Master(s), slaves

Started by Dani, April 05, 2009, 01:18:00 PM

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I would like to do a rolepla between a cruel master, an obedient and loving slave, and his newer rebellious slave.

I kinda want to be the obedient one, because it's not something I usually do.

I'm willing to add more of either type of slave, or even if we want there to be two masters with separate slaves.

please, pm me if you're interested.


your planning for this to be a group game?


I'd love to play the master in your story.

It would be fitting to use a faithful and obedient slave to help break the will of a new upstart and teach them just how to please me.

I'm brand new to Elliquly (so you won't find much about me here yet) but please PM me if you're interested.

- H