A Pair of New Ideas M/F [MUL]

Started by Corinthi, April 01, 2009, 12:38:26 PM

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Both of these ideas are very much in the sketch form and would require fleshing out via PMs. If either interest you, please feel free to drop me a message.

Story #1

I'd like to do a reimaging of Pygmalion. Pygmalion, in Greek mythology, was a sculptor who created a stature so lifelike, he fell in love with it. He bought the statue gifts, flowers, and clothes, and was so smitten, he prayed to Aphrodite who took pity on him and brought the statue to life. They fell in love, married, had kids, lived happily ever after.

So, how to reimagine that? I'd like to take the core elements and twist them into something new. I'd play the creator, be it a roboticist, artist, wizard, programmer, RealDoll purchaser, whatever. You'd play the creation who's adored, obsessed over, and comes to life. The exact characters, setting, method for coming to life, and resulting relationship are all details we could hash out together.

Story #2.

This tale is somewhat similar to the one above, in that it involves a nonliving woman coming to life, but in this case, it's a fully imaginary woman.

My character is a bachelor/divorced man who's only recently become that way. He still wakes up and rolls over to embrace a woman who's no longer there. He's just a regular sort of guy who's depressed and lonely. One night, while watching television during a thunderstorm, he gets up to grab something from the kitchen when there's a monstrous crash of lightning and the house goes dark. After finding a flashlight, he walks back into the living room, to find a character from the program/movie he was watching curled up on his couch, in full living, breathing flesh.

Again, the exact character is to be determined via PM discussion. Preferably something we're both familiar with, but it could be from a TV show, a cartoon, a movie, anything. Just a fictional character suddenly brought to life.

If anyone's interested, feel free to send me a PM so we can talk about the ideas a bit more.


I like both of these story ideas and I'm interested in working over some details with you over PM.   If you are interested as well PM me.

This is going to be fun...