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April 01, 2023, 02:11:42 am

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Author Topic: [M4A] Let's try something new... (Very NSFW links inside!)  (Read 350 times)

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[M4A] Let's try something new... (Very NSFW links inside!)
« on: August 11, 2022, 04:53:47 pm »

Me, Myself and I...

Feel free to skip right on ahead of this part. We both know why you’re here and reading a bio about me ain’t it! Though if you would like a little background on your potential future roleplay partner, read on…

I’ve been roleplaying for…well way too long at this point. I started when I was in my teens and I’m knocking on the door of 30 now so you can do the math. Admittedly back then I was painfully bad at it but my enthusiasm was there! I like to think I’ve improved with age and my enthusiasm for a good story has done nothing if not grown.

I’m English. Northern England not southern England so think more Game of Thrones than Downton Abbey. The old saying goes ‘it’s grim up north’ and it certainly rings true. I haven’t seen the sun in 15 years.

I’m a social worker by profession. Which honestly does have an impact on my taste in stories. Dealing with some extremely unpleasant things, day in and day out does have an effect. I usually tend to prefer more light hearted stories as a result.​

Who I Play/Play With...

I personally only play male characters. There are plenty of reasons why but the most important one being, I'm fucking terrible at playing anything else.

That said I'm more than happy to play against all kinds of characters. Female, Femboy, Futa. I'm pretty open with it.

Writing Style...

Pretty much what you'd expect. Third person, past tense. The usual.

I'm not looking for cyber sex or a quick story to bash through in an hour while I furiously masturbate myself into a friction burned shell of a man. I need a story to sink my teeth into. Characters with a reason for acting the way they do. A plot that develops over time and drives a story forward. That's not to say I'm not interested in sex. Oh goodness no. I'm big into the sex part. I'd even go as far as to say I'm good at it. But I need a healthy balance between the two. I need my characters to act naturally. React in ways they would really react in different situations. I don't want to play someone who's answer to every question is 'which hole is my penis entering?'.

I am looking for partners who share similar values as I do. I also expect some standard of spelling and grammar. I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination but if every other word looks like someone headbutted the keyboard then I struggle. No text talk either please. People should be typed as people and not 'ppl' for example.

I don't really have a set post length. These can range from one or two paragraphs to multi-paragraph epics. It all depends on the story and my partner.

A Little of What I Like...

My main interests can probably be summed up in two words.

“Tension” and “Taboo”.

Two people that are well aware they can’t be together and yet can’t seem to help themselves? Yes please, inject that directly into my veins! I’m all about that slow burning lust that just nags at a person until they eventually…snap. That’s awfully generic I know but it’s a solid base to build on at the very least right?

The list of my other kinks is as long as my arm but I’ll give you a rundown of some of the highlights:

Cheating - NSFW
Incest - NSFW
Clothing/Dress Up - NSFW
Free Use - NSFW
Dirty Talk - NSFW

And just so many more. Like to many to list. Just ask if you want the specifics.

A Little of What I Don’t Like:

This list is admittedly a lot shorter than the previous one. I’m of the thinking that everything should be tried at least once. With certain exceptions.

Absolutely nothing involving characters under 18. Complete hard no from me.

Just general gross stuff to, you know the type. If it belongs in the toilet, leave it there. Gore, death, extreme violence. No thank you.


I’m a total sucker for a naughty gif or two. This absolutely expands into my stories as well. I’m a very visual person, including pictures and gifs that relate to what’s unfolding in the story just draws me into things so much more. Seeing is believing right?

If including visuals like that in a story is something you enjoy then please do drop me a message. I’m willing to give any ideas you have a shot if there’s some spicy visuals involved.


I have a few plots and prompts kicking around if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Please bear in mind that all of these are absolutely open to tweaking and changing around. Nothing is set in stone and I’m nothing if not flexible. You want something changed, let’s change it!

Free Use Room Mate
The day Steph would leave home and head off into the big wide world to start college was creeping steadily closer. She was mostly organized for it. All her things are packed up neatly in clearly labelled boxes, with her impressive collection of sex toys safely hidden at the bottom of the pile. She'd bought the text books (ouch!), registered online, messaged potential friends in her classes. There was just one, tiny, almost insignificant detail Steph hadn't managed to sort just yet. She had absolutely nowhere to live. Fuck.

All her friends had sorted their accommodation months ago but of course she'd put it off and put it off and left herself completely up shit creek. She had been far to busy drinking, partying and fucking her way through the summer to worry about that. And now without any form of income or rich parents to fund it there was no way she could afford a place of her own, hell she wouldn't be able to even pay half the rent of anywhere that didn't resemble a meth lab. As the deadline for the first day grew closer she grew increasingly desperate and suddenly a crack den didn't seem so bad after all.

With nowhere else to turn there was only one other avenue Steph hadn't tried. Him. She knew full well he had an amazing apartment barely 5 minutes walk from the college campus. He even had a spare room that was just sitting there, unused and prime for her. Though she didn’t have a penny to her name and she couldn't just expect him to let her live there rent free. There was only one thing she could offer. Herself.

Surely the offer of a live-in maid would be too good for him to turn down. She'd be willing, and obedient. Ready to do whatever he said whenever he said it. Sure it might be a little degrading at first, running around after someone else, but she'd get used to it and what other choice did she have.

With the decision made all that was left was don her best dress, make her way over and make the proposition....

Helping Hand
Josh had heard of Tennis Elbow before. The injury a lot of tennis players get from all the repeated strain on their...well elbow. But there was apparently an equally devastating but much less talked about injury that plagues many a young man. Wanker's Wrist. And yes it was exactly what it sounded like, a wrist injury primarily caused by constant and repeated jerk off sessions. Now where was the charity fundraiser for that?! All those lessons in sex-ed spent putting condoms onto bananas and not so much as a warning of what to much stroking it could lead to.

How was it Josh knew so much about this horrible, life changing affliction? Well unfortunately he was a sufferer. A victim of this cruel, cruel disease self inflicted muscle strain. He'd worked his cock to the point his right wrist imploded and then got started with my left hand until that to met the same fate. How was he to know the rabbit hole of internet pornography would lead to this. Now on strict doctors orders to rest up until he was back to his fighting best, he felt hopeless.

His sister had felt the effects of his condition to. Without any form of 'release' he'd grown irritable and aggressive. Snapping at everything his sister said and did. With weeks left before he was healed up things were getting desperate. Josh was practically sitting on a space hopper, pent up and hungry for release. The slightest breeze sent him standing to full attention and he couldn't even watch a shampoo commercial without getting the horn.

Finally enough was enough. Josh decided he needed to do something to ease his suffering. With no where else to turn Josh called his sisters name down the hall.

"I need some help..."

Lock Down
6 months of quarantine had taken its toll on the both of them. With strict government guidelines on not leaving the house unless absolutely necessary they'd barely been in contact with anyone but each other. Being forced to spend every single day with a person tended to have an effect on the dynamic between two people and fuck was that proving accurate with them.

In week one nothing much had changed. They hung out together, talked more and generally spent more time together. They opened up about things they'd never dreamed about sharing before all the lock down had happened. From their sex lives to their relationship problems, nothing was off limits and there were no secrets between them.

After 2 weeks stuck in the house with no reason to leave getting properly dressed seemed all but pointless. The two were soon walking around in nothing but their underwear and neither of them seemed to notice let alone mind it.

At the one month mark even underwear seemed a waste of time. Why bother wearing anything if they weren't leaving the house. It made more sense just to spend their days naked together.

4 months soon came and went and with it their consideration with their masturbation habits left to. She didn’t bother to keep down her moans as she coaxed her body to orgasm and he didn't see the point in wearing headphones when he watched porn. When there is so little else to do than masturbate it soon just became second nature.

They were 5 months in when their openness about their alone time went even further. Starting first with leaving the door wide open as she enjoyed her extensive collection of sex toys or when he worked his cock on the bed they were soon pleasuring their selves right there in the living room while the other tried to watch TV.

And now they were hitting the 6 month mark of almost complete isolation and he couldn't help but wonder, what would happen next....

Sister's Secret
Josh and Veronica were siblings, though it was fair to say they were more like best friends. To say the pair were close would be putting it mildly. They hung out together, talked about everything and even shared all their secrets. At least that's what he'd thought.

He’d spent most of the day and the better part of the night at a friend's place, hoping to avoid his sister. Hanging out, playing video games, watching sports, punching his friend occasionally for telling Josh he wanted to fuck his hot sister, the usual guy stuff. He'd made sure to check in on her occasionally, a quick text to see if she were OK. They didn't get along but they were still siblings. Not that she ever needed the check up. She'd spent her day with her own friends doing whatever it was girls did when they hung out together. Naked pillow fights and kissing practice he'd always assumed.

When Josh did finally return home it was late, creeping up to 1:00am. Pulling up onto the driveway he made his way quickly inside the house out of the biting cold. Kicking the front door shut behind him Josh glanced around the hallway. The house was dark, all the lights and TV turned off. He figured she'd already headed off to bed for the night, something he wasn't complaining about, now at least he'd get to watch what he wanted on TV without having to fight her for the remote. A fight she always seemed to somehow win. Kicking off his shoes with a smile on his face Josh grabbed one of the few remaining cold beers from the kitchen before 'gracefully' swan diving onto the couch and turning on ESPN. He was all but set to get comfortable for the next few hours, when out of the silence came a faint sound right from the room above him. Her room.

Muting the TV and sitting up on the couch Josh strained to hear, wondering if his mind was playing tricks on him. It was late and he was tired after all. He was about to give up and return his attention back to the TV when there it went again. There was definitely something going on in his sister's room.

With a sigh Josh set his beer down and pulled himself from the couch, heading back out into the hall. Standing at the foot of the stairs the sound rang out again, a little louder this time. He set off, creeping slowly higher up to the second floor of the house. At the top, light from a crack in her bedroom door spilled out into the dark hallway as the sounds grew louder still. Josh took a deep breath and tip toed slowly forward, inching toward the source of the noise. Finally within touching distance he steadied himself and popped his head through the gap. Eyes growing wide and jaw dropping Josh struggled to process the scene unfolding in front of him.....

The Office Mix Up
It was turning out to be another painfully dull day at work. Josh and Taylor sat behind their desks in the office the two shared wondering how 17 years had passed since the start of the day and yet it was still only 10:24am. Scientists could do experiments in that office on the theory of relativity and why the fuck time seemed to pass at half the speed it did everywhere else. They were bored, more so than usual.

Not that the two didn't enjoy each other's company. They'd been working together for a little over a year and a half and even back in the early days they'd gotten along famously. When you spend 8 hours a day with someone it was difficult not to form a bond. They talked about everything from their plans for the weekend right down to the graphic details of their sex lives. While technically colleagues it was safe to say they were closer to best friends. Everyone else in the building referred to the pair as 'work boyfriend and girlfriend'. Which would have been a fun little nickname if the rumour that they were fucking hadn't ruined it a few months ago. A rumour with absolutely zero truth to it. Some people just could understand how two people of the opposite sex could be such close friends and not be having sex. Although...Josh would be lying if he said the thought hadn't crossed his mind. He's only human after all!

The fact that there were no secrets between the two meant Josh knew all about the relationship troubles Taylor was having. They'd spent hours talking about every aspect of it. How the spark just seemed to have fizzled out. The romance and excitement died. Hell she hadn't had sex with her boyfriend in almost 2 months. A red flag if ever there was one. Josh's advice had been to take the lead, be spontaneous for a change. Do something he'd never expect. Advice which led to the plan forming in Taylor's head of how she could inject a little spice into her man's work day without even seeing him.

The next time Josh left the room to make the coffee run Taylor sprang into action. Shutting the window blinds to give herself a hint of privacy. Confident she was alone and without prying eyes she pulled her phone from her bag and opened up the camera. She took a deep breath, not wanting to overthink things and talk herself out of it. Quickly she undid her white, button up blouse and unhooked her bra. Her huge tits bounced free, the cool air of the air conditioned office hitting her nipples and instantly sending them standing to attention. Aiming the camera at her newly exposed chest Taylor took the shot, complete with her most seductive smile. It was perfect.

Stuffing her bra into her handbag with the vow that she'd put it back on in the bathroom when she were done she started to type out the text. 'Missing you xxx'. Short and sweet. Her little snap should do the talking for Her.

With a confident smile on her face Taylor searched her contact list for her boyfriend. She soon found him, 'My Guy - Home' saved right next to Josh's number 'My Guy - Work'. Another little nod to the nickname they'd gained in the office. Her thumb hovered over the button, all ready to make his day. Suddenly the sound of her desk phone ringing shattered the silence, sending Taylor jumping out her skin and her thumb pressing squarely down onto...'My Guy - Work'. Taylor's phone binged, confirmation of a message being sent. Fuck.

And there Josh stood, standing in line at the local Starbucks waiting to pay over the odds for coffees for the two of them when his pocket began to vibrate. He pulled his phone free, 'Work Wife - 1 new message'. A smile spreads over his face, she'd probably changed her mind on what she wanted him to get yet again. Without thinking Josh opened the message and his eyes grew wide....

More Ideals:

That's not all folks! I have some more basic ideas that aren't quite as fleshed out. These are very much more a work in progress that I'd love to figure out with a partner.

Stripper/Client - Pretty run of the mill stripper/patron story only this time the pair already know each other...
The Photographer - A renown, talented photographer. His newest client trying to make it in the industry. Where will her desire to break it into the big leagues take them?
Sexting - Two people sexting. What's not to like!

Your Ideas:

If none of the above tickle your fancy then not to worry, let’s try something else entirely. Got a story you’re dying to try? Hit me! A half baked idea you want to flesh out? Let’s hammer out the details!

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