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Started by Moonhare, April 08, 2009, 10:57:09 PM

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I want to get a Turk game going.

I don't mind who takes a canon character as long as they can carry it well. I want canon and originals and it can be human or not. Missions will be group discussed in an OOC thread.  Please give ideas and suggestions.

I am willing to play Elena and double an original...unless someone wants her.


Ok, that's awesome. I'd be happy to make up an Original Turk, either male or Female depending on what we need for player balance.


Thank you. You are welcome to create two, pick up a canon...what ever works to get this rolling. ^_^


I'll give it a try as an original! ^___^


*grins* I hope we make this a grand journey.


Alright, I have three ideas right now, and I'd like to hear what people think. Final Fantasy 7 had a lot of cliches tossed in and mixed up in such a way to make them fresh. So, my OC Turk will start with a cliche.

Cliche #1. The Cowboy.

Wearing the standard turk uniform under a long black duster with a battered ten gallon hat, criss crossed gunbelts, and spurs. Classic man in black styled cowboy chewing on a piece of grass. Full on American stereotype, tipping his hat, calling ladies ma'am, jumping on monster's backs and riding them like bucking broncos, lassos, quick draw, hip shooting, everything.

Cliche 2. The Cyborg.

We already have Barrett in FF7, but I was think something a bit more slick. Early in this Turk's career, he was on a mission with his lover. There was a huge explosion and he had his arm and leg blown off. Her body was never found. Seeing a prime opportunity to test some new technology on the wounded Turk, he was given a bionic arm and leg. Not the giant, crude GunArm Barrett lug around but something slick and chrome. The limbs are extremely powerful and durable, allowing him to leap long distances and punch through steel. He could have occasional 'Limit Break' style attacks where perhaps a small missile launcher pops up from his arm, or he punches into something and his arm electrifies. I'm picturing him in fights against assailants with comically big swords, parrying blows with his forearm in a shower of sparks.

Cliche 3. The Pryo.

Some people just have a knack for certain types of materia. This guy's one of them. Looking into his eyes, you can see fire dancing in their depths, and his temperament is just as hot as the flames he wields. Impulsive, passionate, quick to anger, he could be a terrific asset on a mission when properly controlled, but like the fire itself, if he gets out of hand, look out.



My character! Pic's all I've got at the moment. >.>


Sort of hard tracking down good pictures for what I have in mind. I think this will be a pretty decent image for my cyborg.


*drools over pictures* Awesome everyone...work with what you can.


Saber and Ed? This game is gonna go places. xP


*Cracks up* I'm very lenient when it comes to created characters...only the canons need to stick to the usual thinking for how their character would act/react...and a picture is just a visual right? Barrett has a gun arm...so why not Edward from FMA without the Alchemy? *giggles* With that hair, he's going to give Reno a run for his money on the ladies though...*snickers* or guys if that is how he wants it.  >:)

I just don't want to have to play Tseng...I don't want to have to boss everyone around and act like an ass (though I love him dearly, reminds me of my hubby with longer hair.)


Yeah, it's Edward, but I've never even watched Full Metal Alchemist, so any channeling of his personality will be completely accidental. I even picked an imagine that used a different sort of drawing style to make the link a little less obvious.

I'll toss up a post with his Turk bio and details sometime today.


Well, don't flinch at short jokes and you'll be okay. :P


I am going to set up an OOC thread for discussions and work on a profile setup. I have been working with Karma on some plots to think on and will post what I have on the OOC when I get them straight in my head...any input would be greatly appreciated.




Hmm, for you Moonhare? And out of personal interest?


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We are still enrolling Turks...please submit profile.


I would like a few more people before we get the game going. We have a wonderful start with the profiles and I would love a few more before we start breaking up the Canon Characters.


I'm working on coming up with a profile, hopefully I'll have it up soon.  I've been recruited. :D
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I would still like a few more to join and start the first of May. I am setting a date, cause otherwise I will procrastinate.

Come on and be a Turk, or a good/bad guy...we need you too. :D


Tseng flips up his PHS and makes a series of phone calls, seeking his turks.

His monotone voice sounds strained, "Report to the Department of Administrative Research at 1800 hours Midgar time."


Hey everyone Moon and I were talking earlier about the game and I had the idea that we should draft a general outline of events for the storyline ahead of what we are writing. The outline could help to keep everyone together and allow for more people to advance the action in a unified way.

My thoughts for the rest of the 'chapter'...

The helicopter quickly moves over Junon and the team spots the site of the Avalanche base.
Someone notices a group of Avalanche reinforcements moving in quickly. Tseng orders Cannaught to make his special entrance and Twist to give him backup by jumping onto a nearby building as the helicopter makes a slow pass.
Tseng and Lily deploy to the roof of the base, a battle ensues and the Turks are victorious gathering at the entrance to the base.
The team begins to explore the base searching for indications of where Rufus is, and discover Saber in a cell (depends on if writer will want to join at this point). Delving deeper the team enters into a vast storage warehouse, here they discover that the building was once a research facility for a rival of Shin Ra before it rose to dominance.
The old machines and crates give hints to how Shin Ra took the facility by force, using it as a cover for their more experimental research letting the blame fall on the old rival.
The team spots an Avalanche agent scrambling to finish up with a massive machine further back in the room,giving chase their pursuit the agent is broken off when machine hums to life.
The machine unveils as a combat robot and attacks. In the battle the team discovers that the machine is a Mako Siphon, able to drain away Mako from nearly any device or source.
On strategic points along the Mako Siphon are Break Capacitors, which allow the machine to employ Break Limits when they are fully charged and it has taken damage.
After the Mako Siphon takes heavy damage it retreats, separating into several smaller robots each disguised as common Shin Ra maintenance robots. The team then splits to pursue the Mako Siphon and to warn Rufus of the danger.

This is just my idea for an outline, please pitch in your ideas and then we can create a more solid storyline to follow .   
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Works for me.

Now, Twist is a 'front rank'/melee fighter, not a ranged one, so supporting from the rooftops isn't his primary niche, but I've already thought out a way to follow orders despite the lack of ranged weaponry, so no worries on that front. Just something to keep in mind for future deployment.