Holly's New RP Ideas [MUL]

Started by Holly, April 07, 2009, 05:01:57 PM

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Lust For Blood
When an innocent human is foolish enough to leave her curtains and window open during a hot summers night, her sweet scent attracts the attention of a Vampire. Following his nose he follows the trail to her window and watches from afar; soon she becomes to object of his obsession. The Vampire finds the courage within him to sneak into her room and win her over in a seductive manner. Once he has her wrapped around his finger with his overwhelming charm in comes the chance to bit her and once his venom sinks in, she is tied to Vampire and will bend to his every will.

Revenge Is Sweet...
Setting Victorian London/Somewhere historical:
When a wealthy lord is angered by one of his employees he threatens the male with the thought of him being sacked. Losing his job will leave he and his family homeless and on the streets. He begs the lord to give him one more chance but he refuses. That is until he meets his employees daughter.
The lord blackmails the man. In return for his daughter to come work for him as his maid he agrees to let him keep his job. Although once she arrives, she realises that there is much more in store than simple cleaning.


Definitely interested in Revenge is Sweet. I haven't really roleplayed in a Victorian setting, so any pointers you can offer would be handy.