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Started by aleshamuffin, April 10, 2009, 11:58:27 AM

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Okay so this is my first official post besides my ons and offs list that is not in response to someones else's post please be nice.

Right now  I kinda want to find someone to RP with that has some skill but won't make me feel like an ass if i make a mistake and respect my boundaries. I would prefer a male but I am open. I would like to try some light BD. NO needles, or extreme torture, check my on off list. I am sub so I am looking for someone who is Dom. I HATE post to post, so I am usually strictly IM but would think about PM.

Pm me for details.
Im sorry it is kinda choppy and short..nerves and don't really know what else to tell you.


If you'd rather play realtime than by post, you might give the chat button at the top a try. It supports private 1on1 and group chats, and should run without any software being required.

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Bonus points for having 'muffin' in your name! I'm another IMer, so come say hi sometime, and let me know if you're a blueberry or banana nut!
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