The House and Home [M/F]

Started by Sethosayher, March 27, 2009, 04:48:45 PM

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[TAKEN: This RP is currently unavailable]

The year is 1875. Her Majesty Queen Victoria reigns supreme over the empire of the never-setting sun. The gaping metal maws of trains and steam-boats spill smoke and steam into a miserable gray sky...Our attention is drawn to a fine little house on Hartshire Street, the home of Henry Rolland, ambassador to a decaying Ottoman Empire. His household is minuscule, consisting only of a silly wife, a young daughter at marrying age and several inept servants.

This roleplay will explore torrid romance of Andreana Rolland, daughter to Henry, and Omar Salim, a swarthy and handsome palace official at the service of the Padishah, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. It is the story of how Victorian repression is torn asunder by Eastern mysteries; how a supple, naive young girl learns to embrace wonderful perversities and depravities forbidden by her society.

PM me if interested. I will be playing Omar.