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April 01, 2023, 02:49:37 am

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Author Topic: Katie's Requests (Harems, Non-Con, Canons & More)  (Read 453 times)

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Katie's Requests (Harems, Non-Con, Canons & More)
« on: November 18, 2021, 04:45:29 am »
Katie's Requests

Hey everyone, I'm looking for games with an erotic focus. Now I swear that doesn't mean I'm just a shameless smut-slut, looking for an endless parade of erotic- oh who am I kidding, that's like literally exactly what I am. Shameless smut-slut, at your service. Hopefully you won't hold it against me. Mind you, you should probably know this if you've read my O&Os and if you haven't, y'know, go read them now. I'll wait. It's cool. There's, like, super important stuff there you need to know, OK? Oh and yeah this thread see it tends to get lots of responses (I can't help it, I'm just naturally popular) and though I try my best to message everyone if you're asking me some question answered here in this thread or in my O&Os (which you totally just read, didn't you?) it may be ignored.

Sorry in advance.

Oh and can we please try to avoid monosyllabic time-wasting silliness, pretty please? I really do try to reply to every message I get but if you won't take the time to read things I've written for your benefit I won't want to take the time to reply to you (unless you're just that awesome I can't help it) especially if I have other messages to answer first from people who have read this stuff. Or who are just that awesome. Some people are. Oh annnnd before anyone (inevitably) asks: yes-I-want-to-role-play-dammit-and-I-have-game-ideas-and-if-you-want-to-know-my-kinks-read-my-O&Os!!!! I feel that, 'you wanna RP?' thing should be taken on faith given that I'm like, here, working my cute backside off to make all these threads and stuff, y'know? Anyway let's get to the good stuff...

My Characters
So on the subject of characters let me just say now that you totally shouldn't limit yourself to a single choice. Actually that would just be, well, silly (and a criminal waste of my talents) I mean - let's be fair - if you're writing with me you deserve at least a small harem. Or two. Anyway I write canon characters, and celebrities on occasion, but I prefer originals outside fandom games. When it comes to creating them I take inspiration from my PBs. Of which I have a lot.

See? Feel free to pick one you like. Or five. Or all of them. Well, maybe not all of them... maybe... Oh and I mentioned canons and stuff. Yeah I also enjoy playing celebrities (mostly models, and I hope to put up a gallery of them soon, though some can already be found above) fandom characters (this gallery includes some of my favourites although it's far from complete) and comic characters, which I've yet to create a complete gallery of. Sorry. Anyway for now here's a short list: Wonder Woman, Zatanna, Emma Frost, Super Girl, Black Widow, Starfire, Scarlet Witch, Sarah Pezzini and the Gen 13 girls (especially Caitlin Fairchild, but that's totally not an all-inclusive list so feel free to PM me about specific requests, and stuff.

Oh, on that note specific requests are something I'm pretty cool with. I like the idea of fulfilling a fantasy. So if there is a particular canon character, celebrity, etc who you go absolutely gaga for even if I don't know her I might be open to playing her if she grabs my attention (to that end a good pitch with some explanation of why you like her won't hurt your chances) so don't hesitate to PM me with a name, or y'know a list of them. Preferably a list of them. Just remember that if they're new to me I'll be researching her for the game. That will slow things up. So any help you can provide will be appreciated. I find when it comes to these characters, especially celebrities, people's perceptions are super important so the more effectively you can convey these the more smoothly things will go.

I'm also open to original, or pre-established settings involving characters like Elves, Angels, Demons, Vampires, and so on. I don't do furries or anthros though as a rule. It's just like, totally not within my milieu. Sorry.

Story vs. Smut
Well, a smut-slut is as a smut-slut does so I'm totally not looking for anything fancy and deep. If the erotic side works I'm good to go. But that's not to say I don't care at all for stories with like, actual plots and stuff. Y'know action and character development and all that, 'when do we get back to the smut?' stuff, because I sometimes do those things. Heh, but y'know I'm on an adult site for a reason and I'm looking for something to push my buttons. In the right order. Repeatedly. First and foremost. If the plot and character stuff happens that's OK too, but don't let it distract you from your real mission, should you choose to accept it.

Hold on. I got some links here somewhere...

The Worst Day Of Her Life

Speak Now Or Forever Know Your Place

Courting Disaster

A Bully, a Boy, their strife, and his Mother

Cliques, Lies & Videotape

Feint Heart Ne'er Exploited Fair Maid

Hey Little Sister, What Have You Done?

It's A Rich Man's World

He Fought The Law & The Law Lost

Undressing Undercover

Personally Training His Personal Trainer

Bringing The Boss To Heel

Getting Away With Murder

Every Whelp Turns

Yep. That's them. Oh the images are just my suggestion in most cases and I'm not married to them. So pick one, or five. Or all of them. OK maybe not all of them... maybe (I could totally make it work) oh and I got other ideas. They're in my brain and I haven't figured out how to write them down in a nice way that y'know doesn't suck. So don't think that's it. Also I do collaborations. OK, bye for now.[/s]

Oh, hey, if you're interested in an idea you should totally PM me and not respond here. It's messy. OK bye for real now.