Corrupt Me! (M/F, F/F, open to all)

Started by LostInTheMist, February 24, 2022, 01:55:13 PM

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So I'm getting a bit of a submissive vibe again, and this always leads me looking for some stories. Usually I prowl the boards, ask a few people who never get back to me, and wind up missing out. Or I get suddenly busy and things fizzle. But I'm out of season now, I've got another long break coming up, and I'm hoping maybe I can get something going on this. This is going to just be a list of pairings. The situation and story are all up for negotiation. I will help out, of course.

Just a few rules:
1) I'm going to be playing the character to be corrupted. She will be a submissive female, who will start off naive, or otherwise pure, and your character, male or female, should corrupt her into the most depraved slut she can be, possibly working to corrupt other girls.
2) I want the stories to be feel-good for my character. Reward her with sex, don't punish her needlessly, don't torture her. She's not going to be a pain slut, as that doesn't do anything for me.
3) Depravity requires that you be okay with Anal. Sorry. That's a must for me for this. (I'll listen if you want to try to convince me otherwise.)
4) There will be some fandoms down below. All characters would be OCs. I don't play canon characters.
5) Ideas can be combined. If you have an idea that isn't on the list contact me. And via PM, please. I won't be watching this thread.

In all cases, corrupter is first, corruptee (MC, always F) is second. All these without a listed gender can be M/F or F/F.


Teacher or Professor/Student
Other Faculty/Student

Slice of Life:
Porn Producer/Actress or Model or Athlete
Older Neighbor/Younger Girl

Evil Nobleman/Princess
Dark Knight/Princess

Science Fiction:
Ship's Captain/Junior Officer
Defective Clone/Original
Wealthy Elite/Poor Girl ("Altered Carbon" [Cyberpunk genre, not game] Flavored Society)
Alien Invader/Human Recruit
Alien/Human Breeder

Supernatural: (The Genre, not the show)
Evil, not-Broody Vampire/Hunter
Priestess of Lust/Priestess of Purity

Star Wars: Criminal/Senator
Star Wars: Sith/Jedi
Star Trek TNG/DS9/VOY Timeline: Ship's Captain/Junior Officer
Stormlight Chronicle: Minion of Odium/Alethi Noblewoman
Dragon Age: Templar/Mage
Dragon Age: Elf Slave/Human Noble
Code Geass: Britannian Noble/Britannian Commoner
Code Geass: Britannian/11 or other Area

If any of these strike your fancy, please PM me and let ke know which one or ones interest you, plus maybe a basic rundown of any thoughts you might have as to plot.
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