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Started by WittyNameHere, April 08, 2022, 02:33:08 AM

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Hello everyone, My name is Wittynamehere, feel free to call me Witty of course!

I am looking for roleplays if that isn't obvious enough from the thread of course, when it comes to post lengths it varies, I usually shall go with whatever the partner wants or is okay with, paragraphs or a few lines, I'm fine with it as long as the roleplay keeps going. However I try to keep to at least one paragraph minimum but a few shorter posts are fine every now and then.

Next, on to a few things before messaging me for roleplay, first of all No ditching, please, if you lose interest or decide not to keep roleplaying for whatever reason, let me know, sure it may be disappointing but honestly I'd rather know than wait a week and wonder if everything is okay. Plus I'll respect you more than people who don't respond or ignore any attempts to check if things are alright thinking it's easier to just ignore than to simply say you lost interest in the roleplay.

When it comes to the types of roleplays, I am looking for more plot and story focused at the moment, but I know there will be smut involved at some point with a lot of these so I have just a couple of limits and that is no incest whatsoever, and nothing to do with feces, gore, vore or anything too extreme in that sense either. Also no characters under the age of 21 at all for me.

I have mostly preferred to do PM roleplays in the past, but am not opposed to threads.

Keeping short and sweet here and just going to get to the pairings and options, I'll make the thread fancy later.

All settings are able to be M/F or F/F

Emma Frost x OC?
I don't have a plot more than a basic outline of things, Emma Frost meets a new mutant at the school she takes a special interest in, for what reason up for discussion I suppose, whether the mutant is immune to her telepathic abilities or something else gets her attention she decides to take him/her for special training and one thing leads to another.

Again it's a basic outline if you have any ideas let me know! I'm not very keen on playing canon characters but I'll give it a try if it's a F/F roleplay but if it's M/F Would like to be the New Mutant.

Meet your new... Wife?! (F/F)
Your character is bored one night, and decides to just have some fun on filling out a 'perfect bride' on a website where buying a wife is an option, but that is all it had been, for fun. But as your character backs out of the page the power goes out for whatever reason, but what wasn't known is that a glitch occurred and the order had been made.

Then about a week later, your character comes home from work, or school, whichever to find that their spare key under the mat had been missing, opening the door they check if someone had robbed the apartment only to find someone's bags in the living room, and from the bathroom walks out a Russian woman, who fits the exact description of your character's perfect woman that they had 'ordered' a week before. The question is now, do you send the woman on her way or give in to the temptation of having your perfect woman as your new 'wife'?

(This wasn't a idea originally by me, but I like it a lot and it's a fun one to do, the details are definitely flexible)

Secret Society (FxF)
MC is just having a night after work in a nightclub, just trying to unwind when she's approached by a attractive woman, who starts to talk her up, the two get very friendly and MC really wants to get to know her better. It's not long after they start seeing each other that she's a part of this group that she's not really allowed to talk about. However she says that if MC is willing to join she'd more than likely enjoy it, MC is tempted, and eventually decides to join unaware of just what she was actually joining.

So It's a vague idea that came to mind, and it could end up being a lot of different things, could be a BDSM club and she signs up to be the woman's submissive or slave, up for discussion of course. I am aiming for this to be a story of MC finding out something new to help spice up her boring work life in a way.

Getting on the wrong ship
My character is the heir of a powerful shipping company, but he/she is not interested in it in the slightest. The thought of being an heir is so boring to him/her, so he/she boards a ship thinking it's one of his father's overnight, thinking that it'll take him/her somewhere and he/she would be able to have an adventure, maybe run away who knows? But as the daylight approaches and the ship makes it way out of the bay, he/she finds that it's a ship full of female pirates, one thought to be a myth until now.

(Traditional, Steampunk or Futuristic settings )

Mass Effect (Really Wanting)
Going Rogue?
Set in an Alternate universe from the games, but the characters are still known. After Saren had been stopped, there had been a small influx of Human Spectre's who had joined the ranks. A few years later, after everything had rebuilt however, strange attacks had been noticed on colonies, but the only thing that had been seen is that days before the attacks, a Human Spectre's ship had been in the area. The council has no other choice but to assume he is the cause without any evidence otherwise and find they need someone to go fetch this potential rogue Spectre.

Your Character is the one that is chosen, (you choose the race) and is given a crew and a ship to go find the rogue Spectre (My Character) to bring him back for questioning, What is unknown is that there is something stranger involved, and with Shepard and his crew already on a mission in other parts, it'll be up to this new Spectre's crew to stop it.

Multiple Character to be played by both sides on this one, Story focused.

Bioshock (Really Wanting)
Your Character finds their way to Rapture after the cruise ship they were on sinks, and stumbles upon the horrible shape that the city has been left in and has to explore and survive in the new city that has Splicers and other threats around every turn. Eventually they stumble into mine and the two start to work together to try to either make the best of living, or figure a way out. (Basic idea, any suggestions on how to improve it welcome!)

World of Vampires
In the year 2129, vampires all over the world took over in a hostile way, attacking humans and just overall overpowering the unsuspecting world who had still thought they were nothing but stories. Now the year is 2145, and the vampires have ruled over the world quite comfortably sometime over the years they had figured out how to block out the sun so the world was in eternal night, making it that much more difficult for mortals who were still on the run, hiding to keep their freedom to be able to do so as they no longer had daytime on their side.

MC Is a mortal on the run who had been somehow able to run from the vampires the entire 16 years that the vampires had been ruling the world, for a reason unknown to those other than the higher ups at the worlds largest vampire run corporation, he is on the most wanted list, and he is hunted relentlessly. One day he is finally caught in an ambush and dragged to an auction where he is sold to a feeding house where he is put up for sale, but what is all the fuss about this one mortal? (More details to be told in PMs if interested)

Silent Hill (I will praise you forever)
A man sat in the chair of the interrogation room, he had short black hair, dark green eyes and a pale complexion. If he stood he would be about 6'1, his hoodie looked like it had been through quite a bit, as did his jeans and his dirt covered boots. The mans hands cuffed to the table as he waited for the cop to return, his eyes focused in front of him as he was trying to figure out what happened... how did he get here? 

The door opened as a officer with red hair entered the room, the name 'Tavish' on his jacket, he moved to sit down once the door was shut behind him setting down a folder that had been in his hands staring at the man that had been waiting. "Alexei Jones" The man's light raspy voice had said as he looked to the handcuffed man across from him, to which he had lifted his head to look at him, the dark circles under his eyes making him look like he hadn't slept in weeks.

"I don't understand... you had just gotten out of a very sticky situation, spent years in prison only to finally be proven innocent... and yet you go back and murder the guys wife?" The officer asked, looking up to Alexei.

"I didn't do it" Alexei whispered, seeming very tired, his voice deep, filled with a tone of annoyance. "I don't know how many times that I have to fucking tell you this"

"You were the only one there Alexei, she called said you were trying to kill Mrs. Schmidt" The officer replied, a stern look in his eyes.

"Well she was fucking fine when I left! She was angry at me because of my involvement in her husbands death yes but she was ALIVE" Alexei shouted slamming his fists against the table, shaking the empty coffee cup and knocking it over onto the table.

"Then tell me, if you're innocent, how did that knife end up in her fucking chest?" Officer Tavish said standing up and putting his hands on the table, glaring down at Alexei, who now sat there, silent, his eyes locked onto the officers with a look of defeat.

"I...I don't know" He whispered once again before his eyes drifted back toward the table, once again asking himself... how did it come to this?

He remembered talking, helping out around the house for a bit as she seemed to be fine with him and forgiving, then he remembered the Mrs. Schmidt yelling at him, blaming him even though he had no involvement, then he walked out of the house to find police pulling up and shouting at him to get on his knees, the cold metal cuffs latching onto his wrists as officers swarned the house, and the news that she was inside on the floor, dead...  The only question was how, but in a panic he had started to run, having managed to escape for hours running through forests until finally they had gotten him.

"I'm going to ask you one more time, why did you do it Alexei?" Tavish asked again, only to get that same look as if he had no idea what he was talking about.

"I don't... I don't know" he repeated...
I am really wanting to do a Silent Hill roleplay, an original setting so none of the main characters from the games unless they are being mentioned in lore i.e newspapers or come across something of theirs like Harry's notepads(save points) where he left notes in the carnival, things like that. I am wanting original characters that have their own backgrounds and are in Silent Hill for a reason unique to them.

My character is a man going back to prison, as the scene above previews that something has happened and he's accused of murder, but he doesn't know how Mrs. Schmidt met her demise, and since he has no alibi he is sentenced to prison, and as he's being transported they pass by Silent Hill of all places just as Alexei falls asleep in his seat, when suddenly the transport is totally empty, parked on the side of the road as Alexei wakes up, his hands uncuffed, and all around him is nothing but fog.

When it comes to the story, characters etc. I want it to be known up front that I want this to be completely story focused, a romance may form between the two main characters but unless the story really goes to a point where a sex scene would happen, I'm not planning on any sex, so apologies if you were coming in hoping for more smut involved. The characters would find themselves suddenly in Silent Hill separately, and after some posts on finding their way around and dealing with whatever horrors they find on their own they'll meet up and we go from there .

Now there's no real linear structure for this in the sense of I do not have every detail planned out on what the characters are going to be going through, or what their end goal is other than to find a way out of the town of course all the while finding out why they are there, so some brainstorming will be needed. Another reason for the brainstorming would be that I'd love to hear any ideas from you on how to make the time in Silent Hill even more horrifying for our two characters.

If there is any romance that happens, we are able to decide beforehand if we want the roleplay to be M/F or F/F


Thank you for taking the time to read this and hope someone is interested!
Of all these pieces of broken dreams
There's one that scares and confuses me
If all these things that you say are true
You should be someone I always knew

Human's need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape.


Of all these pieces of broken dreams
There's one that scares and confuses me
If all these things that you say are true
You should be someone I always knew

Human's need fantasy to be human. To be the place where the falling angel meets the rising ape.