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October 17, 2021, 04:20:54 am

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Author Topic: In My Book of Dreams...  (Read 174 times)

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In My Book of Dreams...
« on: September 27, 2021, 08:13:03 am »
Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to cast your eye over what I dare not jot into my notes file...yet somehow feel OK with sharing site, anyhoo, Hello!

The ideas below are just the seeds of something. There's two kinds of ideas I have (probably not rare or unique, but this is how I see it).

There's the general idea, I have a general feeling or setting I want to work with and apply my Ons to. (These are my Ons & Offs, by the way, feel free to get some context there...). If we talk about that kind of story, I might have the overall story set in my head, but need the help of my co-writer in filling in the scenes and the acts.

The other kind is the specific scene, I got all wound up about a particular picture or moment in my head and I've spun it into a story idea. I'll need my co-writer to help me weave the story around it.

In both cases, the ideas below are just starting points. Some elements I don't want to move, others have been brought in to start the discussion about the plot and are totally malleable.

Writing Style: To save you peeking back at my O/Os page, this is the skinny version of what I'm like to write with:
  • Third person, 2-4 paragraphs, forum threads, around 400-600 words, depending on requirements in the story (less for dialogue, more for opening)
  • Edited, I tend to write a lot more and edit down, I'm a fan of taking out stuff that I know the writing can do without. That also means that I can accidentally take out more than I need to. Let me know if I'm not making sense, it's more of a regular occurrence than you think! It also means I might take slightly longer than usual since, ehh, I wanna get it right y'know?
  • Post frequency varies on expectations. I'll want to reply right away, but that depends on my availability, the expected post size, etc. Roughly speaking, I expect 3-4 days for a long term story, 1-2 for a one-shot (where I'm not worried about messing up the longer term plot).
  • I'm good with communication, preferring PMs here. I like to negotiate the plot before the story starts and make sure we know what's happening in the next scene. If you get sly and slide a clever idea in and I see it, I'm liable to let you know.
  • Unphased by co-writer's personal disposition. I'm more concerned about how well we mesh as co-writers than the other co-writer's gender, etc. If I enjoy your writing, what else matters around here?
  • Modern day, cyberpunk, spooky settings with humans-or-near-humans. To put it another way, the furthest I'm interested in going would be the Shadowrun RPG setting, or Fallout, etc.

Availability: I've returned here after a long break. I'm feeling nervous about overloading myself, yet at the same time excited to be flexing my creativity again. Feel free to contact me, but understand I may say 'no' out of a need to pace myself.

Longer tales (usually General Ideas) -

UnCONventional Fun {M/f} - MC has an industry-level reputation for exhibitions. She's down practically everything, from 30 person academic paper presentations to 5-figure pop culture convention. High-security, high-media, high-tension, she's done practically everything. She's well paid, well travelled and could write her complete dating history on a post-it note. YC, for some reasons, has attended enough conventions and stayed in enough hotels to recognise MC and suggests something to entertain them both. Basically a series of progressive scenes, maybe pushing in a certain direction, maybe themed with whatever work MC is doing.

The Conference {?/f} - Boss and new PA head to exotic island for a 5 day training conference. Being new to the job, she's barely had time to figure out what the conference is about. Blissfully unaware that her boss has swapped her luggage to something more to the boss' liking (this could be anything from the conference being a slave training camp for rich executives to a single boss playing mind games with the new employee).

Training {M/f} - A personal fitness instructor with some unorthodox approaches to getting their clients into shape. Brought to you by yet another perv who saw the machines at their local gym and took all of 10 seconds to wonder how well they'd go with attachable cuffs.

Shorter stories (usually Specific Scenes) -

The Safe Call {?/f} - A long time ago, during a dating dry spell, MC was experimenting with self-bondage. Because she's a Good Girl(tm) and heeds safety advice, she made sure that she had someone she could call if she got stuck. A little time goes past and she's in another lonely stretch and well, a girl has kinks that she has to loosen to speak. Unfortunately, the unimaginable happens. Thankfully, she's within reach of her phone. What happens next? Could also be a locksmith, etc.

Closing Time {Variable/f (or 2)} - This is a quicker scene. A long day working in a fetish/BDSM store on Halloween, the boss (who maybe one of the coworkers) has had us dress up for the Halloween sale. I've been teasing the customers and coworkers all day (perhaps knowingly, perhaps not) and now the door is locked, the open sign turned to close and I'm locked in a shop full of toys and restraints with horny coworkers.

Haunted {M(or more)/f} - I saw something like this online and thought it might make a fun story (even though it's somewhat out of my comfort zone, so it will take some negotiation first). A woman stops for Reasons(tm) at an old motel/hotel. Unbeknownst to her, it's haunted by the ghost(s?) of men who committed unspeakable crimes before dying horrible deaths. They've been waiting for the right circumstances to carry out the same crimes. My character has picked the wrong place to stay the night.

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