M for F - White Male Interracial Fun? (Ebony/Latinas craved!)

Started by fezesarecool, June 07, 2022, 04:14:00 AM

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First New Thread in a While, Will be Frequently Updated!

This is exactly what it says in the title, honestly! First off, I’m a white guy, 26 and from the UK.

I’m a detailed role player, and always play in the third person. I tend to write 2-3 decent sized paragraphs in my roleplays, I am certainly open to more or slightly less depending on partner preference!

Recently I’ve been playing over PMs and threads,  and have been pretty active, meaning a quick turnaround in posts, but I don’t mind someone less active! I also have a discord, if desired (but do prefer plays on PMs or threads here.)

I don’t really mind who you are in real life. If you’re a male and want to play a female, go for it!

What Am I Looking For?
- I’m pretty open honestly. But a darker skinned female partnered with a white male would be lovely. That can be anything from ebony through to Latina, and everything inbetween!

- I’d also request that we both use Photographic faceclaims in the scene. Especially if we can use the same faceclaim to post images of their outfits and appearance as we move through the scene.

Types of Girl I Like?
- Put together this Imgur album. You certainly don’t need to play any of these specific girls, but if you liked any, let me know. More than open to suggestions of faceclaims!
- Album - https://imgur.com/a/oifeB4F
- Also this album, with girls I really like. Names beneath each image! Don’t feel the need to play as any of them,  ut it gives you a hint to the kinds of girls I love! - https://imgur.com/a/Koteath
- More than happy to play my character with any faceclaim. I’m not set in stone at all, so if there’s a guy you’re craving, let me know!
- our characters can be similar ages, or there can be an age gap, (I’m more than happy to play any age!).

Kinks! (Desired by far from essential!)
Dirty talk
Public/the risk of being caught
Premature Ejaculation
Confident girls
Cuckolding (either as the bull or the cuck)
Face sitting
Handjobs (especially public/secretive)
Slice of life
Women with Afro’s, big hair, dreadlocks


I have a couple of brief ideas! We don’t need to play them out exactly as they are! Come with changes to them, or even bring your own totally new ideas!

What Would His Parents Say? - general idea would be he is from a primarily white area, think a small town. He moved to a new city, and met his dream girl, a girl with much darker skin that anyone in his town would have seen before! Maybe he’s bringing her home to his parents? Also works the other way around, with a darker skinned girl bringing her white boyfriend home.

Researchers Dating - this idea would be that it’s a couple who are dating, both working in science and writing research papers. This would touch upon cucking, the idea that the female here is researching the truth behind the myth ‘black men are bigger and better in bed’. MC would be nervous at first, setting boundaries and certain rules for YC, but it can go in many different directions. For this I’m thinking she could tell him her findings, perhaps she records certain aspects of the sex in a notebook etc.

I have a lot more ideas with this one, so feel free to ask!

Culture Shock - general idea would be MC on his gap year, exploring different countries. Meeting your character on his voyage, this could lead to a passionate few nights together, through to her joining him on the rest of his trip!

Festival - something fun about characters meeting up at a music festival. All that drinking and partying, big crowds, staying in tents (or as a clash on in a tent, one in luxury accommodation).

Business Trip - two people meeting on a business trip, both from different cities or even countries. Meeting at a conference, sharing a night or two. Then trying to work out how they can see each other again, even arranging future conferences and work trips so they’ll be in the same place.