The Trouble with Bodyguards (F for M)

Started by Sampais Wrath, April 16, 2022, 09:34:19 AM

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Sampais Wrath

Unfortunately the original of this game was abandon, but I'm not ready to let these plans just die so I'm hoping someone would like to repurpose them with me. I'd absolutely love to reuse my character, Lynde, and bring her squad into this though I'm absolutely happy to work with anyone to make the plans into something fun for the both of us. I do not expect anyone to just pick up the other characters and continue on where it dropped. That's not fair to you to take the choice of your own characters away.

The basic premise of the game was he's a prince (though realistically could be anyone in a position where a guard would be beneficial) and she's his guard. She's saved him a few times and there's been some sexual tension between them. They end up stranded in the middle of nowhere and with nothing else to do but try to survive and talk to each other while her old squad mates and his top advisor work together to find them and bring them home. Falling to the stress they give in to some carnal desires and a bit after they've made it home she has the first missed period along with the morning sickness. Panic ensues as his reputation could be ruined by having a child out of wedlock with his employee and clearly she shouldn't be doing such a dangerous job while pregnant. Before they can decide what to do and have her step down another attack occurs and she steps in to protect him, being heavily injured in the process. She's rushed to a hospital and the trauma causes her to miscarry. She pulls through but is told she needs to retire from her position. The two big events have brought them much closer together and they decide to start a much more romantic relationship and try to have another child, after all he needs an heir to his throne someday. Her old squad takes up the mantle of their personal security, assisting with her recovery and care of her while she's pregnant. It wasn't discussed but I do see a marriage between them if for no other reason than protecting his reputation.
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