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October 17, 2021, 01:34:26 am

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Author Topic: Alexander's Reverie - Primarily Fantasy Prompts and Pairings (MxF)  (Read 62 times)

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I don't actually know what Reverie means...

I'm so glad you've stumbled into my topic! I can try to make this quick. Up at the top, you'll be able to find some setups that I have a prompt written out for. Down below, there are pairings without prompts, but I'd still love to brainstorm something up for them with you! If you have any you like or you have any questions, send me a message and let's get this conversation started. I want to hear from you!

About Me
- I've been having a craving for good adventure story with an engaging writer. Talent over words is great, a vocabulary second to none would be fawned over, but really, it comes down to wanting to find somebody who I flat out enjoy creating a world with.
- I probably love the plotting part of RPs most of all, brainstorming with a creative partner is wonderfully enjoyable to me. You might need to snap me out of that headset and get on with the actual writing.
- My F-List is right here. It isn't the most elaborate, but I will love whatever you can bring from that list into the RP.
- I will definitely ask what your interests are, and I hope that you'll do the same with me. Part of roleplaying to me is learning to bend slowly to accommodate a new experience. I will answer almost any question about my interests, if you have one for me.
- I play male characters who tend to know what they like, and will not hesitate to grab it.
- I enjoy perfectly equal parts sensual and story scenes, but I've been convinced to go to 100% in each direction.
- My preferred mediums, in order, are Threads, Messengers, and then PMs. I will take special requests if it isn't much effort. (E-mail, Docs, etc.)
- My favorite color is purple, I love bigger dogs but I can't own one myself. The last movie I watched was Blade Runner, I haven't read the book and even though I should I wonder if I ever will. I love quotes and references that I recognize and I feel silly when I miss one. My current life's goal is to be the world's greatest uncle. I hope later on I can force my sister to try to be the world's greatest aunt.

Pairings with prompt - Me x You

Bodyguard x Dark Elf Queen
"At least I can trust you..." She stated rather sarcastically to the man at her side. He shook his head 'no', knowing better than that. "I'd sell you out and have your throat slit in a moment, ma'am. But it's a month up to the surface, and I wouldn't last a week before somebody else did the same to the late queen's confidant." Such a response made her laugh in delight at his treacherous nature, which in turn made his face's expression even more grim. "And that's what makes you so suitable!"

Human Prince x Elf Maid
A commotion came from his room, when he learned the Earl's daughter chose to dote on his elder brother instead of him. His muttering caused the servant to giggle again. "What entertains you so much?" He asked in frustration. "You serve me, remember?" The girl raised a hand in front of her face to hide the grin on her mouth. "Yes, of course, master. It's just that I find it curious that you think so highly of yourself, when you know so little about women." When he called her a meager elf and so much worse in a subsequent outburst, it hardly seemed to faze her. "There's so much you could learn, so much I could teach you, if you'd only listen to a wise little -elf- like me." His hand balled into a fist, if she though a lowly elf would *ever* have the same capacity as a human... but he didn't find himself correcting her, either.

Mage Knight x Trainee
She tried lifting the mighty broadsword, and with a heave she got it into the air, but her arms trembled in a way that convinced her she would never swing it. "What's your secret to this?" She mused, not content to disturb just his possessions, but himself as well. "I told you, it's magic." He replied tertly. "Now leave it alone, or it will shock you." "Will not", she insisted, running a finger along the broad side of the weapon. It glowed a moment, and she pulled her thumb away, smoking and singed. He smelled the burnt digit of hers, and cussed. "Sorry, I guess it was actually a flame spell, that I left upon it..."

Sage x Tavern Wench
She was quite the popular lady to entertain a night with, although no man would capture her attention twice. No matter how niche the subject, she seemed to always know at least an inkling about it, and on some topics she knew more than the experts who were trying to impress her. The price of of that night's companionship was whispering sweet secrets into her ear. Not compliments, unfortunately, but real secrets, taboo tales, or forbidden knowledge, and thus the loop of her expertise would wind around once more. At one point, she considered to herself, with all the dignitaries and emissaries that had passed through town, she could probably topple the governor or scandalize the king, but for now, she was content with a warm embrace each night and her position of trusted confidant.

Summoner x Demon
The flustered lady practically screamed into his ear, "Why won't you do it?" Her previous contract had been completed, but something had gone wrong and she hadn't been sent home. Being in the mortal realm without a contract was so strenuous and exhausting, and she was at wit's end. She pulled at her shirt, the fabric loose. "I'm wasting away here, just skin and bones." Her normally inspiring curves had melted away days ago, and her tail took a withered appearance. "So summon me, already!" He could have chuckled at the irony, if she wasn't so damned annoying to him. That a summoning ritual was needed, even when she was physically bearing down on him.

Trapper / Elven Scout
He cursed his luck thrice, as he came across another empty cage. For a week now, his baits had been removed, his traps sprung with nothing caught withing them, and his nets undone and tossed onto the ground from both trees and streams. He had figured some forest-spirit deemed vengeance upon him, but upon reaching his next station, he found a strange figure, butt raised up and wriggling about, as somebody had half-crawled into his capture-box. When the person finished their task pulled their body out, he caught a glimpse of a soft face, a pair of pointed ears, and a rabbit held sweetly in her hands. He had found his culprit.

Pairings without (much) prompt - Flexible - Me x You or You x Me
Adventurer x Mage
Angel x Sinner
Demon x Lover - Up above, their faces were flush red. Down below, the demon's tail fell to just inches above the ground, before sneaking into the companion's pant leg. And from there, well...
Demon Monarch x Human
Dark Elf x Duelist
Dragon Rider x Dragon
Genie x Master
God(dess) x Human
High Elf x Dark Elf
Knight x Slave
Royalty x Rebel
Sky Captain/Mechanic

If none of those appeal to you, but I was still hitting the right vibe, you can always send me a message to tell me your desires. Use promo code ALXNDR for three ideas tailored to your interests! (Some people seem to think this is a requirement to message me, but it's not! The code is simply redeemed by you for extra ideas.)
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