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The Quick n' Dirty

  • A partner's sex, gender identity, or planet of origin do not matter to me, though I do prefer to write with fellow Earthlings, whom I am one of.
  • Cis-M/M should be the main pairing of the roleplay.
  • I ain't no size queen. As long as the post provides insight into your character, keeps us grounded in the scene, and helps to advance the happenings, I'm peachy. You can find samples of my writing by visiting my O/Os, where I have a list of stories I have been involved in. Or stalk me. Whichever!
  • My posting rate averages one post every 1-2 weeks. I might be faster or slower as the muse or life changes. I'm patient for responses, especially if a partner is preoccupied.
  • I like story. Smut level is negotiable, but, overall, the roleplay needs to have substance. I want characters to feel like real people and to react to things in human, rather than porno, ways. I like drama and conflict and tension.
  • Threads for roleplaying. PMs for plot discussion and chit-chat, at least initially. I'm open to moving to Discord once we've started the game.
  • I prefer switches/versatiles, but I will play any sexual position, whether kinky or vanilla.
  • Men within the pairing must not be outwardly effeminate. I'm also not big on overly twinky boys. Chris Colfer, Troye Sivan, and virtually every actor in daddy porn are nos. In terms of young gay men, Joey Pollari, Connor Jessup, Ben Platt, and Brandon Flynn are cool.
  • I love playing multiple characters, whether they be PCs or NPCs, and I tend to enjoy stories the most when I'm allowed to indulge. If you want your character to have an interaction with a friend or family or co-worker to support their own individual arcs, by all means, let's talk about it! A partner who likes to help breathe life into the world is great, but I'm also okay with shouldering that responsibility.
  • Collaboration, please! I'm looking for a partner who can pitch their own ideas and are willing to help guide the plot.
  • That's the gist. More details in my O/Os. Check 'em out to ensure I suit your fancy.

The Sitch
Just looking for some slice of life stuff to sink my teeth into! All ideas below await a partner's creative spin. I'm also open to other ideas or meshing our cravings together.

"GMing" for You
Have a character you've been dying to play? Tell me about them! What are they like, and what are specific things you would like to accomplish with them? I think it could be fun to create a cast of characters around yours and follow your character's specific story, sort of like playing a tabletop game, but without the dice rolls.

Or if you want a premise, a classic scenario would be something like Harvest Moon or Story of Seasons: your character has decided to move somewhere new, to create a life of their own, or maybe their grandfather has passed and your character inherited his business. It could be a farm or a bakery, a motel or a bar.

Or maybe your character is the frontman of a band. They're young adults with dreams of making it big, and at last their band has decided to leave the suburbs of their families to pursue that goal. Or perhaps they've been starving artists for a while, piecing together gigs with the hope that they will finally get their big break.

Making a Duet
When Character A rose to stardom, he knew he wanted to be his authentic self. His fans--the people who matter--have loved that about him.

He's been a fan of Character B since the days he was dreaming of his own success. It's great news when Character B agrees to being featured on what will be Character A's next single. The session goes well, and when they hang out that night, things take an unexpected turn when they share an intimate moment.

It seems like it could go beyond a one-night stand. The only problem? Character B is in the closet and isn't so keen on coming out.

Will Play: Either
Other Notes: The genres that the two characters perform in could be different. For at least Character B, if I'm playing him, anyway, I'm thinking rock, metal, or rap. He could be a vocalist or a guitarist.

Face claims I could use for B

Face claims I could use for A
Pretty much any face from Character B's spoiler plus...

Upside Down
When Character B moved to town, Character A knew he hated him at first glance.

It's even worse that their teacher pairs them for a project. Reluctantly, Character A agrees to meet Character B at his house. It almost goes well. Character A almost starts to think he could like Character B.

But then his dad comes home.

Character A's dad, the man who disappeared from his life when he was a kid. He's returned to town and he's playing dad to someone else.

Will Play: Character B and Character A's estranged dad.
Other Notes: Yes, at least half of this is meant to be a young adult drama. That's part of the fun!

Characters A and B can be ages 16-18, with a slight preference for them being seniors.

Characters A and B don't have to be romantically involved. I'm open to expanding the cast to give them other love interests, or giving Character A a romantic entanglement that he drops for Character B.

For the dynamic between Characters A and B, whether romantic or platonic, I like the idea of rivals or prep/jock/goody two shoes x bad boy - which character takes which role is open. I'm willing to discuss other dynamics.

Although not a requirement, I'd love it if a partner would also play a love interest for the dad. Their age is flexible.

I'm thinking an American town with a population of 500 to 8,000.

Possible face claims for Character B

Possible face claims for Dad
The primary goal is for a partner to be happy with the face claim they use for Character A. If none of the below work well with Character A's look, I'm open to searching some more or taking suggestions.

Guys' Trip
A group of guy friends decide to rent a beach house or a cabin, or visit a ski resort for a week, to get away from the stresses and the partners, and/or maybe to catch up after life led them apart. But hidden sentiments and feelings of liberation may spawn complexities they didn't anticipate.

Will Play: I'm thinking a total of 4-6 characters, so I'm willing to play anywhere from 2-5, depending on how many a partner would like to take on.
Other Notes: The guys could be college students, recent graduates, or older - 25-30-year-olds who have started to get their lives together (or not!), or 40-50-year-olds with families (for some!) and more experience under their belts.

They could all be out or there could be complexities - closets, curiosities, or straights (le gasp!).

I want to see some drama - affairs or sexual crises, rivalries, or bad blood that has lingered and they must resolve.

Younger Faces

Older Faces

Three's Company

After a few years, wedded bliss isn't so blissful for the Turners. What once was a spark is now just...dull contentment. When Character C comes to stay with them, temptation sets in and threatens the home they started together, until Character C suggests a solution: polyamory.

Will Play: Any two characters in any sexual positions.
Other Notes: This story could have quite a bit of smut, but I'd like to focus on the dynamics between the three men and how their relationships develop or decay. Anything else to add conflict and drama is definitely a plus.

Character C's concept is open. He could be a coworker or a friend, past or current. He could be a homeless youth the husbands took pity on, or the renter of a spare bedroom.

Faces I could use for either/both husbands

Faces I could use for Character C
Any faces from the previous spoiler, plus...


Something involving a single father and another man! Maybe a party animal who likes kids but struggles with the idea of accepting responsibility? Or how about another father with baggage (e.g., tragically lost his kid, abandoned the mother while she was pregnant, has a family--shh!--and is cheating)? Worst case, maybe Single Father's kid doesn't like the other guy, maybe partly because the other guy is his teacher, or the same age as him?

Will Play: Either character as any sexual position.

Pretty faces to gander at

A Father A Boy Could Ever Ask For

Character A has been friends with Danny since they were kids running around in the Arnolds' backyard. Danny's dad has been like a father to him, more than his own.

But "familial" isn't the only way to describe his feelings. This summer will be one for them both to remember.

Will Play: Character A as a dom, submissive, or switch, or the dad for a proactive character A (as opposed to a passive or super submissive one).
Other Notes: The story can be a bit smutty, but I still want to see some character development and how the relationship affects them.

If it helps, character A could have been invited to go on a family vacation with them.

Character A would be 16-22. I'm willing to play Danny, and if I'm playing Character A, I can also write for the wife, too, if desired, to round out the story.

Faces I could use for Character A

Faces I could use for the dad

Straighten You Out

Nephew is out of control and his parents are at their wit's end. In a last attempt to keep him from permanently ruining his life, they've sent him to Uncle's house for the summer. Maybe a rural area and back-breaking work will keep his nose clean.

Will Play: The uncle as a dominant top for a masculine bottom, or the nephew as any position.
Other Notes: Nephew could be 16-21. This story could be pretty smutty, but I would like to see some depth to the characters and see how the relationship affects them.

Faces I could use for Uncle

Faces I could use for Nephew

Pesky Head People
Just some character concepts that could use some action.

Name: Dominic "Domino" Rossi
Age: ~27
Occupation: Alternative artist
Sexuality: Pansexual switch
Personality: Domino does and says whatever he wants, and to hell with what everyone else thinks. His motto is "keep it real", and he lives it in interviews, when hopping on Twitter and calling out celebs, and by choosing to create only music that genuinely interests him. Some might speculate how authentic he really is as someone who has had brushes with fame, but there's widespread consensus that he is a dick, especially to those who can't handle mischievousness, rule-breaking, lack of filters, impulsivity, and radical honesty. He's matured a bit since his younger years and he's half-confronting an epiphany, but his reputation precedes him.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Domino has been a pretty open book. A quick Google search will reveal much about his history.

Dominic Rossi was born as the middle child of three on the south side of Chicago. He lost his mom to breast cancer when he was twelve, a cause he dedicates attention to every October. His dad turned to booze while the kids acted out their grief in their own ways. For Dominic, when he wasn't getting lost in his guitar or his singing, well, there was the sketchy crowd he had fallen into. When he was thirteen, they tried to rob a convenience store, one where, during his fame, he arranged to paint the interior and later held a meet-and-greet. He was let off pretty easy, but it was the wakeup call he needed to look elsewhere for company. That was about the time he started making friends with the guys whom he would form a band with.

Buzzkilled, a pop rock ensemble with the instrumental similarity to Neon Trees but the lyrical heart of adolescence, got lucky a year out of high school, catching the attention of a record label and rising to fame practically overnight. Although the guitarist and backup vocalist, Dominic, or Domino, as he came to be known to fans, was arguably the real face of the band, helped in part by him being the one who managed a lot of their social media content. Some of it involved him playing pranks on the other members, which seemed to be received good-naturedly, although the band later alluded to it not being all fun and games, just that Domino posted the ones that didn't get out of hand. His rebuttal was that they were meant to be fun and for a laugh. If there was no laughter, there was no point in sharing. It wasn't the only sign of tension among the band. Once there was a leaked video of Domino and the lead singer having it out backstage after performing their set and Domino uttering something "smart".

On their third album, one of their singles showcased him as the lead vocalist. A few months after that tour, at twenty-three, he split from the band, complaining about the label's directive influence over their music and expressing a desire for creative freedom. He stuck with the stage name Domino and released his debut album a little over a year later, and a followup about two years after that one. He possessed a musical style similar to Yungblud's, but lyrically, he focused on life and social commentary, with tones that varied between heartfelt and satirical. There was Promise Me, about growing up with a lover; Daddy, a trigger-warning track about incestuous rape; Girlfriend, a mockery of internet creeps; and the self-explanatory Fukboi.

His career has been pockmarked with the occasional vandalism, DUIs, and, more recently, a video of him getting into a scuffle with another patron at a bar in which he called the other man a faggot while being ushered out by a bouncer. It was a surprise to many fans of the open pansexual, and when his response was a three-word remark of "freedom of speech", well, any popularity he possessed largely tanked.

Just a month from the present, he released Sasshole as a new single, and now he's trying to salvage his career.

Pairings/Vague Ideas: Your character is one of the next hot icons, and Domino is one of the celebs looking to capitalize on your character's fame. Maybe they are touring together, or he requests a collaboration, or maybe he "just so happens" to show up where your character is relaxing or vacationing, trying to initiate a fling or a romance. If we want to add another layer, maybe Domino dissed your character on Twitter once.
Additional Images

Name: Jordan Bentley Hurd or Elio/Angelo Bentley Bandera
Age: 16-23
Occupation: Aspiring metal or alternative artist
Sexuality: Bisexual versatile; pretty vanilla
Personality: Jordan acts like a guy who can brush off anything, but the truth is, he has never learned how to not wear his heart on his sleeve, or how to stop caring what others think, despite how provocative he sometimes likes to act, or his occasional grasps at rising above his self-consciousness. But he has learned to hone his sensitivity, his emotions and his passions, into his music in a way that truly speaks to his listener.

It takes him time to warm up to someone, but once he has, he's a loyal and caring friend, if sometimes also cheeky and mischievous. With everyone else, he cares less, unafraid to act in selfishness, and occasionally going so far as to commit such acts as poaching someone's lover for his own fun.

Jordan is frugal, but the one exception is his weakness for clothes; once he starts shopping, it's pretty easy for him to go overboard.
Possible Bio:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Jordan was born in LA to a single mom who had the dream of making it big, until, at the age of nineteen, a drunken one-night stand resulted in a baby boy whom she decided to keep while waiting at the abortion clinic. She took on two jobs to support them.

His mom started downward spiraling when he was six. She left him home alone to save on the cost of babysitting. She partied. She lost one of her jobs shortly before he started first grade. On his first day, she dropped him off and never returned.

Social services tracked down a widowed grandmother and an uncle Jordan never knew he had, all of whom were as equally oblivious to Jordan's existence. He was sent to live with his grandmother, who still had a spare room. She had a big heart that made her a favorite of the regulars at a local diner where she waitressed. She volunteered at a local homeless shelter until she was diagnosed with lung cancer and could barely leave the house. In her final days, he avoided the house, instead convincing friends to let him stay the night, until she finally passed away. He was fourteen at the time.

With nowhere else to go, his uncle squeezed him into his home, alongside his other two kids who were around Jordan's age. He had become as close to them as his grandmother. His uncle possessed a love for music that he fostered in Jordan, gifting him a guitar that first Christmas he lived with his grandmother. Later he rediscovered Rage Against the Machine, a favorite of his mom's, and got into metal. During high school, he started posting videos on YouTube, a mix of covers and original songs - sometimes singing, sometimes just guitar playing. Over the years he has built a steady following, and he hopes it'll launch his dream career someday.

Pairings/Vague Ideas: Childhood friends, steals boyfriend and starts a fling (but feelings catch when all he wanted was some fun?), music duo kinda like Twenty One Pilots, musician x manager, rising star x falling star, other music-based stories
Additional Images

Name: Jay Kamenov
Age: 16-23
Occupation: (Aspiring) MMA fighter (or boxing)
Sexuality: Gay. Jay is a dominant personality from the top or bottom, depending on his mood, but sometimes he can be convinced to let someone else take the reins.
Possible Personality: Jay is pure spirit, a relentless fire that burns brighter when the pressure amplifies. It fuels his perseverance as much as his temperament, where he can be loud and elated, loud and angry, or as stubborn as an ox. He loves competition, milking rivalries and conflict for all they're worth, not only for the sake of improving, but also because he enjoys the thrill and the friction. Just as how he doesn't pull punches, he doesn't sugarcoat words, but sometimes he suffers from even less tact and tramples on delicate situations like a bull in a China shop. He values raw honesty, but a lot of it is because he lacks a filter and sensitivity. Growing up in a house full of testosterone didn't breed much emotional intelligence.

Those who can at least tolerate his rambunctious, sometimes cocky, personality can find a friend who will have their back.
Possible Bio:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
With four dudes living under one roof, Jay's home was filled to the brim with testosterone. His mom might as well have been one of them, tough as nails with a sharp tongue to match. Unlike the rest of them, though, she had a soft side that she wasn't afraid to air out. She doted on him, the youngest, a little. It was embarrassing the older he grew, but as a little runt, he was more focused on keeping up with his brothers. It caused him to age quicker in some ways, and figure out one of the things that made him different. It marked the beginning of his defiant side. Staying out late, picking fights. When he wasn't wrestling, he boxed. In the beginning, it might have been to compensate, but he found out he liked it and did it purely for that.

It wasn't until about halfway through high school that he started to accept that he liked men, and decided that he shouldn't care what anyone else thought. Gradually, he transitioned from the downlow to something more open, never "officially" coming out, just one day deciding to exist the way he wanted to. It was enough. People took notice and the word spread, eventually reaching his family. The men in the household started to take issue, but his mom put her foot down, and never had been so loud. It bothered Jay a little, but ultimately, he appreciated her for it.

It has caused other struggles, like finding a gym that accepts him and earning respect in an industry where toxic masculinity runs rampant, but he loves almost every minute of it.

Pairings/Vague Ideas: Two rivals who belong to the same MMA gym who challenge each other and eventually cave to the tension; fighter x coach; victim x protector; victim x bully; childhood friends; jock x nerd; student x high school teacher
Notes: My knowledge in MMA is pretty limited, and, where required for a story, I don't expect a partner to be much better. Let's just have fun!
Additional Images

Name: Brock Baldi
Age: 21-25
Occupation: MMA fighter; web site developer or EMT/paramedic
Sexuality: Gay guy sitting in a glass closet. He's a switch who can't be fussed with pecking order except when rivalries arise, although he does prefer to develop trust before indulging in kink.
Personality: Brock is like a duck, calm on the surface but busily paddling to achieve his dream of becoming a champion fighter. He's comfortable with pressure and the hustle his goals require, but it leaves him stressed and with little free time, having to make ends meet until his fighting career takes off. Still, he makes time for those close to him, sometimes being the proactive one, despite his introversion, and he cherishes his moments with them, from the lowkey to the eventful, sometimes allowing them to feel like the only other person in the room when one-on-one. He tries to exercise as much loyalty and reliability as he is able, but, ultimately, his goals come first. It has cost him friendships before.

He prides himself as being a guy his friends can talk to when they want no-bullshit honesty, and he seeks the same in return. When he's the one to dish it out, he tries to exercise tact without the sugarcoating.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
His dad was a boxer in the WBO. When Brock was young, his dad was preparing for his first championship fight when he ruptured a disc in his back that ended his career. Growing up, Brock watched his fights, and a lot of their bonding time revolved around the sport, so it was only natural that he also wanted to be a fighter, in part pushed by his dad when the man had nothing left. Brock was ushered into the gym at the age of eight, and a year later, he became one of the best peewee boxers in the state.

But his dad's fixation on his boy's athleticism placed a strain on his marriage. Brock's mom wanted a different future for him, and the argument led to a divorce about two years later. He wanted to stay with his dad, who showed attentiveness despite the concerning reality of their shared sport, so the court granted custody to him.

In eighth grade, Brock branched out into wrestling, having decided he wanted to become an MMA fighter. It earned him a wrestling scholarship for a JC, and later he did well enough to transfer to a public university to earn his bachelor.

His dad was diagnosed with cancer while Brock was in college, passing away during his third year, right before his regionals in wrestling. Brock ranked fifth that year, the best he ever did.

He went into web development, at first getting a 9 to 5, but after about a year, he decided to freelance.

Thanks to wrestling, Brock figured out his sexuality pretty early on. He dated a girl once or twice before realizing it wasn't working, and he was busy pursuing his dream anyway, so he felt secure in that justification until college, when the relative anonymity encouraged him to indulge and accept himself. Nowadays he lives in a glass closet, visiting gay clubs while being mum around the gym and the rings, not wanting to hurt his chances of making it big.

Pairings/Vague Ideas: Two fighters who belong to the same gym, possibly rivals, possibly supporting of each other in their dreams to make it big, when intimacy happens; fighter x coach; college students; roommates; fighter x sponsor; childhood friends
Notes: My knowledge in MMA is pretty limited, and, where required for a story, I don't expect a partner to be much better. Let's just have fun!
Additional Images

Name: Ellis Dailey
Age: 28-32
Sexuality: Gay versatile; pretty vanilla
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Pairings/Vague Ideas:
Additional Images

Name: Brad Warren
Age: 30-35
Occupation: Celebrity Bodyguard
Sexuality: Gay switch
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Pairings/Vague Ideas:
Additional Images

Name: Caleb Strider
Age: 21-30
Occupation: College student or elementary school teacher
Sexuality: Gay switch who loves kink
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Pairings/Vague Ideas:
Additional Images

Name: Marc Manca
Age: 36-42
Occupation: Personal security, detective, or cop
Sexuality: Bisexual switch leaning top
Personality: The middle child of three, Marc learned from an early age to find comfort in the background. His first instinct is to watch a room before engaging, to blend in until he wants to be seen. The years of doing so have allowed him to hone his observational skills, although he was gifted to begin with, often noticing what many might overlook. Despite his experiences, he has managed to cling to his wit and sense of humor. It's perhaps the one thing that has kept him sane all this time, since he watches the liquor. Too many secrets. Discretion is one thing he prides himself on, but while he has never before shared what someone else spilled to him, it doesn't mean he won't utilize the knowledge if it might benefit him.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Pairings/Vague Ideas:
Additional Images

Name: Dustin Levitt
Age: 35-42
Occupation: Cop or detective
Sexuality: Gay switch leaning top
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Pairings/Vague Ideas:
Additional Images

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[b]Bio:[/b] [spoiler][/spoiler][b][/b]
[b]Pairings/Vague Ideas:[/b]
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