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Started by 7th Derp, May 04, 2022, 02:48:41 PM

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7th Derp

I think I'm done. One too many times am I screwed with. I don't find RPing enjoyable anymore.

Craving has re-emerged for plots that have been brewing in my head for some time, so let's see if these can be fleshed out some more, taken down a path I never expected and find out if the story can end happily for the characters involved. I welcome suggestions and ideas before and/or during the story telling as long as it fits with the moment. So, to keep things on point I'll jot down the plots. But before that a few other things on the sort I look for in a partner.

Even though I'm a guy, I don't mind playing with other guys. Gender has little relevance to me. If, like me, you're someone that isn't a master literature, I wouldn't worry too much. Just as long as the posts aren't riddle from head to toe with spelling mistakes, I'm fine with it. Being hugely detailed also isn't a must, though I do still prefer posts to have a good chunk of a paragraph going, usually 2 or more as short posts tend to leave little to work with sometimes. Not saying there can never be short posts, sometimes there can be a moment or two where nothing much happens in that particular moment. I try to aim for a good amount if I can though.

Read this.

I will be extremely selective with anyone that contacts me. Any sign of a red flag I catch a whiff of. It's over.
At the end is a questionnaire that must be filled and be included in the PM. Any question that isn't answered or passes. I will not respond and block right away.

Additional questions will be asked when discussing your character that I expect to be answered. Failure to do so will yield the same result.

MxF only added as a last resort option seeing as it's clearly the more popular option now that I essentially ran the FxF well dry.

It has come to my attention yet again that I need to make clear.
Anything I got listed down here is not just decoration. They are not just for show. If my character doesn't give in to your characters instant want to be cuddles and kisses and it's not your thing. That's too. Damn. Bad. I don't like characters being instant buddies with one another especially when the plot calls for it that the characters have spent their whole life knowing they are or should be enemies. Trust isn't instant!
And powerful characters. Something I had to make a new point of among this list. I hate them. I can't remain interested in a RP when a character is inherently able to do anything and everything with ease and anything I present a partner with for future encounters, gets tossed out because there's just going to be too much head butting between me and the character in real life where I might even consider scrapping any plots listed here that would involve our characters having a fight between them.

I try, ok? I have specifics for such plots. And if that's too much to handle, let me know right away and I can move on.

No OP characters.
If there's a reason for a character to be powerful, make it make sense other than 'just because'. And if that's going to be the case, I expect them not to be the kind where nothing can be done against them. Every character has weaknesses. Every character has limitations. I don't want there to be a god among mere mortals. A character doesn't need to be brilliant in every single way imaginable. I hate them. They bore me.

No God modding.
Pretty much explains itself here. Don't take over my character, I won't take over yours.

Slow burn.
When Romance gets involved, and it likely will, I take things slow. And I mean pretty damn slow. Especially for a few of the plots when they characters start off either neutral with each other, or bitter enemies. Unless previously established, I don't fancy having the characters fall in love almost immediately. Not even having thoughts of attraction to the other. Hell, It'd be nice seeing a character feel disgusted with the other when doing suggestive acts to tease the character. Plus... it might actually feel the connection the characters have, or get, will feel like it's actually been built between them rather than just feeling like it's just happened because reasons.

Can take many forms. Lack of trust. Hate. A mindset being tested having someone around they should not communicate with. Things that are considered 'wrong' or 'unusual'. Internally or externally. However way you see fit, because some of my characters will sure have problems with yours, that's for sure. Like with the slow burn, I'm also fine with characters needing to take time getting used to one another if it's especially abnormal for them.

Place of play.
This one is rather new really. Threads. Or Discord. Though really I much prefer Threads here to do this at, but if insisted I may do the RP on Discord. Just bare in mind I usually use it for personal use more and that site rules still apply.

Monster girls (and other)
I like playing as or against non-human characters. Something this thread will focus on. Something to clear up about it though is that I still lean towards keeping things... mild? For a lack of a better way to put it. Basically meaning that the non-human has to have something going for it that takes things to a level that makes even me turn away. For example (and one that's been most common to happen to me) is if there is an Alien character involved, she somehow has this ability/substance that makes others turn into sex slaves which somehow was the sole reason she came to earth.
No. Don't do this.

There will be smut. But a very large focus is going to be on the story.

The plots.

*=How much I crave them.

Heart of a Demon. ***
An experimental idea I've come up with some time ago. A Demon and a Holy Knight are basically mortal enemies, bound to be just that for the rest of their days as neither will stop at anything to lose to the other. Demon that finds pleasure and fun at the expense of others, while the Knight fights for what is good in the world and kills all that is evil.

But what if, during one of their many encounters, the battle took a new turn, where instead of the Demon fleeing while laughing at the Knight for another failed capture and/or kill, a clash of spells places them in a situation neither would ever dreamed of happening. Sharing a body. The Demon seemingly having been vaporized, latches her soul/magic into the Knights heart. Their consciousness also linked. The Demon, essentially becomes another voice in the head of the Knight. Now they must deal with the fact that unless they work together to undo this damage, they will be together like this for a very long time. So, they need to find a solution for it, but it won't be easy and it may reveal secrets both of them have to find out that may or may not be pleasant for either.

Artificial Love. **
Can take place in either a futuristic or apocalyptic setting. A Mercenary, a brains for gadgets, has always taken on jobs solo to make her living, finding it much more comfortable not to be bound to others by any means. Especially by large companies and even... robots. However, one job keeps popping up in her feed, claiming she's the only one capable for the job they have in mind. Held off only because it's by a company trying to create the most human like android they can. What they want, they never said. But they insist the Mercenary to take one of their "projects" along the mission, almost using the Mercenary as a beta tester.

But when the mission in question is shady as all hell and the Android says some rather disturbing facts about itself, maybe even the stone cold Merc. can't shake the ever growing curiosity about this Android that may lead them a path or a much grander adventure than they thought. Uncovering mysteries, dark secrets and more.

AD-6-0001-A. **
Based on an Alien character from another artist, including the general premise of this. A pair of Scientist are tasked in researching about a new life form that has been discovered and is currently being held in a single room meant only for observation and testing purposes. Seeking to find out anything they can about it.

But while the idea is to just learn about it, what if one of the Scientists seeks to do more than that? Trying to interact it in a less professional manner? Playing games, etc. Eventually blooming a relationship considered to be taboo as it could be deemed to interfere with the results. Maybe even needing to go as far as having to escape if found out and facing the likelihood that neither get to see each other ever again.

Alternatively the setting can be changed where a standard woman living relatively peacefully in a neighbourhood, but gets a surprise visit from a runaway test subject.

Together through time. ***
War wages on for generations with no end in sight. Both sides seeking to end the other. Who's to say this battle was going to be any different when Humans and Monsters clash on a ruined plains, decimated by their conflict, and two individuals fight it out that have a particularly strong hatred to one another? How about time travel.

Seeking out someone for this one where, from the perspective of others, the pair of characters vanished for only a second. Returning as a couple to the confusion of others. So this RP would basically be a story telling from the rivals turned couple explaining what had happened between them. Where they went. How far back in time. How they grew to love each other. And more importantly, revealing events from the past that reveals the truth of what started this ever lasting war to begin with.

Unlike the others. **
Mostly inspired by DanMachi but isn't a fandom RP by any means.
A Hunter, as a Merc. or otherwise, makes the unusual discovery by meeting a Demon/Monster that isn't anything like they're always made out to be. She's quiet. Seems scared. Even cries at times. This one is a weird being. The meeting can either take place as part of a job that's in possession of something she's tasked with taking to the client, willing to do so at first even if it meant letting the Demon/Monster die for it. Or on a flipside, the Demon/Monster rescues the Human and when finding out about it upon waking up, it raises enough questions that not all could be answered right away.

Just why would a Demon/Monster be so harmless? What does it want? Does it really not have the same killing instinct as the rest? What... is her purpose in the first place?

Different form. Same love? **
Fantasy focused plot.
Ever heard of the many stories and fairy tales of a book that can cure 10,000 curses? Well then one woman better hope it's real as a simple tavern girl like herself might find herself in need of it when she gets struck by a magic attack against a spell casting monster. At first it appears to be nothing, but what would happen to her over time as she is slowly being turned into a monster herself? Can she keep her sanity as she's always been? Will she be on the run forever like she used to before given her past? But more importantly than that...

Will she still keep her secret relationship with a Knight/Hunter that is dead set on killing monsters? Or will her love be rejected along with her appearance?

If that is to be the case, she must find that book by any means necessary and guarantee/return to normal. That is to say she can do that before she has no choice but to confess what's happening to her to her girlfriend as they travel together. Though her girl is already displeased having snuck along to that mission which got her in this mess to begin with.

Basically looking for a romance with a high potential to go sour between the pair as the transformation is slowly taking place. Lies will be uncovered. Feeling put into question. And who knows, it could end on a happy note in one form or another, or go bad enough they go their separate ways and find new love with another.

Summoned to... do what?! *
Modern take with a dash of fantasy as it involves the use of magic and a very very old summoning book.
Demons. We know them pretty well enough on how they are. Usually dangerous. Sometimes like to harm or even kill people. Manipulate them. Cause chaos. So on and so forth.

But what would happen, that when a Demon get summoned after X amount of time has passed and not only finds herself being summoned to a time everything is different to what she used to see. But gets summoned by a damn teenage girl? With no real contract to boot other than to just... hang around!! And the worst part is the Demon can't just unsummon herself like that. She has to fulfil the contract, even one as pathetic as that. Now she has to deal with being in this strange new environment and be 'friends' with this girl until her contract is mat provided it doesn't get changed over time.

Buuuuuut~ While she's here, who's to say the Demon can't have fun still and watch this girls once normal life get turned upside down as she now has to deal with a demon willing to have "fun".

Adopted lifestyle. *
I'll keep the summery for the plotline very simple for now.
A non-human, living wither with a single parent or one that is married. Growing up as an adopted daughter, she knew well enough that she isn't blood related, so that isn't a problem. What is unfortunate though is that she's going to start to be known by the world around her, as she'll start her life outside the comfort of the home she was protected in, as a collage student. Starting with a move to a new home.

There will be drama. There will be tears. But hopefully, there may be love.

Together in a broken land. ***
A post apocalyptic RP, focused on a lone surviving human going through life as best as possible given the situation. After a full on nuclear fall out blasted the majority of the world into a wasteland some years ago. Or all of it even. The only law that's really left is to look out for yourself and yourself only. That is, at least, the law the human goes by and has stuck with it since the fall. So she lives alone. hunts alone. Even works alone if the pay is right.

So why bother letting a mutated girl hang around? Not that she tried shooing it away. Even with force.

A human/mutant long term where the relationship between them had a less than smooth start. Especially when you consider the mutated girl might've tried to take from the human which is a huge 'fuck no' when supplies are scares enough as is. It's an unforgiving world after all. Every scrap of... anything is vital. So there should be no way for the human to want a second mouth to feed anywhere close by. Yet, the mutant will persist, apparently having longed for any kind of companionship for who knows how long. Maybe even since the fall out. So how will they survive now? Together? Where one wants the other away and the the other wants to stay?

Or will there be something happening between them over time that may change the mind of the previously unchangeable mind of the human.

Protective service. Where sex is apparently included... **
A Princess, hair to a throne residing in a kingdom far inside a desert. A large land while unforgiving, is still a beauty to some. Plus. A home is a home. Who's to say their living conditions are even that bad? Anyway. The important bit of news is, well, the Princess is due to introduced to suitors eventually. But she wants none of it once the King even makes such an announcement. Even before any of this, there already is another. One much closer to her already than is otherwise allowed for non-royalty.

A strong, independent, harsh and hot-headed Chief of the Royal guards. Also the Princess' personal body guard.

The Princess and the Guard, as clear as day only to each other, have a soft spot for one another. And it's kind of cute seeing an otherwise brutal and scary woman, suddenly be all mushy and adorable when they're alone. How their relationship started can either be played out is started there, or it's a little into the affair that must not be allowed to be known to even one person other than these two. It's a risky business when you're trying to keep something as this a secret. More so when the imminent day arrives when the Princess may have to be thrown into an arranged marriage at some point. A Princess being a royal, a lot of eyes will be on her most of the time. And so on.

Just how well can this be kept under wraps? (Especially if... something else happens? (An option reserved only with a Futa guard in mind))[/s]


To be answered and included in the PM
1: Are you sure you want to get into slow burn?

2: Are you absolutely sure you're into slow burn? Because chances are with some of the plots, it could be over 200 posts into the RP before even the thought of a first kiss is made.

3: Are you even into anything FxF or Futa? Because this is what it is and I will check your posts.

4: Do you even want to do anything with proper monster girls? Beings that don't look too human? Because this won't be any of the lame vampires or warewolfs to by pass the non-human aspect and still have the characters look and be human in every way.

5: Can you play a character with a spine and an attitude when it matters to the plot?

6: Seriously. Can you? I'm not down for the playing against a character that's a doormat.

7: Are you going to post replies of reasonable length? Not asking for huge walls of texts of course. Just enough.

8: Are you though? Because I'm not going to keep having to ask or skim through so many of your posts to make sure.

9: After discussing the plot and characters. Will that mean you actually commit to it? I'm not going to accept getting screwed around planning for a RP on the moment and possible future scenarios and then get told you didn't like any of what's been done.

10: Speaking of plot. Which plot felt interesting enough? And if not any listed, what else of a plot would you want to try? I'm not an x-man capable of using the internet to read minds. So just telling me you want to RP or worse, want to 'chance' it for a RP, isn't good enough.
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Birthday bump.
Added plots "Together through time" and "Unlike the others."
Here you guys go, I got my "badge of honor" in a form of an O/O

7th Derp

Typical bump.
But also added plots "Different form. Same love?" and "Summoned to... do what?!"
Here you guys go, I got my "badge of honor" in a form of an O/O

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Added plot "Adopted lifestyle" we well as an addition to expectations list as well as a notice.
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Added Together in a broken land. and Protective service. Where sex is apparently included...
Here you guys go, I got my "badge of honor" in a form of an O/O

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Here you guys go, I got my "badge of honor" in a form of an O/O