The Idol

Started by Barbara4play, September 04, 2022, 08:56:57 AM

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Here an idea I've been working on for sometime. I think it's finally ready...

Imagine if you would...

A very young looking 42 year old woman (MC), a widow, wealthy, successful executive, well-educated, very assertive and a bit overprotective of her son. She has spent most of her life raising and spoiling her son (YC) who is now 18. While packing for college, which he doesn’t want to go to, he finds a strange fertility idol in his late father’s things ( father was an Anthropologist  ) in the attic. He quickly finds out it allow him to control his mother. He decides to take over the house and humiliate and degrade his mother, to get revenge for the perceived wrong of “she ruining his life”. he plans to run her thru trial after trial. Eventually transform his mother into an obedient sex toy for himself, his friends and later to put her to work as a prostitute.


That’s the basics of it, I like to explore Incest (obviously), Humiliation, non-con, rape, gang bang, impregnation, bestiality (perhaps the family dog), public nudity/sex,  Body modifications…Huge Breast implants, piercings, tattoos, (maybe even head shaving).. Also open to weirder fair such as magically aging her, or other supernatural ideas. By the end she should be a real freak inside and out.

Considered opening this to a Daughter (for female friends) but you would have to play the male parts of her boyfriend or whoever she chooses to use to do thing that require a penis..if that’s OK I open to my fellow ladies as well.

Hopefully if you are interested please feel free to send me a private message, please don’t post here.


If you find your "son" I would love to be the younger daughter. (to be "modified" by the son)