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October 28, 2021, 12:56:06 pm

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Author Topic: A time for the taboo (M lf F)  (Read 106 times)

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A time for the taboo (M lf F)
« on: October 02, 2021, 02:39:16 pm »
Hello there and thank you for checking out my desires for some roleplays.Be warned they are taboo, and by taboo I mean they are incest roleplays.

I'm recovering from a car accident where my fingers were damaged and typing can be a challenge some times. Depending on my therapy and pain levels I can reply anywhere from same day to 7 days later. Please take this into consideration.

My requirements/preferences: 
Story is more important than smut. The smut is an important story element, but it's not the main focus.
Contact me via PM, please don't reply to this thread. 
We can do these post by post as one shots, or via PM's.
I don't have any length requirements, but please no one liners. Sometimes I really like rapid fire if we're both on and feeling it.
NO TEXT SPEECH! Unless it's appropriate for the moment)
Person of your writing doesn't matter to me, I can do anything. Just tell me what you like best and we'll do that.

Generally these are older or twin sister and younger or twin brother. Red = craving, blue = new

Sibling hate
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Your character is my character's older sister. Being only two years apart meant that when we were young we were close. As we got older I grew to idolize you more and more. As we grew more and advanced closer to being teens it was soon insufferable to have me tagging along with everything you did or wanted to do. It led us to start fighting, and eventually my hanging on and copying you led to you saying I was a lost puppy just following you around. You said I was incapable of thinking for myself and in a sense that was true. It didn't come from a place of malice though. I had simply wanted to stay close by sharing your interests, but I wasn't able to articulate that feeling yet. The constant fighting at home soon spilled out into public and finally mom came down on your side. If you started a new activity I was forbidden from trying to be a part of it. Dad encouraged me to find things I wanted to do and soon I took up hockey. I found my own identity and my own friends giving you real separation from me for several years. Up until your senior year of high school when as a sophomore I started gaining popularity among the upperclassmen. Our circles of friends began to overlap slightly and the fragile peace of the last few years was shattered. The fights began again. They turned into real shouting matches with mom and dad literally having to referee some of them as we got a little shovey. There was never the intent to harm, but neither one of us would back down. When it all seemed we couldn't possibly get any worse Jennifer happened. She asked me to prom without telling you. One of your closest friends who knew about us had just stabbed you in the back. With the fight that followed I naturally said yes. We didn't speak again until you came home for Christmas break your first year of college.

With space came a relaxing of the hatred we had developed over the years. I was all set to go off and play hockey at another college far from yours, but they didn't offer me a full ride like your college did. Not that you knew or cared about that. You just saw I was going to be going there and exploded on me. Move in week you came to the hotel mom and dad rented and basically ended our relationship. It was mutual as I screamed back and fought you verbally until I lost my voice. You blocked my phone number, all social media, everything. You even refused to tell people I was related to you. So as far as anyone at the college knew I was just some guy that happened to have the same last name.

Our story picks up at the start of your last semester of college. We had been assigned to the same floor of the same dorm building. A renovated building that was just a series of hallways with rooms stacked one next to the other meant that few of the individual rooms were singles, and even fewer of those had private bathrooms. You had one of the largest single rooms second to last on the hall nearest the elevator, and right next to yours was the smallest. It had a small bathroom with space for a shower stall, a small sink and a toilet. I had been assigned to that room. The way our schedules for this semester worked out had us leaving our rooms near the same time, and coming back at roughly the same time. We barely spoke, and when we did it was just snide and nasty remarks. Against this backdrop comes spring break. The largest frat on campus owned their own house. At times like these it was the party house. Kegs, full bars with bartenders, and more often than not a DJ. It's the friday morning of the last day of mid term exams and everyone was eager to be done with them to let off some steam. 

To tame a fuckboy

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What should a sister do when her brother becomes an asshole fuckboy? That’s the question that was haunting you when my character started sleeping around. It started off slow with just a few people around school and around town. All women relatively my own age at first. High school girls in my grade soon gave way to all the girls I found attractive and could manage to catch. It seemed pretty normal for a guy my age to try all of that, but your character found out it was worse than that.

Your character found out about this because she’s this small town’s information broker. You’ve always found it easy to control people by finding out a few well kept secrets, a few hidden assets, or a couple of overheard conversations. The network of informants didn’t know exactly who you were, especially since you started this network in high school. That network of people about town was enough to be able to find out that your brother was the cause of at least two divorces, and one teacher losing her job. All of this in and of itself was pretty bad, but…. I had crossed the line with you personally. I seemed to make it a game of using and discarding your friends. When I fucked and discarded your best friend though you finally decided it was time to take action. Your network was going to tell you about every text I sent, every call I made, every time I went for coffee and flirted with the barista. With their help you had cut me off from every way of getting off that didn’t involve my own hand.

That was five months ago, and you have seen it getting to me. Between our bathroom was an old Jack and Jill style bathroom. We’ve had to share it all of our lives, and naturally when we got older we had accidents. Seeing each other naked wasn’t exactly something we went after, but it happened so we learned to be comfortable enough with our bodies that we didn’t freak out and slip in the shower. Despite my fuckboy nature, and how long it’s been since I've been able to do anything I still don’t leer at you and go lusting after a look at you. Even though I seemed like I was paying for my crimes, you still had it out for me. Today you found out a little secret that you knew I would do anything to keep a secret. Floating out back in the pool with no one home was the perfect opportunity for you to put me under your thumb permanently.

A Reunion to Remember (Taken)
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A long time connoisseur of the female form was what he considered himself. Being a natural shutterbug always presented him with women of every shape and size. Almost to the point where someone who was a ten out of ten was almost tame and mundane to him. He had every kind of woman he had ever wanted, but he wasn’t happy. He decided it was time to leave the big cities behind and go back home to see his family to see if they could help him sort out what he was feeling. Arriving home with nothing but his camera case and the clothes on his back wasn’t exactly what he had in mind, but he had made this decision before he could even think about it consciously.

Boarding and flying home was seen through a fog, and the uber ride home seemed almost to not exist as the nostalgia of the streets he grew up on flashed by. It wasn’t until he was knocking on the door of his family home that things suddenly cleared. He hadn’t seen his family since dad’s cancer took him.They didn’t part on good terms since he blamed them for not taking good enough care of him or helping him the way she should have while he was off taking photos of nude models in LA.

He wasn’t ready for who answered the door.

Between Visits
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Having grown up so close in age it wasn’t surprising when the siblings remained close through high school and college. MC has been in a stable relationship that has lasted through freshman year of college to now, and YC has even grown to like MC’s more with each visit to the other’s college. We would visit for football games, soccer games, the big party weekends, spring break, or simply because we missed the other. Between visits we would text or call or video chat every day keeping us closer than most siblings would be by this point. MC told you not too long after graduation that a new job and a stable life would lead to an engagement. MC said she was the one and proved true. The proposal caught everyone but YC by surprise. Since then we’ve kind of drifted apart some. Calls went from daily, to every couple days, to weekly. Texts went for hours unanswered even when we knew the other wasn’t busy.

The resentment of the separation has been building for some time now to the point where YC is even saying in private to people that this woman has stolen your brother from you. Despite that YC has put on a happy face at all the gatherings, the bridal shower, the bachelorette party, and the rehearsal dinner.

This one can go a number of directions, and I’d love to hear some of your ideas! I like the idea that there is a lot of communication that isn’t in person. Some fast back and forth banter (if you aren’t into rapid fire we can for these sections some more internal monologue or whatever) and that will establish how they communicate.

He's my uncle, and my dad
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MC was once played professional sports and was once the new hotness (the sport can be whatever), but an on field accident ruined his career. That didn't stop him from being a playboy and enjoying his youth. That means drugs, booze, women, and wasting contract money.  Eventually his crazy lifestyle stopped when he found the “love of his life” and settled down. He didn't though. Even on his wedding day he was cheating on her. The life of doing almost whatever he wanted with no consequences abruptly ended though. He got serious and life got good. Everything happened so fast it was just seen as a shock to his system that finally did it. His wife's sister announced that she and her husband were expecting, the same day that his own wife found out she couldn't.

Living down the street from YC gave this childless couple a chance to spoil their niece as if she were their own. In some ways they hoped YC felt like she had a second home, and a second set of parents. YC's mom blamed MC's influence for some of the traits YC developed she didn't like. The boldness, audacious, thrill seeking, and almost recklessness were the ones YC's mom hated most. It was almost an irrational hatred of these aspects of of YC's personality that was hated. She wouldn't tell you this, but it was because those were the things that reminded her most of YC's real father… your uncle.

(now on to the actual story set up) YC's first year of college is over and you've come home for the summer. The prospect of having to work all summer just to have a little bit of spending money especially with the family summer vacation looking out of your reach. In stepped your favorite (and only) uncle. MC offered YC a job at one of the three companies he owned. The landscaping company always needed bodies, the plumbing company always needed pretty young receptionists to deal with angry customers, and the food truck needed someone good with money to help manage things. Sadly YC's work and desire to see friends over the break led to the choice to stay home while the rest of the family went on vacation.

From here we can take it in several directions, I'm partial to the young woman wanting the older man after finding that even some of the better looking guys at college aren't all that interested in anyone but themselves and then something coming up to reveal their relation. This one isn't as fleshed out in terms of story since I'm kind of shoehorning YC into a rough mold.