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June 17, 2018, 05:31:15 PM

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Author Topic: Nêvêr Ëndìng Stõrÿ [Game]  (Read 667 times)

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Offline SebastianTopic starter

Nêvêr Ëndìng Stõrÿ [Game]
« on: March 27, 2009, 07:25:12 PM »
I really enjoy this game.

We use to do something like this in school. The teacher would have us start writing a random story that popped into our heads, then after five minutes went by we would hand the paper off to the person next to use, then we would get the person on the other side of us. We simply continued their story. So what I'm going to do is start a story, then the next person will tack on more, and then etc, etc. [Note: There is no ending to the story, even if you make one the next person can redo it any way they like.]

Late one evening, Mark was on his way home from work. He was an average male, nothing special even really happened to him. Marks day would start out just the same. He would get up and get ready for work, always leaving fifteen minutes early just in case traffic was bad. Once he was at work he was always hassled by his boss to get this and get that, not even stopping for a break. See, Mark is an assistant for a local computer shop in his hometown.

Though it was the weekend finally and Mark was off for the next two days. Arriving home from work, he pedals his bike near the stoop where he lived. A long black limo was parked outside his apartment. Thinking it was for another resident he paid it no mind, until he got inside. After entering the building and taking the elevator to his floor he noticed his door was opened, and he was sure he had locked it before leaving...

Now, whoever takes over this story can take it in ANY direction they want. Enjoy!
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Offline Strangelildedgrl

Re: Nêvêr Ëndìng Stõrÿ [Game]
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2009, 02:35:55 AM »
Mark slowly walks to the open door, hoping to catch the invader in the process.  He readies his cellphone, prepping to call emergency if the prowler is still about.  As he comes up to the doorway, he sees nothing's been moved.  He notices a strange electric charge in the air, and all the hair on his arm begins to stand on edge.  He rounds the corner to his living room, when he notices a strange glow.  In the corner, sitting in his favorite chair, is an entity like he's never seen before. 

"W-who are you?  W-what are..."  Before he could finish the next sentence, the being rushes him, knocking him down to the ground.  The creature sits on his chest, pinning him to the floor.

Hush, mortal.  You know not who I am, or why I am here.  Trust that I will not harm you, and I will let you rise.  The entity speaks to him telepathically, or at least that's what Mark is at liberty to assume.  He shifts uneasily under the creature, noticing that it's weight is virtually nothing, yet holds him firmly.