Violent Delights—Dark Mafia Romance (F for M)

Started by Lottie, May 18, 2022, 08:43:00 AM

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Hello! I’m Lottie, a 35 yo female looking to write some dark and angsty romance! DM me if you’re interested!

What I’m looking for:

  • Multi-paragraph replies
  • Detailed and descriptive
  • Plot > Smut
  • Plotting & Brainstorming
  • Long-term writing partner (21+)
  • Advanced Writer

“The Plot That Needs to Be Written” OR My Current Craving:

  • Mafia Romance
  • MxF only
  • The Count of Monte Cristo and Romeo & Juliet vibes
  • Themes: dark romance, abuse, violence, revenge, death, redemption, star-crossed lovers, arranged marriage, "touch her and die" vibes
  • Plot Idea: So, my idea revolves around two people who are deeply entrenched in the Mafia world—location can be decided between the two of us, as well which mafia organizations we want to use (I’m leaning towards Irish for FMC & Italian for the MMC). I want to take the general plot arc of The Count of Monte Cristo and add in a few Romeo & Juliet themes.

    It can go a few different ways, but essentially, the male lead witnessed the murder of his entire family by a rival boss who is also the female leads close relative (who exactly he is to her is up for discussion). Framed for a crime he did not commit; the male lead has been in prison planning his revenge. Our story will begin weeks or months after he is released on good behavior with help from a former associate. The female lead will have been forced into an arranged marriage to a man who also had an active role in the murder of his family.

    These two characters can already know one another (my preference), or not. If they do already know one another, then he'd be hellbent to protect her while still seeking his revenge. If they don't know each other, she's a complication he did not expect. Either way, these two end up star-crossed lovers on opposite sides a war for the city.
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