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Author Topic: [EX][NC-E] The Gentleman Sadist needs a victim for one of his creations  (Read 498 times)

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Offline AmberghyllesTopic starter

This idea is set within the old World of Darkness but is entirely freeform.  I'm taking concepts and ideas but have every intention of using the flavor and spirit of the setting without the rules.  A familiarity with the setting would likely help but I don't feel it's required.  I'd be happy to explain the bits and concepts that are important and really they are a convenient backdrop to the exploration of a very brutal Dom/sub relationship. 

While discussing a possible story, a collection of things came together in the dark corners deep within my mind and a character emerged from those shadows.  The story did not pan out, but the character has been prowling around back in my head restlessly and so I am looking to see if there is anyone interested in falling into her clutches. 

Meridith was born to two garou, a metis.  But among the Black Spiral Dancers this blasphemy was celebrated rather than shunned.  A child of the full moon, seething with rage and taught first hand the lessons and laws of the Wyrm as a cub... The strong take from the weak.  Be it food or spoils or flesh.  Bloody Mary learned her lessons well, taking her name from the rhyme of the same name after showing a powerful talent for crossing the gauntlet and using it as a favored means to assassinate those she cannot reach by other means.  Her form appears perfect to most observers, lacking the normally obvious deformities of a metis and leading many to assume her mind is weak.  But the truth is that 'she' is neither entirely female or male, a fact that the hive raising her took to mean she was meat for either if they wanted.  Being vicious and distrustful, she has as little as possible to do with her hive, acting as a lone and rabid wolf.

But all werewolves, even those twisted by the Wyrm, crave to be part of a pack.  What I am looking for is a character for her to lay claim to.  I've had a few thoughts but am certainly willing to discuss any reasonable concepts for her new pet... (heck, I'm even open to unreasonable concepts if it makes for an interesting story...)

If she were to capture a garou she would certainly do her best to break them and corrupt them to follow the Wyrm.   

Likewise where she to find a lost cub she'd be quite happy to take her under her wing and teach her all about what she is...

Or perhaps a human with either a particularly strong will (or kinfolk) who's mind could handle the stress of seeing her change.  With this I cannot help but think of the grooming of such a woman to become fomori... being forced into corruption until her soul is a perfect host to fuse with a bane and make her into a suitable pet monster...

This story would be extreme.  I'm looking to explore the depths of corruption and depravity of such a monstrous character.  There would be strong violence both within and without the realm of sex.  Bloody Mary is a wretched and EVIL thing... but at the same time, over time she would likely build to some dark shadow of affection... A possessive and cruel echo of love for her pet.   

Offline Aragem

Your darkness is calling to me.  I will take this challenge if you will have me.


And I would be willing to protray a human girl, a rather unlucky girl.
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Offline Aragem

Just to show how eager I am to play, I'm reading up on Garou in World of Darkness.  I'm more familiar with the vampire part of it, but the Garou are looking more and more interesting. 

Though I rather play a human woman.  As for my writing style, I promise you long detailed paragraphs with full descriptions.  I'll give as good as I am given, I assure you. 

Offline AmberghyllesTopic starter

As I mentioned, I'm not that worried about making sure to get every little detail spot on as much as i'm looking to use the spirit of the setting. 

*smiles*  I'll drop you a PM to discuss the details.

Offline Aragem

Thank you.  ;D