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April 01, 2023, 02:41:18 am

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Author Topic: Let's Get Country (M/M)  (Read 294 times)

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Let's Get Country (M/M)
« on: July 18, 2021, 07:11:39 pm »
The Quick n' Dirty
  • Whether a partner pees standing up or sitting down, whether they roll in the hay with men or women or someone in between, well, that don't matter much.
  • Cis-M/M, pardner.
  • I ain't no size queen. As long as the post has details and thought all purtty like, and it helps to advance the scene, I'm peachy. You can find samples of my writing by visiting my O/Os, where I got a list of stories I've been involved in. Or stalk me like a hound on a rabbit's scent. Whichever!
  • My current posting rate is probably once every 1-2 weeks. Sometimes, it might be once within three weeks, usually if I'm hitting a drought, but I'll be communicative. I'm willing to wait up to a couple of months for a response as long as I at least know the interest is there.
  • Thread for roleplaying. PMs or Discord for plotting and chit-chat.
  • I want the focus to be more on the story and the dynamics between the characters. As long as that holds true, the smut level just kind of depends on partner preference and what seems natural for the characters.
  • I hanker for switch or versatile relationships and would love a partner who is willing to indulge. Following that, in no discriminate order, I would be interested in playing a dominant or submissive bottom; a (dominant or service) top for an older and/or bigger bottom; or a (dominant or service) top for a Dylan O'Brien based character (Teen Wolf or Maze Runner look) or a bottom who is real masculine in appearance. Otherwise, at this time, I will not play a top. Normally I'm willing for that, but playing a top for the typical top/bottom dynamics have grown stale for me.
  • I want a square dancin' partner. Collaboration, please! Be willing to pitch your own ideas and help with the plot!
  • Because it feels like it needs to be said for a country setting: homophobia is optional and open to partner preference. There are other ways to churn drama between our characters.
  • Tone and content is open. The story can be more lighthearted or more gritty, depending on what a partner wants.
  • That's the gist. More details in my O/Os. Check 'em out to see if I might butter your biscuit.

Troubling Times

Character B had been working on the Pratchett farm for about a decade or so. He supposed that made him like family. He ate supper with them, they allowed him to be a part of their holidays, and he watched Character A grow up. Maybe Character A even flew from the nest, if for a while, maybe for college or the military or to live a little, but if he did, well, recently he returned.

When your father was diagnosed with cancer, it was time for the family to come together. The news didn't promise much, maybe a few months at most. They would fight it--of course they would, because not a single Pratchett had it in their nature to call it quits. Still, Character A's dad was nothing if not a practical man. If the doctor's prognosis turned out to be accurate, someone had to be ready to fill in the boots he'd leave behind. His wife was capable of shouldering some of the responsibility, but not alone. The rest would have to fall on Character A, the oldest child.

It would be a trying time for the young man. Character B had always been there, maybe like a brother or more like a thorn in the side. Probably that wouldn't change. But sometimes feelings emerge through the vulnerabilities, and when they grab you by the reigns, sometimes you can't help but to act.

Other Notes
I think Character A should be 21-27, and Character B should be at least 28.

Faces I could use for Character A
Faces I could use for Character B

Love Behind Barn Doors

The weddin' bells are drawing near! Character A is getting married! It has been a whirlwind romance from the start. No doubt exists in his mind that Sam is the one. He asks Character B to be his best man, the guy who has worked on the Pratchett farm for a while now, who is like family.

Except he isn't aware of the deeper feelings Character B harbors. Character B didn't mean no harm, honest, but they share a moment and suddenly those feelings spring on him like a snake in the grass. He just acts. He kisses Character A. Now there's a new whirlwind kicking up.

Other Notes
I think Character A should be 21-27, and Character B should be at least 28.

Character A could have been living on the farm all this time or he could have left for a period of time.

Sam could be male or female, and their name can of course change. If I play Character B, I would be willing to play Sam regardless of their gender. If Sam is male, I would prefer a versatile relationship or to play the bottom in one relationship and the top in the other.

Faces I could use for Character A
Faces I could use for Character B

Save the Ranch

Character B's grandpa passed away from natural causes while he slept in his own bed, the way he would have wanted it. It offered a bittersweet sentiment to those who mourned the loss of life, and for those greedier souls, it meant it was time to read the will. More importantly, they would all learn who would gain ownership of the ranch.

The news surprised them. It was Character A, the grandson everyone overlooked, who held a dead-end job and never seemed like the type to amount to more than a hill of beans. The old man probably had a good ol' hoot as he witnessed their reactions from up in heaven. But to him, who else? Not his ungrateful children, who left him to live in the suburbs; not the government; and most certainly not McCreary from the neighboring ranch. Not even over his dead body. They could kiss his ass. The ranch had to remain within the family, and if there was any chance of ensuring that, it would be through Character A, whether the boy himself recognized it or not.

Version 1:

Most of the hands didn't stick around. As far as they knew, none of Mr. Harrison's family had an iota of interest in keeping a ranch that was already in rocky territory. They had a better chance elsewhere. Not Character B. He didn't know a lot about this Character A fella, much less why Mr. Harrison chose him, and it might have left him rather miffed, but he reckoned the old man was a little more than a stubborn fool. What he did know was that Mr. Harrison specifically asked him to ensure Character A took over the ranch, that no one, not even Character A himself, pressured him into selling, and to help him keep the ranch in operation. So Character B would, even if they wound up butting heads. After all, he owed his former employer. Here was hoping he wasn't wasting his time.

Version 2:

Truth be told, Character A's jaw dropped as much as anyone else's when the will was read. Who? Him? A rancher? But the more he thought about it, the better it sounded. It offered a chance to start new. He saw appeal in leaving the city and getting closer to nature. His friends called him crazy, but he would show them. So he packed his bags and moved. The only thing was, the hands Character A's grandpa employed all left. He needed help. The first guy to show interest and who sounded capable enough was hired on the spot. Only time would tell if he was the right choice.

Faces I could use for Character A
Faces I could use for Character B

Something Else?

I'm open to other ideas with a country theme! A dude ranch for vacationers or troubled youth? Someething involving an experienced ranch hand and a newer one?
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