A slow burn…

Started by atlantashawn, October 22, 2021, 08:26:28 AM

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Let’s write a story in which we focus on the protagonists’ development and arc. Let’s focus on the slow and gradual growth of each character as they mature out of their vanilla or repressed lives. Let’s focus on the plot arc which enables our protagonists to behave in ways they previously would never have considered. Our story would be a slow burn which would allow us to immerse ourselves in our character and their world.

I am open to your ideas about the plot and characters as long as they are M/F, m/F, or M/f  (of course all characters meet E’s requirements). I prefer a modern day setting which would help us lose ourselves in our character’s life.  Your self-described RL gender doesn’t matter and YC can be the male or female role. I am open to a wide variety of kinks, fetishes, and fantasies that could be incorporated into our plot.

Send me a PM and let’s brainstorm together. Let’s write a consuming story that will preoccupy us… a story in which we can place ourselves in our characters lives.
I love detailed scenarios with a plot -- and solid characterization.   In many of my scenarios, there is a slow erosion of boundaries as we both become increasingly desensitized to being more and more kinky.... the possibilities are endless!
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