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Started by TheArena, November 07, 2021, 03:17:14 AM

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The Craving(s) of the Arena

So lately I have been majorly starving for some sweet good ol' fashioned slice of life, love, angst whatever there is in between there kind of story. My only demand is that the story revolves around YC being the "daddy" kind of guy, and MC being their little trinket (size gap, yes please), and from there it just unfolds in all its glory.

Plot? None really. Could be any setting. Could be college. Could be something slightly supernatural, or could be something as original as a roommate story or a run in in the supermarket. Any are really welcome, as I am more interested in the dynamic of the main couple - though when that is said, I don't want too much of an age gap, ten years is ok, (Eg. YC being 35 and mine 25), as I don't generally play against characters older than 40 - see my O/O for more.

The story can broaden to include side characters and possible pairings there, but that's a thing we can see how goes and if we feel like.

In regards to smut vs plot. I am open for whatever ratio almost, though I want it to usually be because it serves a purpose, and I don't want it to be too lengthy, spanding over 20 posts. But again, I feel this is something there usually can be discussed as we progress the story, as I do value natural flow of the story as well, seeing the characters grow and interact with one another throughout.

I am thinking of doing it mainly on discord - E could of course also be a possibility, whenever there is time, as in, maybe post a few small ones daily, maybe a few once a week kind of thing. Small ones (two or three paragraphs at most) in a relaxed pace, just whenever time allows. Key is just communication, so if you don't post one week, a heads up is needed and I'll do the same, this way we can leave it and return when we have more time again. Keep it light and keep it fun.

Possible FC for MC:

FC 1

FC 2

Please PM for interest.

Thank you.