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October 28, 2021, 01:24:44 pm

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Author Topic: Original World High Fantasy Plots (MxF)  (Read 90 times)

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Original World High Fantasy Plots (MxF)
« on: October 05, 2021, 01:17:37 am »
Back in the day when Second Edition Dungeons and Dragons came about, I was fascinated with Paladins when the Paladin handbook came out.  From it I created a world which I brought happily here to E! when I first started a couple of years ago.  The stories dies out as real life claimed writing partners and yet I want to finish the stories as I think the world I created is an interesting one with a mash up of fantasy elements dawn from Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, Terry Brooks Shanara series, Wizards of the Coast Forgotten Realms, and perhaps a dash of the political realism and ruthlessness which has captivated many in G.R.R.M Song of Ice and Fire series.

The main kingdom in this series is Adreath , which is the only Kingdom of an alliance of kingdoms of elves, dwarves, and humans which stands between the free countries of the land, the Shadow Empire of Nyderei.  All human lands used to be a part of the Shadow Empire till with the aid of the Elves and Dwarves, rebelled and drove them back over the northernmost kingdom, what is now known as Adreath.  It has been five hundred years since the defeat of the Wytch Queens and their Demon princes and the formation of the Compact of Nations, and it is a Age of change as Nyderei grows in power and hungers for what they once possessed.   Here are the three different plot hooks I would love to develop once more.

A Princess' Corruption and Knight's Downfall - In this plot, your character will be the Princess of Adreath, second born child and now a fixture at court.  My character is Sir Geoffrey of House Stuart, Knight Vigilant and a Knight Lieutenant in the Knight Protectorate, the elite guard of the Royal Family.  Geoffrey is assigned to the protection of the Princess, and has loved her since the day he saw her.  However he knows nothing good can come from it as he knows the Princess will be promised to one of the Compact nations, a concession for securing aid in recovering from the Traitor's War twenty years past, a war in which a former Banner General of the Knights turned and lead an Nyderei horde of orc, goblins, and demons into Adreath.  It was the closest Nyderei had ever come to breaching the defenses of the Shield Kingdom, and losses suffered during the war, as well as other nations taking political advantage, Adreath is perhaps the weakest it ever has been in its history.  During a visit to the northern duchies, a raiding party attacks the Princess' party, and from these events are sown the seeds to either bring about Adreath's fall, or to be the catalyst to reforge it stronger than ever.   This story will have elements o BDSM, brief Non-Con and rape, character succumbing to their darker and baser natures, and redemption. 

Infernal Diplomacy - This plot takes place several years ahead of the plot above where the Princess is now Queen, and Geoffrey Stuart is dead.  The Elven nation sees political opportunity to be had with the current friction between Adreath and the other nations of the Compact.  They have sent the Emerald King's brother to help mediate affairs, and perhaps regain lands and privileges given up when they helped forged the Compact.  Your character is the daughter of the Royal Ambassador, a Princess in her own right.  At the capital of Adreath she will meet my character, High Lord Decimus Meridia, the only Elven high noble a part of the Shield Kingdom's court, and one who is also out for political opportunity, and is not above seducing, then bending the will and making his own an Elven Princess to help further his own political ambitions.  This story will have BDSM elements as well as mind break, and perhaps skirt close to Non-Con but not quite cross it.  Decimus after all wants the Princess as willing participant in her debasement and degradation, but he is not above stacking the deck heavily against her to ensure she will be his.