Anthro D&D-Esque RPs (MxM)

Started by Kin, September 05, 2021, 12:39:03 AM

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Hello and thanks for reading!

I've been craving to set up an RP with two anthro leads in a fantasy/sci-fi setting. I have a few favorites that I can list, but I'm willing to play as/against a variety of different races, both furries and scalies.

I don't have any concrete plots at the moment, but I was mostly looking to do a simple D&D-styled plot where our characters are two adventurers in a medieval fantasy setting. Have some slightly more specific archetype/class pairings listed down below.

Might be willing to try using a system like 5E, but it depends.

Please send a PM if interested!

About me:

  • I will try to go for weekly posts, but can go up to bi-weekly. No preference for my partner's post rate.
  • On average I write about 2-3 paragraphs per post, but depending on context can do more. Definitely prefer to keep them short and sweet!
  • Picture character references are a must!
  • Romance is also a must!
  • I'd like to focus on the story and the characters much more than smut. Roughly a 70:30 plot:smut ratio would be good! I prefer to play sub-leaning switches for the most part.
  • Can play exclusively a bottom or top, or do both.
  • I prefer PMs for IC.
  • All characters 18+


Italics = MC

Knight/Paladin x Rogue
Druid x Ranger
Knight x Druid
Rogue x Mage

Mercenary x Mercenary
Bounty Hunter x Hunted
Bounty Hunter x Bounty Hunter