Mislaid Plans [NC-H] (reversed kidnap, femdom, forced feminization)

Started by kylie, April 07, 2009, 02:12:53 AM

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Title up for review.  So are the names.
I'd like to run Julio, or whatever name. 
As will become apparent, it's likely to be changed anyway.


Lana is just one of the girls...  Again.

She has always liked power, and she has tried it...
Lana is sick of playing with power.
Men have paid her to worship her, to be sissified by her, to be smacked and to hear humiliating words from her.
But!  It was all just a game. 
They can pay for an hour, stand for an afternoon.  And then, they would go back to their boring ways.

Lana is tired of games.  She is tired of having playdoh power.
She was tired of her girlfriends making oh-so-measured jokes about her "hobby business."
So, she has come back to them, for good.

There is more real power in dressing up in colorful summer tops and sandals,
going to the mall together and laughing at the men as they oogle.
She and her friends make coy faces at the men, never giving them a real chance.
Sometimes, they go out on ladies night and buy sex - simple sex, sex to order.
No more games. 

It is different, but this is power.  Real power.
She has already stored the toys and sold most of the restraints.
Time to grow up and move on.

Now lots of macho young men want Lana
She amuses herself a bit twisting them all around her little finger. 
Getting more and more, never giving quite what they want.
Let them work.  Let them hope for some slut dream that
would allow them to complete the chase.


Julio has seen a certain hot young woman out on the town with her friends.
He hasn't flirted with her.

Julio does not flirt.  He does not chase.  He waits. 
He follows.  He prepares.

He comes to learn that Lana lives just a few blocks away.
He realizes which friends of his friends are still chasing her tail,
hoping to prove their boasts of manliness on her forbidden teasing fruit.

Julio will not be forbidden.
He will play another game.
He assembles pieces: restraints, fetish and slutwear, rape drug and injections to feminize --
to make a girl more curvy, more dizzy, more... "girl" for him.
He prepares a room not far from either of their lives.
A room isolated, contained and controlled with simple but effective means.

One day, Lana does not come home from the mall on time.
She has disappeared.  Julio is beginning to live his dream.
He begins to tell Lana how she will become his dream, his perfect slave.
Lana hates Julio's dream. 
A life with no power, as his toy, changed, perhaps shared with his piggish friends.


A mistake.
Lana gets free.
Free, in this place.
With these means Julio has assembled.
With Julio unsuspecting.

This is power.
Now, Julio's dream might come true -- for Lana...

New Plans

Lana can proceed to restrain, train and feminize Julio using basically the same plans he had for her.

I'd like her to at least partially modify his body (produce a decidedly feminine look, most likely with breasts from the injections and something - maybe much - more). 

Think well-equipped supply closet, maybe exaggerated for the story but not sheer magic.

I also have a good deal of forced dressing and sexual discipline in mind.  Presumably Lana can settle back toward her dominating instincts.  She can enjoy doing it after he made clear his interest in her body and in subduing her will.  Meanwhile, the outside world is so close but just not quite accessible.

I'm looking for a mid-range but excitable lady character here.  Not too light, not psycho.  But happy to take revenge and not one to stop short of getting control over the long run.  Depending on the character mix, it may get empathic and eventually, partly but not 100% romantic.

Some pain play is okay for fear/humiliation effect, but not the main way of this one.

Later on, she may even bring in their mutual acquaintances to add to her fun.

Some usual details.

Prefer full-time ladies to play Lana, particularly to develop and play up feminization aspects a little
("bio"-ladies or perhaps full-time trans,
but please not hyper-"queen" style story ideas nor genital-first fixations from either)

Milder X-rated at most; possible fades to black here and there.
A good few lines to few paragraphs, depending on content, 2-4 times/week generally. 
No one- or two-liners, etc.
Can consider play (or plan) by IM (Yahoo, webchat or IRC)

General questions here; proposals by PM please.
A plus if you have something to add to the characters or a nifty setting while basically, consistent with the above.