Lights In The Sky - Alien Abduction F lf M - Extreme

Started by Klio Darque, March 14, 2022, 12:02:24 PM

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Klio Darque

Hey E, thought I’d throw this out and see if there was any interest

Lights In The Sky

Pairing: M/F
Level: Extreme.
Themes Alien abduction. Forced nudity, Mind control, Sex, Survival horror

Two humans, one female (MC) and one male (YC) wake up. Both are naked and semi cocooned in some sort of gooey sticky material. Neither knows each other. The chamber they’re in is mostly dark, with more of the gooey stuff on the floor and walls. The pair manage to get out of their cocoons, at which point lights suddenly come on above their heads and they hear a multitude of strange sounds, following which they suddenly feel an irresistible urge to fuck each other.

They have both been abducted by aliens who use mind control to force humans to fuck each other while the (unseen) aliens observe (could be an experiment, could simply be for entertainment). However our characters soon realize that once the aliens lose interest in them they are destined for a bad ending (maybe the find the corpse of a previous victim in their chamber?) so have to try and escape.

A full list of my ons and offs is linked below, but basically I like to push things and have a fairly high tolerance when it comes to extremes. For this story I’d like to concentrate on the themes of survival horror and mind control with a sort of Outer Limits / Twilight Zone feel to it. I’m not looking for a Dom / sub relationship between the two human characters - they would just be two total strangers who need to work together to try and survive. I’m not against some sort of bad ending - I mean, realistically, what are their chances of escaping from an alien space ship that’s in outer space - but it’s not essential.

I prefer writing via the threads here as opposed to any other mediums and am looking for someone who enjoys writing multi paragraph responses. For this story I’d be looking for a male character but don’t mind what gender the writer is.Please PM if interested in discussing. To be clear, while I’m fine with the aliens being some sort of oozing pulsing mass of teeth and tentacles / insectoid / reptilian / whatever I’m not really looking for alien / creature sex - while there will absolutely be the sex in the story, it would be between the two human characters.