Medieval Hugely Hung Heroine Futanaris ! (F lf A for Futa fun !)

Started by Carly, June 05, 2021, 09:29:01 PM

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This idea is for another who wants to role play as an excessively hung futanari character in a medieval setting. This could be free form or Dnd 5e or failing that a light-system of your choosing.

I have a light-hearted idea where my character and another are Heroine Futanari that appear on a planet via a portal to escape extinction of our kind but also in answer to their prayers to fight off evil in all of its forms be it corrupt kings / criminal masterminds / demons etc. We are both exceedingly well hung futanari that can go the hilt on women without issue magically that also seduce and impregnate beautiful women that we meet. I think that it would be good if at least one of us was a mage / divine healer. Where the other is either a warrior or sorceress. Or perhaps a sorceress and cleric

I was thinking Gming/Dming would be shared, but I was hoping the other could role play women they want to seduce at least. Sex wouldn't likely be that drawn out and would be something we do as a matter of fact to populate the planet with more of our kind, and the focus would be on adventuring / mystery and other aspects that may be interesting in a fantasy medieval world. Ultimately sex ratios will just evolve and not be set in stone. Oh and we would have the ability to teleport to places that we have already been.

Sound interesting to you ? Have a variation in mind ? Have a quick look through my updated Ons and Offs in my signature below first and if you think we could be a match shoot me a pm ! (Please no creepy avatars though)

Below in the spoiler is a candidate first post (My main character is Arya) for this concept.

This is my second request thread, the first is linked in my signature.

Candidate First Post (My main character is Arya)

Aziza the warrior paladin and Arya the sorceress cleric exited the portal the moment the spell was cast and entered another world. They were ambassadors from the Aralee, a futanari order of women dedicated to fighting evil. They were a dying race as they lost many of their numbers to arch demons that hunted their kind throughout the worlds.

The Aralee specialized in combat and versatility and some of them boarded on being goddesses in their own right. They saved many worlds from evil and created many sanctuaries of good on worlds they visited with their magic portal powers, but the fight continued as arch demons knew how to create world portals too. The order realized they had spent too much time combating evil and then acting as leaders to administrate the saved worlds and prevent corruption and sort to train new Aralee in repopulating their number on new worlds they visited.

Thus was Aziza and Arya's main task. To impregnate women. They didn't have to raise the children or see to being a good parent, they wouldn't have the time to do such a thing, but the need to sleep with healthy women as often as possible was impressed upon them by the high clerics before they created the portal to the world of Fella.

Little was known of world Fella other than magic existed and they had technology similar to a medieval culture, a technology level much like Aralee's own. But Aralee had developed magic a lot further and each of their number was trained in at least some magic, even paladins. Aziza was especially gifted with magic, being able to cast sorcery spells as well as healing and restoration and protection spells of a cleric.

Arya didn't have developed marital skills however, but her companion Aziza definitely did. Being Aralee's elite, the duo had enormous phallus's and matching testicles, their groin and body all devoid of hair other than eyebrows and their head of hair. Indeed their phallus's were magical and the source of their magical abilities. The larger the Aralee phallus, the more potent a caster. Their penises also were enchanted to be able to form massive erections beyond what was expected for their form and be able to go to the hilt in women both ways without issue. They also had scent powers that could make women willing and wet when the phallus was aroused and also create impressive amounts of come, much more than other sentient races they knew.

Arya wore a simple blue dress and boots without underwear, as underwear wouldn't be able to hold her impressive member. While flaccid its head hung down around ankle height, seeming almost from the outside like a third leg. When erect it was as thick as one of her slender thighs. Her dress was short and ended about mid thigh height, exposing half of her testicles which were as large as rock melons and most of her cigar shaped flaccid phallus. Around her waist was a belt with a sheathed dagger and her satchel of holding. A magical leather satchel that held a hundred times its size in its own private dimension space while weighing close to nothing even when full. Currently it held her food and water, items for trade as well as hygiene supplies and other conveniences.

All Aralee futanaris were exceptionally beautiful women and Arya was no exception, with large feminine grey eyes, dark red hair, soft smooth flawless skin, finely chiselled features and perfect teeth. Both her and her traveling companion had perfect genes. All Aralee did.

Arya looked around their surroundings and after nodding to the paladin warrior and checking her items around her belt, made it through the portal without issue. Everything was intact. The portal spell worked perfectly, they always did but Arya felt cautious all the same. Scryers back on her home world were certain this world had demons, and evil corrupt men and women ruling many of the countries. Was the one they were in so also ? They would find out. Luckily both women had an ability to understand and speak all languages so although many things were new here, at least the would be able to understand those that lived here even if the language was new.


Hello, and greetings from a new member, looking for a first role play. I have looked up Futa and remain a little uncertain as to what a Futa character is - I am intrigued and interested, but if you could explain just a little bit more that would hep me define and develop a character to join in your scenario. Thank you !