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October 17, 2021, 02:10:35 am

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Author Topic: Beauty, The Beast and the other one.  (Read 140 times)

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Beauty, The Beast and the other one.
« on: June 28, 2021, 08:17:40 am »

Anybody up for a bit of BEAST-iality?

Oh god, that was terrible, no it’s okay, you stay, I’ll see myself out.

Themes In Roleplay:
  • Sex. With. Beast.

Quite simply.

What? Don’t look at me like that. “Oh no, she’s ruining my childhood memories,” bitch please, we were all sad when the beast turned back into that scrawny prince. I’m sure Belle was too. Deep down. Deep, deep down. (It’s a sex reference – get it?)

The Excuse for Hot Beast Sex Plot

Deep in the forgotten woods, cast under a dark spell lay an enchanted castle. Forged within the ancient walls, timeless and unaging, was a hideous Beast. You see long before a mysterious enchantress had approached a handsome young Prince and asked him to make her his queen. He refused for he was only young and had no interest in wives or women, so she had cursed him to live as a beast – until he changed his mind, stubborn as he was, he refused and condemned himself and his servants to a miserable timeless existence.

The prince aged, and turned from a small manageable monster into an enormous, fully grown beast, towering over men with ease, the strength of many, many strong things combined.

True love could break the spell. But who could love such a rippling, strong, enormous, ahem, terrifying creature?

Well actually, there was one girl. She was one of his servants and had been for, well, centuries. She had been a young woman when he was cursed and hadn’t thought him much more than a spoiled boy. She was still a young woman, many centuries on. Except he was no longer a scrawny kid. He was...powerful and arrogant and she spent almost every night fantasising about him. She was a maid, nobody important. But as the centuries stretched on she caught more and more glances of him and became…infatuated with him. None of the men could satisfy her, and year after year she became more wanton and less inclined to fall into line with her position. He barely noticed her, or any of the servants, honestly life as a servant wasn't much different under a beast than under a King.

They might as well been enchanted objects for all the attention he gave them.

The problem was she wanted his attention, desperately.

Something happens to make him notice her. Maybe moonbathing naked somewhere he might stumble across has finally flipped the switch in his brain. Maybe he finally notices that this upstart servant has started sleeping in the royal bedrooms instead of the attic room. He’s brutal and barely even housetrained, but she wants him, she sees past the monster and to the warm cock heart beneath.

They get closer, she seduces him, gruelingly - for such a monster he's frightfully innocent and naive, luckily she is not. It doesn't take long and the enchantress notices.

So, she comes to the castle, disguised as the most beautiful woman, irresistible to most. She’s cruel and selfish, disgusted by the Beast, but unwilling to let her chance to be queen vanish. She wants his hand in marriage. She urges him towards duty, towards freeing the town and castle from the curse, to getting married and being the King he's supposed to be now his parents are long dead.

It is a fight for the Beast. 

Will sweet, supple and willing love triumph over ambitious, cold, beauty?

If you’re at all interested, shoot me a message, please! I’m willing to talk about most aspects of the plot, I’m flexible, as long as there’s a healthy amount of bestiality. (I mean…there is NEVER a healthy amount of bestiality, any is too much, it is illegal and bad for you…except in fiction. Fiction is fine, encouraged even, by me, I’m encouraging it, but only with this particular Beast, thanks to Disney for this fetish.)

I do want plot, I want characters tortured by desires. Between the three of them they embody the worst traits of humanity. Arrogance, pride, gluttony, lust, greed and so on and so forth. I want a love story between the Beast and the maid, but that doesn't mean 'Beauty' won't try her best to come betwixt them!

My post length: depends on what I have to say.
Your post length: depends on what you have to say.
Posting speed: a couple of times a week, maybe more some days, maybe less.

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