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Started by Irilinquent, March 10, 2022, 06:13:53 AM

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Hi! As stated in the title, this will be a weird little idea based on Netflix's reality dating show, Love Is Blind.
I've watched Season 1 of the US version and Season 1 of the Japan version and am a huge fan because it's not often you have a reality romance show that does such a good job at portraying love and does not devolve into drama or lust too quickly, if at all.

For the uninitiated, click below for a run down of the series:
Run Down

The series is divided into a few stages.
The Pod Stage
Male and female contestants are separated, and all electronic devices are removed from their possessions. In a separate section, there are these comfy rooms called Pods. Each pod can only be occupied by one contestant, and here, they can have conversations with another person in the other Pod. In this way, they cannot see the other person, but can only hear their voice and speak to them to get to know them. In each of the first two days, each male contestant must speak to each female contestant once. After that, either male or female contestants can request to speak to the contestants they like the most so far and get to know them better.

By the end of two weeks, or earlier if they should so choose, one contestant can ask another to get engaged to them. If a contestant does not get engaged by the end of this stage, the show is over for them. Engaged contestants get to see each other for the first time in a set similar to the one in the banner above.

The Getaway Stage
Engaged couples go off on a nice  two-week long getaway, typically a nice vacation to some beautiful scenic spot where they can get to know each other better. It should be noted that at any point, they can end the relationship and leave the show.

The Stay-together Stage
The couples are provided a house that they must live together in for a month. Typically, during this stage, the contestants can start returning to work. This is also typically the stage that couples introduce their new partner to their friends or parents and seek their approval.

A wedding is held for the engaged couples at the end of this two month long journey and they are given a final chance to say no and get out of the relationship or say yes and get married.

I really love the series because I think it is such a great and meaningful concept. A lot of other dating shows tend to revolve around physical appearance, whereas this show encourages getting to know someone's past and goals for their future through nothing more than their words.

If it isn't clear by now, I hope to emulate, in writing here, the journey of a pair of contestants who wind up married through this show. I would like to encapsulate the vulnerability of having to open up yourself to another person, the excitement of falling in love, the nerves of facing such a huge decision in one's life in such an unconventional way.

I most certainly am okay with adding some of our own twists to the series, if so desired, but I am also okay with keeping it simple and true to the core of the series. Naturally, because I know that the span of this series can cover a lot of tedium, even in the questions they ask each other (like what do you do for a living, how much do you earn, etc), we can employ liberal use of time skips to hit only the interesting moments.

I shan't say too much here, so as not to waste anyone's time reading, but if you're keen, please drop me a PM!