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Author Topic: Four Openings (for F/Any pairings)  (Read 224 times)

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Four Openings (for F/Any pairings)
« on: June 10, 2021, 02:49:07 pm »
The following are only suggested beginnings to RP’s and can of course be changed and adapted to suit your tastes. Please be aware that I am bi sexual and so the sexes of the pairings can be changed without detriment to my preferences.

Introduction 1 – Castaway (F/F or F/M or F/multiple or F/?)

This is an introduction into a situation; I love situations. The purpose of this is to introduce my character into a strange and frightening situation that can be developed in pretty much any direction. If this appeals to you let me know who or what might be watching (your character) and perhaps a little about their motivation going forward (without giving too much away). Of course I expect his story to be very fluid and will evolve as we go.

Arabeth nervously paced the 3rd floor corridor of her university’s history department. That morning her Archaeology tutor had revealed to his class an opportunity of a lifetime and she was not about to miss out on it. Professor Johnson opened the door and before he could utter a word, Arabeth burst into his room and closed the door. “Professor, I had to come to see you after your announcement this morning.” He opened his mouth to object to the intrusion, but Arabeth continued her well-rehearsed speech. “Please, hear me out.”

Beth put down her pack and pulled out a dog-eared volume and it fell open on a grubby page, the beginning of the biography of an adventurer called Athena Allen. “Athena was my hero at school,” she began. “My dad bought me this book when I was 12 and I’ve read and reread her many adventures. I know her story inside and out. Please, what must I do to be part of your research team.”

Arabeth was a primarily lesbian, though was certainly not  unfamiliar with boys and she would have gladly fucked the old professor day and night for a week if he would add her to the expedition in search of her heroin’s missing yacht. The professor nodded and frowned sagely. “I only have space for 5 students and 3 have already earned their place. What could you possibly bring to the expedition?”

“Bring?” Beth’s mind was working furiously and she turned to what she knew to be one of the professor’s academic loves. “I would propose using experimental archaeology in parallel to the excavation. I know that Athena left a journal, but of course have not had the opportunity to read it. I’d propose we use that to determine how she survived and mirror the conditions and events with me as your test subject.”

“Oh? Interesting. What else would you suggest?”

Beth was thinking on her feet and hadn’t, worked out any details. “I would live as she lived and I’d document how she felt as well as what she did. It would add the woman to the evidence that you’d collect and it will also form the basis of my final year’s dissertation.

“Very interesting Beth, I’ll think it over.”

Six months later, when the university year was over, Beth found herself on the final leg of the journey to Cayo mosquito, a series of small islands off the West coast of Cuba and the final destination of the adventurer Athena Allen. The boat slowed and Beth felt her heart pounding, threatening to burst from her chest. The professor had not given Arabeth a copy of Athena’s journal, correctly stating that keeping information from her would add authenticity to the experience. Each morning a drone would be sent to the selected island to give the castaway the one page from the log and Beth found the idea of having so little control both invigorating and terrifying.

Athena Allen had been alone in her circumnavigation of the world almost a hundred years ago, and was lost somewhere in these seas, but Beth felt as excited as the famous adventurer must have when she began her final epic voyage. This was where Athena’s yacht, the kittiwake, floundered and presumably where the woman Beth would herself become over the coming weeks had died.

Professor Johnson approached smiling. “Are you ready Beth?”

Beth nodded excitedly.
“And you’re sure you don’t mind that we’ve planted camera’s around the island?”

“Not at all; it’s important that you capture everything I experience.”

“I hoped you’d say that. Someone will be watching at all times. If you get into difficulty someone will be monitoring you constantly and . . .”

“I know, the safe word is kittiwake. If I use it, you’ll come and get me.”

The professor nodded. “And you’re ok with the plan? You should be, since you devised it.”

Beth nodded again and as they watched the sun beginning to sink he reached into his pocket. “Here’s the first page.” The professor handed Beth a sheet, a photo copy of a hand written page. It was written retrospectively in past tense and was in the clear, cursive hand that she recognised as Athena’s

It described the strong winds that drove the kittiwake off course, so far from her planned route that after becoming marooned, rescuers could find no trace of her. Athena described a distant island, a dark shadow against the sunset and the reef that ripped the bottom out of her yacht. But Beth was more than a little nervous as she read the lines that followed.

The storm was totally unexpected and struck while I was anchored on the leeward side of the island, resting for the night and hoping that this scant shelter would prove sufficient. Though I was not yet sleeping, I was lying on my bunk when I felt a lurch as the anchor slipped and the kittiwake was driven onto a reef. I had no time to gather anything, not even a stitch of clothing before water filled my cabin. The boat took seconds to sink and as it went down I swam towards the dark shape of an island against a strong tide. I was exhausted by the time I collapsed onto the sandy beach, but otherwise unharmed, and didn’t stir until the following day’s sun was warming my back.

My first priority was to find fresh water and once I had located a small spring I explored the island, climbing the highest peak to survey my kingdom and look for any signs of life. There were none. The ocean stretched from horizon to horizon, though there were islands close by that I would explore in time. I have never felt so alone

"Once you leave this boat," the professor continued, "we will not return for you for 90 days unless you call for us or we believe that your life is in danger."

He laid a friendly hand on his students shoulder. Get yourself ready Beth, time to go.

Beth took a deep breath. The journal had been very clear and she began to undress, but the professor interrupted her. Your bikini should suffice he said and Beth was annoyed that he should deviate from the script almost immediately. “If you don’t mind professor, we’ll do it by the book.” She stripped and stood defiantly naked with her hands on her hips.

The professor pretended not to notice and led her to the back of the boat, where there was an easy step down into the water. “As Athena found, the current here is strong;” he told her, “head for the southern tip of the island and we will watch until you’re safely ashore. Beth was relieved, she was a strong swimmer in the pool, but unused to currents and high waves. She eased herself into the water and began to swim languidly towards the island. She’d left the first page of the journal with the professor, but there was nothing she couldn’t recall verbatim. She swam with long powerful strokes and yet seemed to make little progress, forcing her to swim harder. Her muscles began to ache and burn long before she reached shore and she’d swallowed more water than she thought imaginable.

At last she felt something solid beneath her hand and slowly stood on shaking legs, wading ashore and staggering onto the dry sand before falling flat on her face, just as Athena had a hundred years ago.

From the cover of the trees close by someone had been watching her progress . . .

Ok, so I admit when I wrote this introduction I had a supernatural theme in mind in which Athena came to the young student and together they looked for Athena’s body. As she was already dead, she’d not appear on any of the camera’s set up around the island and so Arabeth’s behaviour would be somewhat strange to those watching. However – I’d love to hear your ideas.

Introduction 2 – Maggot (F/M, F/F, F/multiple)

In this introduction Beth is a police consultant code-named maggot. She is not a police officer and so is not subject to the rules and constraints that officers obey and as a result she is like the worm that a fisherman would dangle on a hook to catch his fish. This story can continue with this particular case or we can end this quickly and move onto other scenes and assignments. The role you choose can be pretty much defined in any way you choose (one or a number of criminals, her police handler, another victim, etc. all of the above) and I’d love you to tell me a little about your character(s)

Beth sat in her car and took a few deep breaths. It was difficult to step into an unknown situation where lives depend on her every word and gesture, but she loved the thrill and excitement of her work. The media had already arrived, cameras and reporters swarming like insects around a rotting corpse; prevented from coming too close to the action by a thin strip of yellow police tape and a couple of uniformed sentries.

Beth stepped out of her car and straightened her stylish grey trouser suit, striding purposefully towards the nearest police officer who guarded the cordon. She flashed her pass to show him her clearance and the uniformed policeman obligingly lifted the tape high enough for her to duck beneath. She smiled her thanks and hurried on, ignoring reporters who called after her, curious to know who this petite young woman could be.   

A man in a suit and tie approached her, his look suggesting that he’d likely pick her up and bodily throw her back across the security tape and in defence she held up the card that hung around her neck..

“Oh you’re the negotiator.” He said simply. “This way.”

Beth followed, taking two steps to every one of his, wondering whether the pace was deliberate and intended to make her jog behind like a puppy. Her heels clicked on the pavement; her expensive shoes completely unsuited to this pace. In fact she wasn’t a negotiator, but a consultant. Her role was to be dropped into a situation and allow the current to take her wherever it took her. The police used her as a lure, distracting potential criminals and terrorists, so that auditory evidence could be gathered via an implant in her neck. Beth knew that she was expendable, but had so far manager to escape serious injury and she was shaking as she usually did on beginning a new assignment.

“Lieutenant.” The heavily set man called and a shorter, younger man turned and approached, handing a manila file to a uniformed sergeant.

“This is the negotiator.” The stocky older man offered gruffly and the young man offered his hand with a knowing smile. “Lieutenant Winters.”

“Elizabeth Brychan.” She replied her small hand lost in his. “Beth.” She looked towards the office block ahead of them. “What’s the situation?”

“Still unknown.” He frowned. “We received an anonymous call stating that armed intruders have taken a number of people hostage. Our first responders were fired upon, though thankfully no one was hurt. We’ve had no demands of yet and no contact with the hostage takers.”

“You have a number for the office?”

The Lieutenant handed her a mobile phone. “Press redial when you’re ready.”

“What is my remit?”

“Keep the hostages safe. Preserve life above everything else. We’ll be listening and will take care of you.”

“Understood.” Beth smiled. “And my boundaries?”

“None have been defined. Are you armed?” He didn’t wait for her to reply as it was clear that she didn’t carry a weapon. “You’ll need to be wired. It will be expected and they’ll surely find it, but we won’t be using that channel anyway.”

“Of course.”

Fifteen minutes later Beth adjusted her jacket and stepped towards the building alone. She pressed redial on the phone she’d been given and there was a click to indicate someone was listening, but no one spoke.

“My name is Beth. I’m a negotiator.”

Still no reply

“Talk to me, tell me what I need to do to bring this situation to a close.”

“Beth?” A woman’s voice breathed. “Come closer so that we can better see you.”

Beth’s legs were shaking with both terror and excitement. She took a few paces and stood alone in the open plaza before the tower of glass.

“Take off your jacket please.” The voice commanded and Beth obeyed. “Now your shirt. I want to see whether you’re wired.”

Beth didn’t react right away. Of course she’d known that she’d be searched, but once they’d found the wire they’d not be expecting the secondary device hidden beneath her skin.

“Take off your shirt,” the woman repeated very slowly and deliberately, “and in return I shall release one hostage.”

Beth unbuttoned her silk blouse and removed it so that the wire from the mic between her breasts to the power pack tucked into the back of her belt was clearly visible.

“Lose both the shirt and the wire.” The voice ordered and Beth folded her blouse on the pavement and laid the heavy battery on top of it.

There was a long pause, interrupted only by the clicking of cameras and exclamations from the still growing crowd and Beth held her nerve, knowing that the next step was not hers to make. After what seemed an eternity, the door to the building directly ahead opened and a young woman dressed in her underwear ran from the building towards gesturing police officers.

 “Thank you.” Beth breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s my pleasure Beth.” The voice said softly. “What will you give me for another hostage?”

Beth’s legs were like ice, but she felt her arms moving, unhooking her bra. She removed it and dropped it to the ground without trying to cover herself.

“Beautiful.” The voice assured her and a moment later a man emerged wearing only a pair of boxer shorts which he’d stained in fear.

Beth waited for the woman to speak again, but there was nothing from the phone. She took off her shoes and with one in each hand, held them up and dropped them to the concrete. To her relief another hostage, a woman, wearing black panties and covering her naked breasts with her hands streaked past her a short time later. Again there was silence.

“This becoming very interesting Beth.” The woman said and Beth unzipped her pants, letting them slide over her legs so that she could step aside and leave them in a heap on the ground. Another woman emerged a few minutes later and Beth took a deep breath. She was wearing nothing but her panties and was aware of countless mobile devices focused upon her, broadcasting her humiliation to the world. Beth moved slowly and deliberately, hoping that no one could see that she was shaking, pushing her panties over her hips and thighs to remove them and hold them up for the hostage taker.

“Oh that is excellent.” The woman cried enthusiastically. “Put them in your mouth and have one of those nice policemen handcuff your hands behind your back before you come inside. Leave the phone with him and take the stairs to the top floor.”

Introduction 3 – Game show (F/F, F/M, F/?) - Taken

This came from a light hearted conversation with another writer and wouldn’t leave my thoughts. The premise is that her husband and their friends have applied on her behalf to be a contestant on an x-rated game show. I thought that we would develop different rounds within the show – maybe inviting her back next week if she wins.

Arabeth was not one who would usually consider watching such an explicit TV program, let alone taking part in one. She wasn’t some horny sorority girl out for kicks, but rather a married woman who loved her husband and at times (such as this) was furious with him.

John, Arabeth’s husband, loved to play games of chance and for the most part Arabeth enjoyed them too. But this time he had pushed her way too far. Each Friday evening, they’d play poker with friends and a few short weeks ago, after too much to drink, their host had introduced them to a lewd and x-rated game show he’d found on cable TV. The show inflicted ever more excessive and often degrading acts upon the female contestants before a live audience and broadcast on late night TV. Arabeth and the other women had retired to chat in another room after a long poker session, leaving the men to drink and bluster while they watched several episodes of the show and, in the absence of their partners, the men devised a new game. They would play one hand of poker and the wife of the losing hand would apply to appear on this show. Of course, the chances of acceptance would me miniscule – but it was the risk that appealed to them. Of course, John had lost.

Her husband and their friends had applied online on Arabeth’s behalf without telling her and now she stood, nervously waiting to be called onto the live set.

Waiting with her were seven other girls in total and Arabeth felt more than a little out of place as they were called out and lined up in revealing underwear for the audience to assess and appraise them.

“Ok, let’s begin with round one.” The host announced. “There are seven rounds in total and one unlucky contestant will be eliminated after each, with the last girl standing winning $10,000.”

Introduction 4 – sightless (F/F, F/M)

I love a RP in which I’m vulnerable and this is about as vulnerable as you can get. Although I’ve used a young man in this opening, I’d be happy to change it to an older man or a woman of any age. If you’re interested would you IM me with what your character would be doing and planning whilst watching her.

Elizabeth stepped out of the cab and stood for a moment on the sidewalk. She could hear people rushing by, their hurried telephone conversations building and fading as they passed. Despite the hubbub, she’d never felt so alone.

The driver handed her her case, placing the grip of the handle in her palm and hurrying away as though afraid to linger. She heard the car rev and speed away and Beth felt her sightless eyes filling with tears. She could have been anywhere in the city and although the driver had assured her that this was the correct address, she had no way of knowing.

Elizabeth steeled herself. Since her road traffic accident 3 months earlier, she’d seen only the darkness in which she now lived. She’d escaped otherwise unharmed, but the blow to her head had plunged her into this nightmare. The doctors were hopeful that she may recover her sight in time, but would give her no assurances

“Elizabeth!” She heard a voice calling but struggled to put a name to it. “Elizabeth.”

Beth had arrived in the city a year ago and had had little time for socialising with her hectic workload. She turned and cocked her head.

“Elizabeth, it’s me, Frank from the office.”

Elizabeth smiled in recognition. Frank worked in admin and was always friendly and warm. She liked him, but always felt that there was darkness beneath his open countenance. Just paranoia she’d convinced herself.

“This way.” The (young) man put an arm around her and guided her towards her new home. There are 7 steps he offered helpfully and Elizabeth tripped and almost fell on the 8th, but Frank caught her and held her until she regained her balance.  “The door is right in front of you and the lock is a palm reader, here.” He took her wrist and guided her right hand to a cold flat screen on the wall next to the door. There was a loud click and Frank took her left hand to show her where to find the door handle “You’re already registered, so you can come and go as you please.”

The heavy door swung inwards and they stepped into a space that echoed like a large open atrium. The elevator is directly ahead, Frank offered and he released Elizabeth to let her find it for herself, following close behind and she imagined his eyes upon her as she walked. She rather clumsily found the doors to the elevator and the button to call the lift and she waited awkwardly in the silence that Frank left for her to fall into.

The doors opened and she stepped inside, instinctively searching for the keypad that would enable her to select her floor. “You want the 8th, frank helped, but did not attempt to assist her find the right button. No doubt it was so that she could work it out for herself.

“Turn to the right.” Frank offered as the doors opened on the eighth floor and Beth took a step forward and turned right, counting her steps until Frank called her to stop after 15. Your door is to your right he said with a trace of humour, as if he was keeping a secret.

“Thanks Frank.” I can take it from here.

“You don’t want me to show you the layout?”

Beth thought for a moment. “If you have time.” She said rather regretfully, hating that she was reliant on anyone.

Frank took his time leading Beth around her new apartment, showing her the living area, bathroom,  kitchen and the bedroom. He carefully explained where the kettle and fridge were, showed her to her wardrobe and the heavy drawers that contained sweaters and underwear. She imagined how he had searched through them before her arrival and quickly put the idea from her mind.

“Thank you Frank.” She said honestly, but in such a way that he would know that it was time for him to leave, “you’ve been so helpful.”

“Sure, no problem. Can I do anything for you before I leave? Tea? Coffee?”

“Is there any wine?” Beth asked, almost forgetting her need to be alone for her rapidly approaching breakdown.

“Sure.” Frank left her while Beth felt her way to the sofa and sat down. He returned a moment later with a generous glass of merlot and guided her hand to it. “There’s a table just to your left.” He added, but he lingered while she raised the glass to her lips. “It’s getting late, I should go. You have my number on speed dial if you need anything and the janitor is #2. Take your time to settle in and maybe you could call in to the office sometime in the next couple of weeks, everyone is asking about you.”

“Sure. Thanks again.” Beth began to stand, but Frank put a hand on her shoulder.

“I’ll see myself out.” He turned away. “Anything at all – you just need to call.”

Beth smiled in response and listened to the door close. She was truly alone now and the tears came uncalled. She drank her wine and despaired in the silence. “Alexa, play my acoustic playlist.” At once the device repeated her request and the music filled her apartment. It was late, as Frank had told her and in truth she was exhausted. She found her way to the bathroom and ran a hot bath, undressing in her bedroom and returning naked to the bathroom to monitor the water. She gauged how full it was with her hand on the side of the bath and stepped in once happy that she’d be covered. She sipped her wine and lay in the comfort and security of the water’s embrace.

Beth awoke with a start, the water was cold and her wine glass had cracked and nicked her hip as she moved. “Fuck!” she swore, carefully searching the water for broken glass before cautiously standing and stepping out. She emptied the water and dried herself, barely aware that the trickle of blood had slithered its way onto her thigh. She took the broken shards that she’d found to the kitchen and returned without dressing to carefully search the bath for any tiny pieces that remained. Happy that she’d succeeded in her first major task, she turned on the taps to flush away anything she’d missed.

It was strange, but only now did she consider that the curtains in her apartment in which she’d been fumbling around naked may be open and she nervously checked, breathing a sigh of relief to discover that Frank had thoughtfully drawn them in all rooms.

Beth assumed that she would probably find a pair of pyjamas somewhere in the large drawers, but was too tired to look and instead she slipped into her bed naked and let the wine draw her into a deep sleep.

From his apartment only a short walk away, Frank watched his monitors, following the object of his obsession around her home, the camera’s well hidden in case the blind girl should invite friends over and recording her every move.

If you don’t like these ideas, but enjoy how I write, then please feel free to suggest your own RP ideas – I love new themes and situtaions.
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