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October 28, 2021, 12:32:55 pm

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Author Topic: Rocking Out (M/M)  (Read 160 times)

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Rocking Out (M/M)
« on: July 18, 2021, 07:10:43 pm »
The Quick n' Dirty
  • Like, whoa, man, a partner's gender identity, sexual orientation, or, like, whatever doesn't really matter, you know?
  • Cis-M/M, dude! I might be cool with other makeups if more pairings are implemented.
  • I ain't no size queen. As long as the post has details and thought and helps to advance the scene, I'll be rockin' out. You can find samples of my writing by visiting my O/Os, where I have a list of stories I have been involved in. Or stalk me. Whichever!
  • My current posting rate is probably once every 1-2 weeks. Sometimes, it might be once within three weeks, usually if I'm in a rut, but I'll be communicative. I'm willing to wait up to a couple of months for a response as long as I at least know the interest is there.
  • Thread for roleplaying. PMs or Discord for plotting and chit-chat.
  • I want the focus to be more on the story and the dynamics between the characters, but, hey, musicians and promiscuity sometimes go hand in hand, eh? The smut level just kind of depends on partner preference and what seems natural for the characters.
  • I love having a cast of characters to breathe life into the world and to offset the bubble syndrome that can plague 1x1s. With a band-based story, there's going to be plenty of room for that, from the bandmates to the business staff and fans. A partner who would love to play multiple characters as the story calls for it would be great, but I'm also honestly cool with being the only one who writes for the multiple characters, too. With the latter, I would see the partner's character being the protagonist, if you will, and the rest support his story.
  • I'm more tuned to switch or versatile relationships and would love a partner who is willing to indulge in that. If multiple M/M pairings or a polyamorous relationship are implemented, I would love to vary the dynamics. Normally I'm pretty open to playing a (dominant or service) top, but it's feeling a bit stale, so I will play the role only under any of these conditions: the top/bottom duo differs from the norm (e.g., the bottom is in a position of power or is bigger than the top), there are multiple M/M pairings or interactions and their dynamics will vary, or the bottom looks like Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf look) or someone who is real masculine in appearance.
  • Because this is understandably something that could come up in a band-based roleplay... A lot of head hair squicks me out. I might be willing to indulge a partner's desire if they would like to suggest face claims, but I can't really play against a character with long hair in intimate scenes. Sorry!
  • I want a duet! Collaboration, please! Be willing to pitch your own ideas and help with the plot!
  • That's the gist. More details in my O/Os. Check 'em out to see if I might rock you like a hurricane.

The Gist

This isn't a super structured idea. It's looking for the right partner to help mold it and bring in a fun character or more! Bear with me...

I want to play a story about a rock band and their struggles. It could be that they are trying to pursue fame, but they face hardships every step of the way and it threatens to break them up. It could be that they find themselves suddenly thrust into fame, and they must learn to cope while trying to stay relevant. Or, it could be a combination of the two. In either case, I see the plot challenging the characters in some way or another.

The band could be as young as high school graduates/dropouts who leave home to chase fame in the city. They could be as old as thirty-somethings who decide to make another go at pursuing their dream. Or, they could be a relatively new group who are now trying to build their base.

The subgenre doesn't matter so much. It could be pop rock like 5 Seconds of Summer, alternative like Incubus or Badflower, or something heavier.

The size of the band doesn't matter so much. It could be as many as five or as few as two, like Twenty-One Pilots.

Face claims I could use
This list isn't exhaustive! I might have other options based on what seems right for the story.

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