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October 28, 2021, 11:28:19 am

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Author Topic: - CityLights' Requests (MxF FxF) -  (Read 175 times)

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- CityLights' Requests (MxF FxF) -
« on: August 07, 2021, 09:55:31 am »

Hey there. My name's CityLights, or Emma if you prefer using that. I'm relatively new to the site, and after a period of illness and struggling with my own head, I'm trying to get myself back into the world of writing and roleplay. This seems like a great place to do just that. There might not be a huge amount to this thread just yet, but it'll definitely be a work in progress across the coming weeks.

Like I said, new to the site, but not new to this style of writing. I consider myself to be quite literate, and especially at the moment could potentially have quite a high posting rate. However my muse can be a bit of a bitch at times, and I'm not one for making myself write if I'm simply not in the mood or right headspace, so please be forgiving if there is a bit of a delay in replies. I love to get to know partners as much as people as writers, so feel free to ask or chat about real life stuff just as much as the story we may be creating together. I tend to write female characters almost exclusively, simply where I feel most comfortable. Opposite them can be men, women, or pretty much anything in between really. I can be quite open really so try me.

When it comes to the kinkier side of things, I can range from a soft romance, to healthy BDSM style relationships, to brutal slavery or captivity. I need to develop a proper O/O thread, and that'll be coming up shortly. I enjoy all sorts of themes around control and power exchange, bondage, rough sex, oral or anal, teasing and denial, bondage, slavery, appearance control, possessive behaviour, resistance and rebellion, uppity girls, broken romances, unhealthy relationships, and healthier themes like fluffier romance, after care, cuddles, playing with her hair... Like I said, a range. I tend to take on the more submissive side of a pairing if there is one, but that's not to say that my characters will be by any means conventionally submissive, they might well be quite a handful. I'm happy to write a more balanced pairing, and could be convinced to dabble in writing a dominant sort.

I've got a few more formed ideas for now, with that list definitely set to grow. I'll include some potential settings and pairings off the top of my head. To be honest though, at the moment I'm looking to write and create and connect. So if you have any ideas you've been craving, or anything here catches your eye, please drop me a message. Worst case scenario I'm not interested in the initial idea, but we can still brainstorm, or simply have a chat.

School/College setting
This idea has been floating around my head for a while now. Hopefully I can get it into words in something of a sensical way, as I’d love to discuss and work something out here.

MC finds herself in a new environment, and totally out of her depth. A new school or college. And an elite one. She’s come from a tough background, single parent, and while she’s never been in complete poverty or anything like that, her background is nothing compared to the elitist and stinking rich environment she finds herself in now. Maybe she got a scholarship. Maybe a connection of an absent father managed to get her a place. Whatever the background is, she finds herself standing alone at the start of term, surrounded by a campus the likes of which she thought only existed in movies.

YC would be someone already well established at this place. Maybe he’s been there for years. The important factor here though is that despite being at peer level with MC, he’s disproportionately powerful. Maybe the child of a high-level donor to the place. Maybe simply coming from a background of power, political or even royal, or maybe simply obscenely rich and happy to flex the power that comes with that. I’m envisaging someone very much used to getting his own way. Getting exactly what he wants. And MC catches his eye. The lost waif looking for guidance in her new surroundings? The fiery, headstrong new girl who doesn’t fit in, and refuses to bow to his wants? Something new to YC, and something attractive.

I’m picturing something of a reluctant/unhealthy relationship here. She wants to simply keep her head down and get through this. But he’s set his sights on her. And once he’s made that decision, he can be protective to the point of possessive. Possessive to the point of obsessed. Maybe she starts finding gifts waiting for her on her bed. Perhaps there’s more aggressive or direct action from him. Perhaps she finds herself stranded at the end of a term or semester and ending up going with him and getting swept up into a world of luxury and opulence she could never imagine, if she only lets him in.

A bit of a vague idea I know. It could go anywhere from an unhealthy romance to a kinkier or even forced one. All sorts of things could be included, and the setting could definitely shift. Let me know if you’d be interested in discussing this.

With the Olympics finally going ahead, that as a setting has caught my eye. Or I suppose sports of that style in general. Athletes of all different types, and all different origins and backgrounds, thrown together for a relatively short period of time in a high stakes, high tension environment. What’s to stop something from developing there? There’s always the saucy stories of how many condoms are distributed in the Olympic village… Let’s explore just how they might be getting used.

I’m quite open here, more of a setting than a plot idea I suppose. What sort of pairing could we explore? Athletes from the same nation, perhaps in very different sports? Opposing teams? Coaches? Journalists? Event staff? All sorts of taboo relationships could form. Or maybe a darker take, evidence of doping falling into the wrong hands and leading to blackmail maybe?

Drop me a message if you might be interested in working something out in the setting of the games.


Slice of life
Chance meetings
Council estates/trailer parks


Athlete x Athlete
Slave x Master/Mistress
Tomboy x Preppy Girl
Soldier x Soldier
Soldier x Officer
Spy x Handler
Spy x Spy
Criminal x Victim
Addict x Dealer
Addict x Recovery worker
Doctor x Nurse
Doctor x Student
Waitress x Customer
Rich x Poor