Started by Gail, March 30, 2009, 05:26:40 AM

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After a bit of a hiatus for personal reasons, I am making a return to Elliquiy. I had a couple of games going at the end of last year and since then, both of the other participants appear to have been banned.  ??? Not quite sure what went on there....

Anyway, I have an idea to play a naughty girl who need to be taken 'into hand' so to speak. She's been up to no good and either gets thrown out or submits to some form of punishment. Of course, no one likes to be punished and so she'd be prepared, reluctantly to do all sorts things to get out of her punishment....

I'd envisage this as a relatively short roleplay initially but turning into something a bit more sustained if it seems to work out. I've had a few ideas about possible scenarios but am open to any other good ideas:

Lazy office junior Recently recruited office junior spends her time skiving in various ways. Her boss catches her browsing porn on the internet and decides to give her an ultimatum; either she gets sacked or she lets him punish her.

Cheating student A girl at university is caught plagiarising or cheating in an exam. Her tutor asks her to come to his office where he tells her she can either be thrown out of the university or let him punish her in some way.

Naughty schoolgirl A girl is caught defacing school property and is sent to the headmaster for an 'appropriate' punishment.


Hello *Smiles warmly*

Would love to play the head master/student scene if there is still an opening.
Ons and Offs

Sorry once again for vanishing from E.  Had a few personal issues I had to deal with.  To those I have lost contact with, I am sorry, hopefully we can reconnect.  Thank you all for understanding.


Interested in all three of those, Schoolgirl and Uni Student especially. PM me for discussion?


Good to see there has been some interest both directly on this thread and via pms. I'll contact you both by pm and we can discuss further.