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Started by Daeva, February 17, 2022, 01:24:34 PM

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Guidelines, Manners, and Civility

If you have any questions, please contact a staff member for clarification.

If you are an Applicant...

Unapproved members are unable to post in the following Boards:
One and One/Solo Roleplays Wanted
Group Requests: GMs/Groups seeking Players
Group Requests: Players seeking GM/Groups

You must be an Approved Member to participate in roleplays containing adult content. If you wish to coordinate a non-adult roleplay with another Member or Applicant, please do so in the Non-Adult Roleplay Requests forum.

For more information about becoming an approved member, please read this sticky.

Members, please be sure to not post contact information in the above mentioned boards.

To Request Roleplays over IMs, IRC, and/or virtual tabletop...

For off-site roleplays taking place over an instant messenger, GoogleDocs, Skype, IRC, or another medium such as other forums, virtual tabletop (OpenRPG, etc.) please use the Non-Forum Roleplay Requests forum.

Notes: The Non-Forum Roleplay Requests is not visible to applicants and is the only board in the left hand column of Elliquiy where it is safe to post your contact information for RolePlay purposes.

Please be aware that offsite RP must still comply with Elliquiy's rules.  Should you need to report a rules violation, we require unaltered screenshots.

Images In Posts

This area is PG13!

If an image displays genitalia, or a sexual act you must link to it and clearly tag or label it as not safe for work (nsfw) appropriately. Putting it in a spoiler tag is not sufficient.

All images must be adults of 18 or older. This includes photos, drawings, and CGI images.

Elliquiy staff reserves the right to request and enforce the removal of inappropriate images.

The Civility of Bumping

Here at Elliquiy, we frown on the bumping cultures often found on other RP sites. Bumping something to the top is more likely to get you skipped over than letting it stay in its natural space on the page. Every time you bump your thread you are unfairly forcing other members' threads off the front page. The more you persist in such tactics the more your name becomes synonymous with poor manners.

Bumping is a disservice to yourself and to others. If you are having difficulty finding roleplays, feel free to ask for help in the Help! Forum.

Members may make one non-substantive post per month to two active request threads in the Adult Solos forum and to two active request threads in Non-Forum Requests.

A substantive post may be posted once per week (every seven days). Having multiple plots in a request thread is encouraged, as this allows all of those plots to be brought before potential partners!  If the same thread is in both Solos and Non-Forum, we recommend cross-linking them, with something like 'If you prefer to write on [the forums/Discord], [ url=other thread ]I'm fine with that![ /url ]' This bumps both options with one post.

As always, request threads can be linked in your signature, which puts them in front of potential partners every day!

Examples of a substantive post:

  • Plot A has been added to the list of new plots.
  • Plot B has been expanded with new information on character ideas and backstory.
  • A new section called Picture Plots was added.

Please be sure to list the changes made in the substantive post if you added the new information to a previous post so potential partners know what is new.

Staff does not have much time to patrol the request boards, and if you make a non-substantive bump before the one month limit it will be deleted without warning.

Examples of non-substantive posts are:

  • Bump.
  • Updated.
  • I have some free time.
  • Picture added.
  • Modified a profile.
  • Plot is taken.

If we find that you are deleting your request thread and re-posting it, your thread will be locked, and you may lose your posting privileges in the request boards for a time.

For those of you that want to keep your request threads tidy, you may delete old 'bump' posts that are more than 60 days old.

How many threads may I have?

You may have no more than two active request threads per forum. If we find more than two threads, staff will lock or remove the oldest one. Please make sure that each thread contains unique plots. You may not have two threads with the same ideas listed.

We consider threads that are two months or less from their last substantive post to be 'active'. A substantive post introduces a new idea or plot of some sort to the thread.

When closing a request thread, please do so by editing the title of the first post. Making a new post to close a thread brings your post to the top of the forum just to say that it is no longer active, and pushes down threads that are still actively seeking partners.

Again, if you need something clarified, you should contact a staff member with your inquiry. :-)

Thank you for your time!

More, thank you for saving our time!

Mostly, thank you for the respect you show others when making requests.
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