Powering Up - A D/s superhero story (M seeking F)

Started by Top Cat, September 10, 2021, 04:18:57 PM

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Top Cat

It's never enough. No matter how strong you are, how fast you are... there's always someone stronger. But I have a deal for you...

The premise is that someone contacts a (female) superhero, offering to help improve her powers. His own power is enhancing others' powers... but he can attach conditions and triggers in the process. He's offering to help them in their fight against crime, a gift for their heroic work. But when they come back when it wears off... he'll have some needs of his own to fulfill.

This can be in any sort of universe. Marvel or DC? Okay. Street Fighter? Sure. Your own OC? Fine. (Note that if you want to play a canon character from a copyrighted IP, I'll expect you to play her personality fairly close to canon)

Domination and submission, of course. Edging is likely part of it. Beyond that... we can talk about what else we want in the story. This can be a short story, or extended. Note that while this will unquestionably involve coercion, I'm not interested in a rape story.

PM me to discuss the who and why.
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