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January 31, 2023, 10:59:47 am

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Author Topic: FxM Family Betrayal, Plot inside!  (Read 436 times)

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FxM Family Betrayal, Plot inside!
« on: September 01, 2021, 02:08:13 am »
Hello one and all! It's been a few years to say the least but I'm hoping back on with a  mini request thread for my one plot I really want to do. Before I get into it, here is what to expect from me and this RP.

*I have a busy home life with family and work. so I'm not on here every day all day but I should be able to post twice a week. If this isn't enough I'm sorry you should look else where.
*I tend to write a few paragraphs per post (around 3-4 is my norm) but that does depend on what you give me.
*Linking in with the two above, if a back to bake session is in order due to dialect to help move the story along this can be arranged, just message me if you feel we need it so I know to stick around that day.
*I love detail...both giving and receiving.
*I prefer 70-30% plot to smut.
*I'll be playing the Female role here.
*The age gab between out two characters I wouldn't more then 10 years but anything in-between is fine.
*A LIGHT sub/dom relations could be fun. YC dom, mine Sub but their be switches at time. Something more romantic and 'realistic' like for example hair pulling, spanking, teasing (both ways), 'soft' restrains if this is something you would like to add, dirty talk just to name a few I would like to add.
*I would also like to add pregnancy.
*So here's what is a hard NO for me. Bathroom play, blood, torture or anything where my character gets hurt or killed, stories to do with obsessive milking, semen and incest. I have nothing against all of this but it's just not my sort of thing.‚Äč
Ok so here is a quick overview of the RP plot.

It's a Historical RP in our own setting. It's about a Royal family who wants to marry their only daughter off to one of the strongest Kingdoms in hopes to better their own Kingdom. They had plotted a great betrayal both on YC and their own daughter who they seem to care so little for. Their plan is to over throne them both when their attention is on a mural enemy who have decided to attack. Or so that is what our characters are to believe when it's all just part of her family's plan. When their backs are turned and attention on the posing Kingdom MC Family set to take over the castle and possibly the Kingdom. Below is more details about this plot but I hope that I have gotten your attention!

YC would be very well known as a ruthless, head strong, take no ball-shit sort of man. YC hasn't had any interest in marring, his only focus was to his kingdom and how to rule it. But as of late his advisers have been nagging him more and more, in fact its the only topic they like to discus with him. Most of the other kingdoms have heirs to the thrones and without puts his kingdom at risk. realizing that this could be the only fault to ruling his Kingdom he gives in and asks them to find a match for him. This task isn't easy as YC would be fussy. He wants a compliant wife, one who would leave him to his duties without being needy or fussy. One who wasn't overly into expensive gatherings and thing to waste his hard earnings and of course one who could bare children.

This is where MC comes in. Now please don't think I would be playing such a plain boring character. Growing up she was her own feisty character. Head strong, smart, outspoken. She would rather play swards with her brothers then sit and sew. When she turned 13 her parents sent her away to be discipline and taught how to act like proper Princess. It took her some time but within 7 years she become the perfect example of a young Princess. She was almost like a new women. The teaches said they had beaten her old self out of her but really she had just gotten good at pretending and hiding her true passions. Don't get her wrong, she knows her role in life now, that one day soon she will marry and have to bare children but she would find a way to stay true herself. Because her family believed her to be changed they quickly sent an 'application' for their daughter to wed YC. The details of this we can go through but I figured to sweeten the deal the would offer gold.

As you may have guessed her family isn't overly lovely kind. The have 5 older sons who are their main focuses and only 1 daughter. Which to them is 1 chance to marry her off well or in this case their only chance of getting what they really want from her. Their the kind of Royal family that aren't overly powerful but have riches due to fertile soul. They would joke that the women there where most fertile due to the foods they eat, which is just talk. But as of late, the Kingdom have had some money trouble due to her brothers lifestyles which has been kept secret. In fact the last of their gold would be going to YC for the marriage.

Here is my idea of where this story would be going. This is all a big plan from MC family. They plan of giving YC their daughter and for everyone to become great friends, but in truth they plan to over throne both YC and their Daughter. I war would start between another Kingdom, a rival Kingdom of both. BUT in secret an alliance has been formed with MC Family and said enemies. While our characters are off in the war a small army from MC Kingdom has been sent to over take the castle, claiming it to be theirs. We can go as far as them loosing it all and coming up with a plan to regain YC Kingdom or that they just get close to doing it. MC would have no idea the plans of her Family since this has been plotted while she was away and she would only have returned home some sort few months when news that YC was looking for a wife.

Meanwhile before / during this YC would start to see the true nature of MC. That she isn't as sweet and innocent, or child like at all. That she can hold her own and instead of being in the background of his life, in fact stands next to him as a supporting wife who is interested in his plans and ideas for their Kingdom.

This is all just a rough idea and would love to build on it to make it 'our' plot.