[TAKEN] M for Any writing as F. Got an Incest Bug

Started by Writersblockade, July 28, 2022, 07:50:31 AM

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Hi everyone! I'm Writersblockade. I'll skip the resume and simply say check out my posts and my Ons/Offs to see if we are compatible. I'd like to think I have range, and I love collaboration. In fact, we'll need a good amount for an idea I can't seem to get rid of.

Now, as a warning, the smut level on this will be decent. Can't give a percentage, because it honestly depends on how everything progresses from a story standpoint. I am, personally, pro-smut. I believe it can coexist with story, and I do love a good story. I guess if I could paint a picture, the story is the foundation I want to build, and smut would be the lovely things that give that building its pop of color…or outdoor hot tub…however you get down!

Okay, getting on with it. This is primarily an incest story, but how that occurs is up to me and my partner. I would advocate for a slight age gap. It can be either an older brother, younger sister, or vice versa. I admit, in my head, the younger brother angle is winning by a nose at the moment, but it’s so close that I don’t think it’ll matter much. So I would let the story itself help dictate the pairing. Things to explore:

  • The older sibling is back home. Why?
  • The older sibling left and remained out of contact for X period of time. Why?
  • What drives the two to gravitate so hard to each other that they do that one thing that everyone says not to do?
  • What happens after that first time? Thoughts, feelings, regrets? As one of my favorite Cowboy Bebop songs goes, words that we couldn’t say!

Writing around the aftermath of moments, to me, is as important as writing the moments themselves. I like diving into stuff like that. It makes me happy!

Now…provided we get to a certain point, there’s no small amount of fun to be had here. The classic sexual tension moments…the just out of eyesight periods of pleasure…the push and pull exacerbated by their first time together, and how it drives them towards the very edge of risky behavior. All there, and all available. I had this thought about dice rolls for the risky moments, not as necessarily a means of getting them caught, but more related to just how close they came to getting caught. To be able to write around those moments, and really have fun with it, would be cool.

Soooo, that means we’ll have to write as the parents too. Not as bad as you might think, but depending on the story, there can definitely be some extra drama there, because we can make it relate to what we’d want to explore about the characters themselves. It’s all open to negotiation. I want a co-partner to help bring my vision to life. A fellow explorer that looks at a thing and isn’t afraid to get creative with it. If you think you’re up for it, and you’ve survived my ramblings thus far, then send me a PM. Could be something gooooood! Thank you for doing what you do.
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I don't know who this Muse person is, but if it explains away the voices in my head, then I'm all for it!