(M for All) Crusader Kings 3: A Game, Roleplayed

Started by Gremgoblin, November 09, 2021, 03:11:28 PM

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For those of us familiar with Crusader Kings: welcome. For those of us who are not... imagine a videogame where you are in control of a character, potentially at the head of a dynasty, potentially at the bottom rung of a dynasty trying to claw their way up. Whatever you must do to get to the top, you must do. Sometimes that means kinslaying, sometimes that means sleeping with your own mother, and sometimes, well, sometimes it just means a good ol' war. Or kidnapping your enemy and torturing them. Either which way, it all works.

What if we roleplayed in this world and it's boundless opportunities? Not limited by reason, historical accuracy, or anything like that. Nope, if you want to create a cult of naked people, by all means, we can do that. I'd prefer if the story takes place as a character x character driven story, not a GM x player story, but with the right person I'd be willing to try!

I have a few ideas:

  •     The Isle of Mön is restored to a pirate kingdom, with viking raiders scouring the countrysides of England, shores of Arabia, and perhaps even Vinland. In a hive of scum and villainy you find yourself now. Who are you?
  •     A nun finds herself in the Scandinavian cold.
  •     A new cult rises in the center of Europe, amidst pagans and Christians alike.

I'd be happy to listen to your ideas as well! Or even just talk about the game. Or even just look at pretty pictures of CK3 people together. :) Contact me through PMs!

Short thread because frankly, I'm not expecting many people to even know of this game on E!

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