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April 01, 2023, 02:52:27 am

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Author Topic: ActionOrrery's Partner Search (MxF, Incest, Sub/Dom, BDSM)  (Read 450 times)

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ActionOrrery's Partner Search (MxF, Incest, Sub/Dom, BDSM)
« on: March 15, 2022, 04:32:09 am »
Hello, there! I'm ActionOrrery! Thanks so much for taking a look at my one on one thread! I am currently looking for a roleplay partner for my plot ideas below.

I can typically post multiple times per day, and will always try to post at least once each day. I'm most available during late nights PST. I am hoping for a partner that matches this, but it is by no means a requirement.

I prefer to play over PMs, or over Telegram. But, I can do forums also if that is your preference.


-Romance! I do appreciate a romance. Even an unhealthy one. Some amount of actual attraction makes it more fun and interesting. A twisted or possessive type of love makes the relationship interesting.

-Setting! I am mostly in the mood for a fantasy setting at the moment, but could be convinced into modern or other time periods. I do tend to keep the ideas rather vague at this point so that we may build a more detailed plot together and so that you may inject your own ideas and creativity into it.

-Your Ideas!  I am always happy to hear your thoughts and suggestions. I would love to hear what you are craving if you would like to inject something else into the ideas I have shared below.


Long Live the Prince:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is a Mother/Son incest plot between a Queen and the Prince. I see this plot being something sweet and romantic, or as a sub/dom plot. Or maybe a bit of both!

The King has died. Much to the upset of no one. He was an incompetent and decadent man who practically ran the coffers dry. Now, his son, the Prince, is soon to take the throne after a period of training and preparation for him to take on the role of King. The Queen, long concerned for the state of the kingdom is certain her son can and will be a much better ruler, and she intends to make certain that happens.

She decides to take his education into her own hands and the time together begins to develop into something much more. Perhaps in her attempts to ignite his passion to be a strong and commanding King, she also ignites a dominant side of him that she finds herself submitting to. Or, perhaps it is a much sweeter story. A warm and tender romance between mother and son. Or, perhaps it is s bit of both?

I would also forever love a partner who would want to try a Femdom variation of this plot.

Cinderella's Corruption (TAKEN):

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is a plot of domination, humiliation, and corruption in the vein of a twisted fairy tail. The plot example I have here is largely inspired by Cinderella. I will take on the role of the Wicked Stepfather who has taken over "Cinderella's" home and life.

At first he forces her to become a servant. Endless cooking and cleaning as though she were a common serving girl. But then it starts to become a whole lot more. Degrading talk. Humiliating outfits. Inappropriate touch. Then he starts to take it out into the public. First it's merely a collar when walking through the streets. But what about when he wants her wearing a leash to the ball? It's all so terrible and humiliating at first. But then eventually... Perhaps she begins to enjoy it as the corruption of her innocence progresses?[/s]

Cinderella's Corruption (Alternate):

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I would absolutely adore you if this is a plot that you would be willing to play out with me. I so very rarely get to play out the submissive male in a Femdom plot and would be eternally grateful if you would explore these themes of feminization with me.You would play the role of the Wicked Stepmother, taking over the home of a handsome young lord whom she makes into her servant.

Much like the Cinderella plot above, he would begin his new life as a servant. Working tirelessly to serve her every whim. But then she begins to make some changes. Turning our young lord into her own Cinderella. Making slow changes to feminize him. He's pretty enough to be a girl, why shouldn't he be one? It would start in the home, making him a pretty little playtoy before she starts to take him out into public. Eventually, she desires to present him at the royal ball. A proper feminized boy that she has humiliated and corrupted into place. Would she try to hide who he is behind pretty dresses and makeup? Or would she ensure everyone knows exactly who he is?

Brotherking, Sisterqueen:

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is a dark fantasy incest plot between a pair of twins who are a Prince and Princess.

In a dark kingdom, a powerful and evil, aging King has decided that the time has for his children to begin their rites that would allow them to take the throne upon his death. To keep bloodlines pure and to not deny either of his twins their birthright, it has been decided that they will marry each other and rule as King and Queen together.

The twins are put through rigorous training and education and are being forced to spend every moment together so that they may learn to bond as a King and Queen should. The pain and difficulty of this training under their cruel father and his lords drives them to find comfort in each other in a much deeper way than they thought they would. They not only bond emotionally, but they also find ways to release the pain and stress of their difficult lives through a sub/dom bdsm relationship. Perhaps having to marry each other wouldn't be the worst thing about all of this?


Popular Brother/Emo Sister

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This is a very simple plot idea that I thought would be fun to play out. An erotic, drama-filled, but kinda cute slice-of-life/school story of a popular jock brother and an unpopular emo/scene sister who have to hide their relationship from the world.. I would love to work out what ends up bringing these two together, changing them from bickering siblings to lovers in a secret romance.



Ideas in this vein are exactly what I am looking for, and I would love to hear any other plots or ideas you might have for incest, sub/dom, humiliation, corruption, femdom, and feminization. If there are other fantasy or fairy tale ideas that you would like to share, or changes you would like to make to the above plots, please let me know! Feel free to use my Ons/Offs below to add something new to the story if you would like!

Please PM me as I will not be monitoring the thread.

Please check back now and then as I add new ideas! I am always looking!

Femdom (Gentle and otherwise)
Non-Con/Dubious Con
Power Dynamics
Oral (giving and receiving)
Sneaky sex
Under the table
Romance (Healthy or unhealthy)
Gender role reversal
Dirty talk

Sexualized Gore
Bathroom stuff
Chastity devices
Genital torture