasies and kinks that are otherwise not possible in real life. My favorite scenarios are ones where my character is usually the villainess and through a series of events finds herself taken down a few pegs and taught a lesson by people she despises and are contrasting characters. I had been rolep0lying this plot idea with a really talented writer on Fet, but unfortunately as it sometimes happens life got in the way on his end and it fizzled out. So, here I am in search of a new writing partner! :)

I'm very detailed with my writing and can sometimes get carried away and spend over an hour crafting a single response. I'm no J.K. Rowling, so I don't expect my roleplay partners to be professional writers, but I do expect at least a couple of detailed paragraphs per response as well as decent buildup in the story. I love reading what my partner's characters are thinking and feeling just as much as I enjoy writing the same for my characters. Now, on to the plot!

Irina Sorokin is the only child and heiress to her late oligarch father's vast fortune and business empire. Having lived a carefree life of luxury, the young Irina has never wanted for anything and as a result has grown into quite the vain, spoiled, selfish socialite that everyone despises. She spends her days shopping, her nights partying, and her weekends jet setting to one exclusive destination after another all with her father's money. She has no problem treating everyone around her like they're her servants and loves the envy and jealousy she provokes in her haters.

With her father's recent passing the young heiress stands to inherit hundreds of millions, as well as the global conglomerate her family built from the ground up. Caring nothing for the drudgery of working and running a business or managing the employees about to have her as their boss, she plans to break up the vast empire and sell it piecemeal to its competitors, thereby increasing her already vast fortune even more, or so she thought...

Before he died, her father, Andrei Sorokin, had a second Will written, one that voids the first and instead leaves his company to one of his partners and donates his entire fortune to the international poor who were affected by his business operations to make amends. This of course would leave Irina with nothing, for she had proven by her early twenties not to be the heir he had hoped for. Concerned that his cruel and selfish daughter might get her hands on the document and undo everything, Andrei had the Will hidden deep in the jungle outside one of his African subsidiary companies to be brought back to America when the time was right.

Upon learning of this second Will, a furious Irina travels to the document's location with a small group of henchmen to find it herself and destroy it, allowing her to live the rest of her life in carefree luxury. Little does she know, though, that a plan has been set in motion by the locals to defeat her henchmen and take her deep into the jungle where she will never see a 5-star hotel ever again, and will instead spend the rest of her life in sexual slavery.


That's the general outline of the plot but I'm totally open to making changes to it such as with setting or other particulars. I'm open to all kinds of kinks being explored, but I'm mostly looking for non-consensual things to eventually happen to my character. Ideally, I like roleplay partners who can write multiple characters who are contrasting to my own and I also don't mind visual aids as I like to use visuals for my characters.

So I think that's everything. If anyone is interested go ahead and send me a message and let's chat! :)