Final Fantasy 7: Redux

Started by Elohim, April 10, 2009, 02:44:14 AM

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I know we’ve got to have quite a few fan’s of Final Fantasy 7 out there,  at least some of you have role played the exploits of Cloud in company,  or based characters off the horrible and EVIL  Sephiroth.  I’m going to give you a chance to do it again,  but with a twist, and maybe laced with just a bit more maturity and…  adult content. This will be story retold using the original as a rough frame work and inspiration more then as a set rail that the PC’s are forced to follow,  and what’s more the players in the Crisis won’t be the one’s we’ve grown to love,  but one’s of original design.  They’re will be similarities of course,  but that’s mainly to keep a bit of continuity within the two plots.

The story is as follows,  those interested know it well.  The planet is in danger, slowly dying as its life blood is being pumped away by The Shinra Electric power company,  a corporation which holds the world in a vice like grip thanks to its monopoly on both energy and advanced technology.  The rich,  are fat and happy, thanks to the spoils of this wicked corporation, while the middle class is none existent in cities run by the shadowy institution.  On the other hand,  the poor cling to what comforts they have just wanting to scrape through the day…  Not all are complacent though,  an organization has recently crawled out of the wood work, not only to help liberate the pour but to keep Shinra from pumping away the life blood of the planet… 

But, a Crisis builds on the horizon far worse then any corporate monopoly the planet is dying,  as its life is sucked out of it used to power the various technological advances of the world.  A group of hero’s will emerge,  a corporation will fall,  a phoenix will rise from the ashes,  and a hero will become a monster…

What I’m looking for, 

Avalanche members;  Heroic Amnesiac(Required),  grizzled vetran, +3 (Any)
Shinra;  Newly Risen President;  Mad Scientist(Taken possibly);  Turk;  (+2 any)


Seraph, instead of starting a FF7 game, why not join the Turk game Moonhare is trying to start up?


It's possible that I could, though I'm not really very interested in playing a corporate spook myself.  On the other hand just because a Turk game is up and running doesn't mean I couldn't attempt to run another game based on the same universe.  It's not very likely one game will strip away players from another,  and the worst that could happen is I won't get players.


I'm kinda intrigued by the concept of double dipping a character...

The Great Triangle

I'm willing to play a Shinra mad scientist, or possibly the bizzaro Tifa as a maniac scientist who created Avalanche precisely so she could get to fight in a nasty nasty war. 

Weapon: Grenade Launcher  (Alternate weapon: Syringes)

Limit Break: Biomagitech (Mako powered weapons implanted into her body)
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Triangle! What a surprise to see you here. xP


Anychance I can play a bizzaro Vincent?
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I'll play...FF7 is FF7 after all.