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Paying The Rent

Started by traci80, April 08, 2009, 05:54:52 AM

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I can play either the boy, or the mom/man in this scene...

Dylan is 16 years-old and lives with his mom in a dumpy. little, two bedroom apartment. One day, about a month ago, she walks in on her son jerking off one of his friends. To Dylan's surprise she doesn't get upset. Instead she just informs him it's time for dinner. Tho his mom says little about what she witnessed he is still embarrassed and avoids her as much as he can over the next few weeks. Dylan likes girls, but sometimes boys his own age catch his eye.

Debi works at a waitress at a greasy spoon. Between rent, her pot habit and the other expenses for a family of two she has been having trouble paying the rent. In fact she was a month behind.

But then she remembered an acquaintance of an ex-boyfriend who he had said had a thing for teenage males. Debi knew of a certain 16 year-old blond that would jerk him off if the price was right.

We can work out the rest of the details.


PM me I'd like to play this out with you if your interested.
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