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Started by Noblesse Oblige, December 25, 2021, 06:53:26 PM

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Noblesse Oblige

I'm re-submitting a request for some hentai-esque RP ideas I have! I do like to have at least some story but I tried to keep these vague enough for anyone to come in and alter, change or flip any aspects they want! I do like detailed posts and imagery which I certainly give back ten-fold. I also have a list of canon ideas from established series I'm interested in if you're more into those. I'm very OOC friendly so please don't be afraid to message me! Female applicants only!

1.) Desires of the flesh and all things lewd or deemed "sexy" has become taboo in a utopia that felt the need to enforce censorship to the extreme. Of course, carnal desires cannot so easily be ignored! A resistance group dedicated for the eradication of these obsurd laws known as "Ardor" have taken it upon themselves to re-ignite the innate lust that lies dormant within the people of the seemingly "perfect" city. Perhaps even to the one behind all this in the process. Either one of our protagonists could be the leader of Ardor whilst the other one is living with these rules and begin to realize how absurdly backed up their lust is after being unable to vent it for so long.

2.) A college graduate has just secretly invented a pheromone that makes any woman incredibly horny at the simple touch or feel of this substance. Using that material, he makes a fake I.D card to roam around and plow women left and right all over the city. This RP could technically be never ending as he would wake up ready to find another girl or the roles could be switched. Your character could be the scientist and so on.

3.) Being an erotic manga artist, my protagonist is having severe writer's block and can't seem to get any new work done for his publishers as of late since moving to his new apartment in Osaka. Luckily, he finds his new roommate to be the most curvaceous woman ever conceived. Your protagonist could either be a fan of his works and find out who he is and help him with his dilemma etc.

4.) The incubus prince of the Carnal Luxuria netherworld has descended onto Earth after a battle against a group of heroines that desire to drain him of his life force via sexual intercourse, the demon lord now looking to regain his power and create an army to reclaim all that he had lost. Your protagonist could be a succubus from his netherworld that wishes to find him again or be a human with special abilities etc.

5.) Your protagonist gets onto a subway that is infamous for a groper that sexually harasses voluptuous young women and comes into contact with him, the man actually being an incredibly handsome young man. Your character could become addicted to the rush of him ravaging her in the midst of many people, simply be infatuated with the man himself etc.

6.) A young athlete becomes physically wounded after almost obtaining first place in a national competition and is placed in a hospital where he meets a certain nurse that seems to be incredibly seductive. Her "treatments" become more alluring and provocative with every time they see each other until it leads to a secret relationship they hide from others but enjoy the danger of getting caught.

7.) Think of the most inviting and warm tropical island within the middle of nowhere far from any modern city and fill it with multiple tribes of different types of outrageously attractive anthros that were taught to only mingle with their own race and only observe the others from afar. Our protagonists, however, could ultimately break that cycle with a painfully obvious attraction towards one another by innocent glances turning into sex-crazed seductions which leads to many passionate poundings in secret whilst the moon is full. This could spearhead a force of separation of our lovers where more main characters from other clans are introduced and begin following their example, starting a trend that eventually unifies the clans into one. I'm leaving what type of anthros since I think it would be fun to discuss which ones we would love to place on the island.

8.) A high elf whom yearned to become a teacher has been casted out of his cathedral due to giving all the women within the church sinful thoughts from how attractive he is, the poor virgin leaving to continue his studies within a lonely shack outside the village. Going out to gather the local flora and fauna for his research, he finds a young woman that possesses a body that could not be rivaled and completely naked within the forest with a chain leash around her neck and looking completely exhausted. Taking her in, he learns that she has escaped from a brothel within the lands mostly consistent of dark elves and, in fact, being one herself. You could have her test his chastity with her constant offerings of her body in the most raunchy of ways to thank him as the two fall in love or she could be more tsundere like and act like he's meddling while being just as obsessed with him as he is with her, etc.

9.) Everything's a is a drag, divorce is a drag and simply breathing and blinking at the same time seemed like a chore. This is the mentality of my heart broken protagonist that is going through hard times in his life, always living by a mental schedule of thought out daily rituals that now seemed mundane after finding himself alone in his small studio apartment. Wanting to try something impulsive for once, he decides to click on a random pop up that advertised a site consisting of "Hot and Dirty Babes" and turning on his webcam to find your protagonist whom could have any sort of reason to have tried the site as well (Maybe she collects tips from the site to strip and tease people to keep them returning to the site or perhaps simply wanted to try something new as well, and so on) where the two start to hit it off and make seeing each other on the website an almost daily thing with idle chat always ending with them furiously masturbating on camera which only edges on their desires more. The twist could be that she lives right next door and always just miss each other or she could actually be his touch and seemingly cold-hearted boss at his job which could make for great drama~

10.) A young man from a previously destroyed ship and crew is looking to start his life anew and become a Captain of his own vessel! The idea seems far-fetched after having very little possessions on him after the wreckage but, favor being rather fortuitous to the bold, the handsome lad encounters an impossibly alluring Siren whom offers him an old yet powerful ship in exchange for a night of passionate love making. Feeling like this was a "win/win" situation, he gladly accepts only to have a bomb dropped on him after the two are panting and sweating atop the very same ship she promised him. The ship is owned by a vengeful spirit and is looking to shackle as many people to it as possible, purposely only going after very attractive people to further entice more to join. After getting over the fact that she had tricked him, the two could hatch a plan to seduce enough people onto the ship for a lewd act of mutiny against the phantom! This RP could simply end after they thwart the specter or we could continue the shenanigans across the seas <3

11.) Years of perfecting the art of war has risen into the progression of science and technology till now those enlisted into warfare are trained and suited up in armored mechs known as "Arma"s. Many people now live not only on Earth but in space colonies known as "Habitable Orbiting Microcosmic Ecosystems", or HOMEs for short. My protagonist is a child soldier whom has grown into a young man practically born inside his specialized Arma named "Calamity Mk.I". We could either have your protagonist be a high ranking new pilot that my protagonist is tasked to train and the two have VERY lewd ideas of training or perhaps our protagonists could be rival pilots in different factions but when the fighting is over, the two secretly meet up for a raunchy forbidden love making where drama could ensue should they get caught, etc.

12.) One of our protagonists' lives has been on a roller-coaster ride that they desperately needed to get off of. With that in mind, they decided to use their savings to buy a big RV and simply go traveling from country to country to do a little soul searching. From there, the next protagonist could be found recently homeless and after quite the naughty encounter, could end up joining for the vacation filled adventure. For this idea, I would like for us to develop a number of people for them to meet and even choose to go with them for all sorts of characterization and smutty opportunities~

13.) What does obsession look like? Your protagonist takes the same route from work/school/etc. every day and are used to the same billboards and buildings until one day she finds a big graffiti tag with her exact likeness with an insignia of a particular graffiti artist. More and more of these flattering and vastly different murals appear all over the place, making it clear that she had a talented secret admirer. Going home late one night, she could finally find my protagonist tagging a spot and begin chasing him down only to find that he wasn't some creepy stalker that liked painting lewd images of her but a handsome visionary tired of the usual images other artists conform to.

14.) Being at the pinnacle of stardom, your protagonist and her band (Whether it be pop idol, rockstar etc.) has topped the charts consistently in recent years and thus, obviously gained a fanbase that could form a small army and invade a country. Their skills don't stop there as your protagonist does a number of gravure magazines and videos to further solidify that she wasn't just a pretty voice but a body that didn't seem feasible! My protagonist is a star of his own but on the other end of the spectrum, being known as a hard hitting UFC fighter and local hunk but not nearly as famous. Secretly (Not really), he is a huge fan of your protagonist and tends to go to all of her concerts and buy a number of her videos/magazines which is a common bud of many jokes amongst his friends and peers. We could go about this in many different angles! Perhaps he moves into an apartment that is secretly home to your protagonist or maybe she gets into trouble from a creepy fan and he saves her etc. The story would have them date in secret and try to relinquish the heavy amount of lust for one another without getting caught~

15.) The planet of Iratio, home of the most beautiful and well-endowed alien women in the galaxy, have a vast shortage of men which ends up sending your protagonist down onto the most peculiar looking planet near by...Earth! Landing (Or Crashing) her ship next to a massive city has her aimlessly walking around the expansive planet that differs so greatly from her own where my protagonist lives whom is currently down on his luck and barely supporting himself with a dead-end job. We could go about this in a number of ways! One, we could have the atmosphere act as a pheromone that heightens her already large sexual appetite which could garner plenty of smutty scenes with other detailed characters before making her way to my protagonist where romance could ensue and she learns about saving such acts for someone she loves or perhaps have her crash land into his house and start the two developing feelings from the get go!

16.) Throughout history, there has been a special style of martial arts only known to few in the entire world and only one man is public with that legendary fighting style. Your Protagonist is now on her way to train under my protagonist to learn that prophetic style...even if his methods are quite lewd~ This will involve a mixture of combat choreography and romance progression to go along with the smutty goodness <3

17.) Floating cities, underground slums of the old world, the future seems so strange yet in reality it hasn't changed that much. My protagonist is an android taxi cab driver and secret gigolo where he makes a somewhat "modest" living, going through the motions day in and day out in a New York like city on Mars known as "Origa". Your protagonist is an infamous convict that had broke out of jail and finds her way in my protagonist's car where she...convinces him to become her driver for her crimes. This could be very humorous with a futuristic Bonnie and Clyde meets Lupin III meets Drive type deal <3

18.) People tend to keep their distance from the strange yet handsome ghost fanatic in a quaint high-school, the mysterious young lad always keeping to himself and spends most of his time reading up on anything paranormal whether it be cult books or watching horror movies in his spare time. That is, until a quirky ghost seems to grow very attached to the quiet young man. She could start by "haunting" him by giving him incredibly lewd dreams involving the two of them before becoming so enamored with him that she reveals herself one day by taking physical form. There are PLENTY of adorable and sexy little scenarios we can put them in so honestly, their are too many to really elaborate on.


Note: I would be totally okay with an Original Character with ANY couple in these fandoms! Simply message or any more info~

Pokemon (FAR too many pairings to list, PM for details!) (Anthros or strictly just trainers is fine with me~)

Ranma 1/2 (Plenty of sexiness possibilities) (Male Ranma x Akane/Shampoo/Nibiki/Kasumi/Ukyo, Moose x Shampoo, Kyoga x Akane)

Berserk (Guts x Casca)

.hack//G.U (Haseo x Alkaid/Tabby/Pi/Atoli/Shino/Bordeux/Kaede, Kuno x Pi, Ovan x Shino.)

InFAMOUS Second Son (Delsin x Fetch)

NieR: Replicant/Gestalt (Young or Older NieR x Kaine)

Blade and Soul (Preferably with Original Characters)

Devil May Cry (Excluding DMC) (Dante x Lady/Trish, Vergil x OC)

Final Fantasy IX (Zidane x Dagger, Steiner x Beatrix)

Cowboy Bebop (Spike x Fae, Spike x Julia, Vicious x Julia)

Space Dandy (Dandy x Honey/Scarlett)

Zelda (Any Series, even an original one) (Link x Any Major Female)

Naruto (Sasuke x Sakura/Karin/Tsunade, Naruto x Hinata/Sakura/Tsunade)

Persona 3/Persona 4 (Far too many to list, PM for info)

Catherine (Vincent x Catherine/Katherine)

Tomb Raider (Would absolutely be willing to do an Uncharted crossover.) (Lara Croft x Nathan Drake/OC)

Street Fighter (Too many to list, Pm for info!)

The Darkness (Jackie x Jenny/Witchblade)

Dragon Ball Z (Vegeta/Trunks/Goku/Ultimate Gohan/OC x Bulma/Launch/Chi-chi/Android 18/Videl/OC)

Dragon's Crow (Any pairing, really!)

Batman (Too many to list! PM for info~)

Saints Row (The Third or IV) (Any pairing, really)

Killer is Dead (Mondo/David x Scarlett/Vivienne/Mika/Moon River/Alice/Betty/OC)

Jak and Daxter (Jak x Keira/Ashelin/OC, Human Daxter x Tess/Keira/OC)

Megaman Zero (Zero x Ciel/OC only)

Metal Gear Solid (Any Entry) (Too many to list, ask for details!)

Shantae (Would love ANYTHING with Shantae)

Teen Titans (REALLY wanting to do a sexy Teen Titans RP) (Pairings are too vast, PM for info!)

Inuyasha (Inuyasha x Kagome/Kikyo, Miroku x Sango, Sesshomaru x Older Rin/OC)

Tenchu (Preferably Wrath of Heaven and up) (Rikimaru x Ayame)

G Gundam (Domon x Rain)

Castlevania (Any aside from Lords of Shadow) (Too many to list!)

Lupin III (Lupin/Goemon/Daisuke x Fujiko)

Tekken (3 and up preferably) (Too many to list! I prefer to play Jin, Kazuya or Lars)

Disgaea (1-4, would love to do this <3) (Too many to list but would love you if we could do an Adell x Rozalin RP)

Bayonetta (Would be willing to do a Devil May Cry crossover) (Bayonetta x Dante/Luca)

Attack on Titan (Eren x Mikasa or Levi x Any Female)

Metroid (Samus is love) (Samus x OC)

NieR: Automata (2B x 9S, 2B x OC, A2 x OC)

Yu-Gi-Oh! (Only the original cast. Would love to have some of the cards come to life and have lewd interactions with their deck holders <3 Yami/Joey/Kaiba/Bakura/Dark Magician/Black Luster Soldier etc. x Tea/Mai/Isis/Dark Magician Girl/ Harpie Lady etc.

Spy x Family (Loid x Yor or Fiona)
I was staring through the cage of those meticulous ink strokes - at an absolute beauty.

Noblesse Oblige

I was staring through the cage of those meticulous ink strokes - at an absolute beauty.