M for F | Ageplay: Male (40s) and Female (20s).

Started by Starkweather, July 13, 2021, 11:46:39 AM

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Looking for a female partner for an ageplay roleplay. Modern setting preferable but feel free to suggest any accoutrements you’d like to add to the plot: fantasy, sci fi, or whatever you’d like to have.

My character: Male, early-forties. Very tall, large hands, muscular build but with some fluff accumulating due to his age. Particularly around the middle giving him a bit of a belly. A thick, burly fella. He’s a divorcée and business owner in early semi-retirement. Spends most of his time hanging out by himself after the divorce left him without much of a social life or confidence in himself.

Your character: Female, early-twenties. Preferably a redhead but I’d rather get the roleplay off the ground than quibble about hair color. Probably a student, possibly holds a part-time job. Maybe even works for my character. Has a healthy libido, enjoys sex, and maybe even has a thing for big, older men. Perhaps is even a bit kinkier than my mundane character.

Please drop me a private message if you’d be interested in something with this framework! Please bring any ideas of your own if you’d like!
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