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Started by Magicat, August 06, 2021, 06:39:29 PM

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Welcome, audience member, to the performance of Magicat's Ostentatious [O/O] thread. I'm Magicat, or Pheebs if you prefer! I'm a twenty (20) year old student from England and while I'm new to Elliquiy, I'm not new to roleplaying! This particular performance will be an on-going affair and I will continue to update it as I discover new tastes and try new things, so it's always worth checking back to see if something new has been conjured in the meantime. I also promise this is where the stage magician puns end, but as Zatanna as my witness, I shall not apologise for them! I live by the simple philosophy of treating others how you wish to be treated, so you can always count on me to be courteous and communicative, and all I ask is the same in return.


  • My preferred writing style is third person but I can absolutely consider first if it is preferred by my partner.
  • My current schedule permits me to offer replies within 48 hours of my last post in any given thread.
  • Post length can vary but my usual rhythm is a meaty opener and then finding the sweet spot of matching my partner's length.
  • I am able to offer anything from two (2) paragraphs plus or 300 - 1000+ words.
  • My preferred ratio of plot-to-smut is 60% and 40% respectively.
  • Extensive spellchecking is not a must when writing with me (quality > quantity) but effort is always appreciated.
  • I prefer writing female characters in a heterosexual pairing, and male characters in a m/m pairing.
  • Depending on the particular plot, it may be possible for me to play another gender identity but please respect my refusal if this is the case.
  • Here is a link to my [o/o] thread though I'm incredibly flexible, so I am open to discussing anything that might not be explicitly noted.


  • An alien princess with the rare gift of empathy has escaped her home world and thrown her lot in with a space-faring, rag-tag crew
  • A college student has been hiding out on campus after a zombie apocalypse and is rescued by a mysterious 'older' gentleman
  • Unaware of her half-Atlantean heritage, a girl learns she is betrothed to the current king of Atlantis and he comes looking
  • A magician/cleric is indentured to a (fantasy) monster hunter and tasked with accompanying him across a high fantasy land
  • A young Hera meets a young Zeus and partner up to fight the Titans
  • An Elven Huntress or Princess is captured and 'given' to [insert Race]
  • [more coming soon]


  • For each of the below fandoms, I am more than happy to engage in 'original' or 'au' scenarios as opposed to following strict canon.
  • Additionally, I am more than happy to do original characters for any of the below fandoms inspired by canon characters (i.e. oc Beth x oc Darryl)
  • For oc characters mentioned against canons, I do not have pre-determined characters and I am willing to also incorporate traits or qualities you would like to play against

  • Sookie Stackhouse x Erik Northman / Alcide Herveaux / Bill Compton
  • Jason Stackhouse x Erik Northman / Alcide Herveaux
  • Yennefer x Geralt
  • Daenerys Targaryen x Jorrah / Khal / Daario
  • Sansa Stark x Petyr / The Hound / Jaime / Ramsay

  • Beth x Darryl / Glenn / Rick / Abraham
  • oc [m/f] Survivor x Darryl / Glenn / Rick / Abraham / Shane
  • oc [m/f] Survivor x oc [m] Survivor

  • Felicia Hardy x Peter / Eddie
  • Natasha Romanoff x Steve / Bucky / T'Challa
  • Kitty Pryde x Colossus / Magneto / Sabretooth
  • Zatanna x Constantine / Swamp Thing / Kal-El / Bruce
  • Courtney Whitmore (18+) x Solomon Grundy
  • Annie January x Billy / Homelander / the Deep
  • oc [m] Hero or Civilian x Frenchie

  • Mercy x Reinhardt / Roadhog / Genji / McCree / Doomfist
  • Symmetra x Reinhardt / Doomfist
  • Mei x Reinhardt / Doomfist / Roadhog